Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Pix

Somehow I doubt Freepers are really excited about more armed black people.
This totally isn't cherry picking - England banned guns, and now they're all about the mass graves!
I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.
It is a bit rich for Freepers to call Obama the crybaby considering how much they go in for victimization and whining.
Calling you opposition crazy...isn't that how Stalin rolled?
This horse has been dead a while...
Jeez, with a blood trail no less. 
He's not stoned!  Obama's on the designer drug Toon - note the telltale stars whirling around his head.


  1. They raised that, but they didn't win the battle. Freepers think that those four are especially heroic because they rose a damn flag. Everyone that fought at Iwo Jima was a hero, and the guys in the photo don't deserve extra credit.

  2. This isn't a terribly interesting thread.

    Could the Boxer, Mike Tyson, Have Made a Better President Than Obama?

    Let me save you some time and just quote the original poster.

    "The greatest tragedy that emerged from America's slavery experience, was that White slave masters preferred black male slaves who were very feminine, or who engaged in very feminine behavior, to serve as house slaves."

    He goes on from there.

    It's hard to tell if this is crazy or just stupid.

  3. I think it's so inspiring how those four entrepreneurial private citizens raised the flag at Iwo Jima all by themselves, at a time when the U.S. government was busy capitulating to fascism.

    If it hadn't been for U.S. industrialists -- who totally didn't back Hitler in any way, honest! -- Roosevelt would've simply turned this country over to the Axis and we'd all be living under Communism, just like Canada.

  4. An incredibly limp trial balloon on VP leads to some glorious freeper tropes, including pathetic sexism and the hilarious delusion that one florida pol being considered means Romney is getting closer to choosing Allen West. LOVE IT

    1. Wow, Bondi doesn't get the Freeper stamp of approval primarily because she pushed prosecuting George Zimmerman (no idea how personally responsible she really is). Remember, WE ARE ALL GEORGE ZIMMERMAN NOW!

      Also some allusions to her being twice divorced (seemed OK when Gingrich and Reagan did it).

      I'd figure the Freeper horn dogs would be all in, since she's a definite looks upgrade on ol' Sarah Palin.

  5. You know what Southern racism was all about? It was about money. It always is, isn't it? It's always about money.

    It was about cheap labor. There was this whole oppressed class of people who lived in shacks, I was there, I know. Those shacks were owned and rented out by my own relatives. Do you know what a shack is? It's boards that make a shelter. Bare freaking boards. Cold in the winter, hot in the summer. Kept the rain off.

    Then a miracle happened. Dr. King stood up. Other folks stood up. And things are better today.

    I remember the first time I saw a black guy with a job in town, he was working the produce at the local grocery store. He was a kid I knew in High School. Can I tell you this again, this was the first freaking time I saw a black man with a real job, a standard paying job working in town. This was like 1972. First ever.

    Since then, things have gotten better. But I will never forget and I am hoping that by writing this on the net that you guys might remember this, that you might consider it.

    It was all about the money. Black folks in the South were cheap labor and then suddenly they had to be paid like everybody else. That is what happened.

  6. the first picture is so wrong.... gun control precedes the klan by decades... on top of that aren't freepers always whining about liberals using the race card ?

  7. Cheney says the obvious and points out that Palin was a bad pick. Freepers are coming to the defense of St. Palin:

    It's still short, but new comments coming all the time

  8. Creepy computer generated avatar at Newark Airport is a sign we are all doomed:

  9. Again this is not a particularly interesting thread -

    Do YOU really think Obama might be Muslim?

    Freepers are trying so hard to paint President Obama as somehow "other". This crap has been going on for years, this talk of the President being some sort of super secret Muslim. What the hell?

    Look at a picture of all the Presidents of the United States. Does one in particular pop out at you? Does one look different than the rest?

    There is your "other" right there.

    It's that simple.

  10. "First stoned president" would probably be one of the first presidents. Almost all the founding fathers grew and enjoyed hemp. Hell, even modern Presidents have him beat, JFK loved getting stoned in office.

  11. In Obama era, have race relations improved? (hurl-o-rama)

    A Freeper writes in, "Black mobs attack whites on a regular basis."

    Yeah, I can hardly leave the house without some "black mob" attacking me. It's so bad that I had to call my friend Harry Potter and borrow his invisibility cape. Then I called the UN and complained bitterly about the black helicopters flying over my house. I tightened the tin foil wrapped around my head until I almost passed out but I am safe now. I called my long gone wife, she and the kids beat it out of here a long time ago, and she assured me that Oswald acted alone. There is nothing to worry about. Trust me.

  12. Yahoo Out of Closet, Goes FULL COMMIE

    Just a note, there is nothing "commie" about this Olympics poster.

    What is it with Freepers and the "commies"? It's 2012.

  13. Everybody run and hide! It's the "black gangs" again.

    2nd Amendment proves valid defense against black gangs

    Yep, the only solution to this "problem" is the second amendment solution. It's the "black gangs, damn it, kill them all, kill them all!

    Don't you understand, it's the "black gangs"!

  14. The death camps were in Poland.