Thursday, July 26, 2012

Senate Extends Bush Tax Cuts on all but Ruch.

In a blatantly political move, the Senate passed a law extending the Bush tax cuts, but not for those making over 250K.

This now will die in the Republican-held house, this giving Democrats a "Republicans are holding middle-class tax cuts hostage" political bludgeon, just as planned.

Freepers seem unclear on the concept:

Sub-Driver is smug that this won't pass:
Lot's of luck with the house...............
grumpygresh knows if the Dems passed the bill rich people would crash the economy:
Not smart politics for the Dems. Tax increases on those over 250k will hurt top producers meaning that investment and business expansion/ job creation will plummet.

Much consumer spending will also decline because those asking over 250k account for a large percentage of consumer pending.
The only aspect of the economy that will not be directly affected is lower end consumer spending.
Norm Lenhart doesn't seem to think deductions exist:
I had an uncle who was a lumberjack/truck driver back in the 80s before the EPA and green groups took total control of the logging industry. This ‘rich’ man grossed about 200K a year.

He netted about $30K after all was said and done.

In today’s dollars, he’d be one of Obama’s taxed ‘rich’...until the first tax payment. Then he’d be out of business and paying no tax at all. Expect to see that writ large under the Dems’ cunning plan.
silverleaf knows all growth in America comes from the super rich:
Should read “Democrat Senate passes Tax Increase Plan on Business, Savings and Investment”
I'm not sure what piasa is on about, but he clearly thinks he hows the government nothing. I guess he's some sort of hermit who uses neither roads nor Internet.
What really makes me seethe is President Flustercluck’s oft used lie that failure to tax the snot out of people is a government expenditure. It’s not the $%&^&&(*^ government’s money in the first place.

Lies, lies and more lies, all Orwellian newspeak gobbledegook- it is all this president knows how to do. God knows he can’t do anything productive. It’s no different than saying that it costs a thief money if he is not allowed to pick the pockets of unsuspecting tourists, or it costs a hobo if someone chooses not to buy him a drink.


  1. Alright, so Obama says, "Our Union may not be perfect, but it's perfectible." Watch FReetards try and argue against this claim. If they argue the notion then they are socialist America hating commies, but at the same time they can't agree with Obama. So mostly they just say Obama's a ni-BONG

    Jobless claims drop by 35,000. This doesn't really have much content yet since it's new, but there are some gems in it where these fuccos argue that these numbers mean nothing. So then you can't fault Obama on the economy since the numbers you use don't mean anything?

    These are my favorite: Bloomberg calls for police strike until gun control measures are in place - to protect the cops. Apparently FReeps hate police? Or something. There's about 5 posts with 80+ replies each on this, so here they are:

    Favorite quotes so far from skimming:
    "Police do NOT protect people.
    The courts have consistently ruled that they are not required to do that, it's not their job. They do protect cooperating witnesses."

    I guess protect and serve refers to witnesses?

    "Citizens and the Constitution suggest that individuals do a better job of protecting themselves than cops do.

    Cops mop up and do paperwork."

    "Aurora CO - no police were harmed.

    Blooming idiot. Show us how this works in NYC, OK?"

    So we need to kill some cops before this happens?

    "For the most part, the police don't prevent crimes...they get involved after a crime has been committed.
    People that carry prevent crimes. "

    OK, seriously, those are from the first 15 posts of the first thread. I can only assume it's all insane. This is a fucking goldmine.

    1. Global super-rich hide $21 trillion in tax havens

      Freeper lurkers, please post this and discuss it at Free Republic. Thanks.

    2. I usually don't like name-calling, but you had me at fuccos