Monday, July 2, 2012

Remember, remember the 4th of July...

Doctor_TeethMD's spelunking turns up another rich vein of crazy!

It seems Obama's doing a fundraiser in France...on July 4th!

UPDATE  - The Rachel Maddow show shows this to be right-wing BS rumormongering.

Freepers, always ones to hit the ceremonial patriotism hard when it can discredit someone, draw many inescapable conclusions. But they also have some problems with independence day after Justice Roberts killed freedom, so the crazy is squared!

Astronaut knows it's hotdogs or you're a Commie!
Barry and Chewbacca are far too elegant and refined to celebrate Independence Day by eating hot dogs (its not the kind of dog Obama eats) and watching fireworks like the rest of us. No, our Emperor and his fatass consort need to jet off to Paris with an entourage of hundreds of lackeys to raise money for his re-election instead. That’s what happens when you elect someone who isn’t a real American as president. Independence Day is kind of a joke this year. We are not free. We are slaves to a tyrannical government. I keep hoping for the spark that will set of a slave revolt that will restore the Republic that our Founding Fathers believed in. We lost that Republic some time ago.
MulberryDraw is also not having a happy July 4th.
After the Supreme Court ruling this past week, celebrating independence seems like a joke to me.
ScottinVA likes his political drama shared with complete strangers!
yesterday at a flea market I wore a t-shirt that said “Independence.. An American Tradition”... a couple people complimented it.. I replied to them it`s in memory of it.. not celebrating it.
Safrguns thinks fundraising in France should be illegal somehow:
This sounds just as illegal as birth certificate fraud. What does the man have to do to get impeached?
tomkat manages to pretend shocked outrage at trivialities even at this late date:
Just when one might be tempted to think the mulatto traitor couldn't possibly become more odious.
What is the instant karma for fundraising in France? Indigestion?

 ILS21R totally heard!
I heard Obama wanted to celebrate the 4th of July in London, England. Looks like someone talked him out of it.
Texas Fossil heard Obama knows some evil languages!
Nothing happens within Obozo’s office without that Traitorous Commie Bitch [Valerie Jarrett] signing off on it. She & Obozo both speak Farsi. Jarrett was born in Iran. Only God knows where Obozo was actually born and to whom.
I don't think Aleya2Fairlie is really praying for America's safety...
The Obamanation has opened a golden door in the Arizona border with Mexico for foreign terrorists to enter the country. By denying access to the Federal database, he has all but laid down a red carpet for our enemies to attack us. Pray for America’s safety this Independence day.

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  1. And.... It's totally fabricated. The prez will be at the White House, just like every other year.

    Happy 4th of July Comrades!