Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"You didn't build that" redux.

Without much else to fasten on, and with Romney still kinda off balance re: taxes and Bain, the Right has been really working hard on Obama's speech about how we all work together in America, so no one is solely responsible for their success.
But they've been at this for over a week now, and the quote is getting pretty threadbare, leaving only the old attacks on Obama the Socialist.

Witness Freepers' substanceless schoolyard responses to Obama noting that his 'you didn't build that' has been taken out of context:

EagleUSA doesn't know what 'taking out of context' is, so he takes out a strawman instead.
Twisting words? No, just repeating them.

After all, nobody can create a profitable business and be successful without government (read socialism) “help”.
mortal19440 knows politics is no place for grown-ups:
WAAA, my pussy hurts.
gov_bean_ counter also thinks schoolyard taunts are key:
President Obie needs to replace his campaign bus with a...

wait for it...

gusopol3 prefers to think Obama was taunting Freepers!
“I’m struck by people who think they’re so smart... they work harder....”

There’s the context .. an in-your-face, trash talking taunt.
Gritty knows the important thing is that Obama's tone was super insulting:
The condescending sneer... The tone of his voice and facial expression said volumes

That deserves repeating.

This is meant to appeal to his base; parasites, welfare rats, ignoramuses with puffed up "self-esteem", and union drones doing slow and sloppy work while hiding behind hidebound rules and making far more money than they are worth and who want to pull down the "bosses" and anybody else who ever did an honest days work.

He's stoking the envious, the slothful, and those who think the world (or the government) owes them because they are so special. And if they don't get what they are convinced they're due, they are either going to tear everything down and get it or somehow vote somebody in who will do it for them!

Of course, Obama and the Liberals are those guys.
Wisconsinlady clearly didn't hear the speech:
How can Obama say his words were “taken out of context” when it only got worse once they played the entire speech?
Which part was the worst part, "when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together?" Or was it "We rise or fall together as one nation and as one people?"

JohnD9207 thinks this is a good time to hate on Valerie Jarrett:
She never gets tired. She was taught well by her commie dad. With Valorie you have to ask, what happened to all that cash Obama handed you for that slum rehab that never happened? She is pure evil.
HiTech RedNeck knows the out of context quote is what Obama was secretly thinking, so it's all true:
Barack hasn’t yet come up with a better explanation for what he said. If it was a grammatical gaffe, it was Freudian.
Paradox gets the context, but still doesn't believe in society:
Even taken at un-face value, that is, taking “what he meant”, it is STILL dead wrong, it STILL shows his disdain for real achievers. It is still a LIE, because he makes it sounds as if Business makers don’t pay for roads and infrastructure, when the truth is, THEY PAY FOR MOST of it, in wages and taxes. This was Obama’s Freudian Slip, down he shall go...
See, between taxes and wages, business owner totally pay their way, which makes them basically independant!

varmintman knows nothing is out of context in hyperbole-land!
This was arguably the stupidest statement ever uttered by a North American politician since the Spanish discovered America. Nobody needs to twist this one.
<1/1,000,000th% draws the obvious conclusion:
Obama has no idea what he read. He’s on drugs all the time.
Also, he's got AIDS from the gaynes, right?

Kanzan feels refreshed that the Right at last has some old, tired red meat to endlessly chew over for the next month:
I’m really getting to enjoy Romney and the “context is worse than the quote” is so refreshing, and amusing and true.


  1. “We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special,” the adviser said of Mr Romney, adding: “The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have”.

    It's election season, folks speak clumsily sometimes.

    President Obama's intent was perfectly clear. Context is your fried. I wouldn't say that the Romeny campaign is an offshoot of the KKK. Why are Freepers trying to paint this one quote taken out of context like it's a quote from Das Capital? Why? Because they are dishonest.

    1. Oh crap, "friend" not "fried". Although, fried is a little bit funny.

    2. Yeah, that seemed ripe for Freeping, but thusfar not seeing a lot of engagement from Freepers - just yelling that the story is faked.

      I guess even their rage-withered political senses noted this was bad news.

  2. Thread suggestion for our Freeper lurkers. Run this one.

  3. Ozy why did you delete my tl;dr? lol

    1. I didn't, I swear!

      Maybe a posting problem?

    2. Anon, I've had a couple disappear. I think it maybe a blogspot issue.

    3. I figured it was a glitch But I wanted to ask anyway just so I didn't repost if he had deleted it on purpose.

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  4. tl;dr redux..we posted at the same time maybe that had something to do with posted and then -poof-

    FR has changed a lot over the years.

    From an Anaheim civil disturbance thread:

    "Let the Amish riot. The Koreans are in Anaheim in full force. They won't stand by and get looted and burned without a fight. It'll be a win-win situation....minority fighting minority but my bets are on the Koreans.""

    Many moons ago the above comment would have been removed, the poster zotted and people would have called them out.

    Then the moderation shifted to simply removing comments like that and allowing the account holder to remain active.

    Now they don't do anything at all and posters rarely get called out by other members.

    It is like the consensus is "you can post like a Stormfront poster as long as you don't badmouth Israel"

    Interesting shift. Change in moderators? Official policy?

    Community wise there has long been a silent undercurrent of racism that would peek through from time to time. Now they are just running with it.

    Although one could surmise that the previous aggressive moderation of racist commentary had more to do with the sites "image" and less to do with personal beliefs.

    Your thoughts Ozy?