Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Pix

Again, Freepers choose an awesome picture of Obama when trying to make him seem sinister.
Nuance is for suckers.
Angel Ted Kennedy up there in the left corner is the cherry on top.
Obama - traitor, terrorist, murderer....dumbass?  It seems like the scale is off on this pic.
Freepers continue to hate the shreds of sanity left in the GOP!
But see how happy it makes Hillary?
Freepers wish this could happen.  Ultimate victimhood, at last theirs!


  1. Like David Axelrod even knows that Free Republic exists. They have delusions of grandeur

  2. Obama does better with college educated voters according to an admittedly awful poll. Doesn't stop FReetards from denouncing "collage", blacks, Mexicans, the rich, the poor, etc. I like how they can spell college both correctly and incorrectly in the same post.

    1. Damn , it, Doctor Teeth, I am just not feeling eloquent today.

      This sort of thinking goes way back. I'm old and I listened when folks told the family stories. This sort of thinking even existed in families who were educated back in the old days.

  3. Turn it up! Bring the lulz! Anon delivers.

    Florida Family Association: Lada Gaga is Tricking Kids into being Gay

  4. Read this aloud in your best redneck accent. It's hilarious.

  5. I'm watching this one.

    My Apology for "James Holmes Black Bloc OWS Evidence? - Hate Is On the Rise"

  6. And this one just seems odd.

    Local 6 Exclusive: George Zimmerman Criticizes Own Defense Team