Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Andy Griffith, RIP

The Pokemon Movie found this one before I even heard the news:

So I guess actor Andy Griffith did some Obamacare commercials.  Thus, at this time of sturm and drung, Freepers are particularly callous about his death today despite their love of the small town idealism of the Andy Griffith show.

Biggirl forgot where she was, I guess:
Let’s not drag politics in this.
Gaffer will never mourn for a Democrat!
Years ago, before I found out his Democrat proclivities, I’d have expressed condolences. I will not, however, now.
brickdds expects Griffith was secretly like all the villains he played, not like the good guys!
He was so good he had us all fooled. We projected that kind heart of Andy Taylor onto Griffith. But a more true to life rendition was his character Lonesome Rhodes. And later in life he did a movie called “Gramps” where he played a sinister old man. Given how truly EVIL obamacare is, I imagine this character came naturally to him.
His denouement was the obama campaign and obamacare commercials. He willfully supported foisting this on the Americans who loved or trusted him. To do so indicates he was either senile or wicked.
CatherineofAragon suddenly finds the Andy Griffith Show creepy.
It’s funny...everybody says the Sheriff Taylor character was so sweet and kindly. I guess that’s so. But I could never get past the look on Griffith’s face, and the expression in his eyes. He always looked shifty and downright mean to me. That affable smile looked sort of like a shark’s grin. He always creeped me out.
To be fair, I could never see the show the same way after I saw "A Face in the Crowd."

clarkster manages to let his nostalgia overwhelm his partisanship:
How ironic that just the other day was basking in how wonderful my 11 year old son turned out to be and my thoughts turned to the AGS episode, “Opie the Birdman.” I know it’s just TV, but just that episode taught me and showed me what fatherhood is and can be.

He might have been a liberal, but The AGS show certainly wasn’t. It was true family values, true American values, and it was a reflection of Andy Griffith’s values.
txrangerette also yearns for a time that never existed:
An all- American on the screen. A total mushhead leftist in real life. RIP Sheriff Andy. Where have you gone, Mayberry USA?
el_texicano, though, lets the hate flow through him:
Well, I used to have a soft spot for “Sheriff Taylor”, but after the Obamacare debacle was passed with Andy Griffith leading the cheering for it, I saw a different person. Griffith was a total communist and hated this country. He was a bitter resentful person as Libs usually are. He was wasting air that someone else deserved. I won’t miss him in the least.
mkjessup is reminded of voter fraud:
yup looks like he died before he could vote for obama again 
Oh he'll be voting for 0bama again, no question.


  1. Red Steel is FR's biggest birther booster and his latest thread eagerly anticipates yet another Sheriff Joe press conference:

    Not everyone on FR is buying the Sheriff Joe schtick and things get a little testy in the thread. There's a back and forth between little jeremiah and DiogenesLamp. At one point, Diogenes asserts his credentials with: "They set my place on fire (TWICE) due to my political activity. I've been threatened physically, and i've had Federal Election Comission Charges filed against me. How about you? Don't talk to me about putting my life on the line for a cause I believed in, I doubt you have ever competed in my league."

    But then later he complains. "We will all be laughing if they turn out to have the goods. I'm just frustrated at all the previous false rumors."

    That sets little jeremiah off with a particularly rich FR response. "I have no idea what false rumors you refer to. I assume anything that is not part of your very narrow belief system."

    little jeremiah, ever the optimist, also says, "Just read that the forger of the sel.serv. card has been arrested, will be announced at Joe’s presser."

  2. In reply to an article titled, "What Happens If Record Heat And Crippling Drought Cause Widespread Crop Failures Throughout The United States?" Nowhere Man writes,

    "I generally know science, I’m more into electronics myself so I will plead ignorance here but is there a way to water crops artificially? Can you get a bunch of guys and hoses, hook them up to a spigot and let er rip?"

  3. Here is one, Freepers call a kid a faggot. They go on and on about it.

    Conservative Wonderboy Grows Up, Embraces Obamacare and Philosophy

    Gosh, I knew Freepers hated everyone who is not an old, white male, but this is ridiculous.

    1. Dude! I've been searching for Freepers' reaction to that guy!

      Nicely done. Will probably post that later today.