Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Suck it Britain!

Via Anon.

One of my favorite Freeper quirks is the two-dimensional way they see England. England is either the land of Thatcher and Churchill, or it's horrible Muslim-Commmistan. Which it is is entierly defined by political expediency. It's our bestest ally if believing that might somehow hurt Obama, but it totally sucks if it might help Obama. Thus, when the generally histrionic British press made something of a kerfuffle about Romney's remarks about London's handling of the Olympics, Britain suddenly became the worst place ever:

GreatRoad is pretty sure Prime Minister Cameron is a Communist:
Isn’t Cameron a loving Comrade to Obummer?
WashingtonSource knows England is home to 'the most Communist Commies on the planet.'
There is nothing Romney could have said to please the leftists in Britain, who are among the most Communist Commies on the planet, especially in the media and London. They couldn’t wait to pile on.
Doc Savage doesn't seem to be a fan:
This from a country over-run by muslim terrorists, drunken ‘footballers’, sots, an elitist homo upper crust, and some old bag who pretends it’s still the 12th century! I’ll give you Churchill. After that I wouldn’t give you plug nickel for these wastrels!
ecomcon knows the important thing is be bullcrap Churchill Bust story:
Good on him for stepping on some toes.

The symbolism that means something is that he would return the Churchill bust.

They hate Palin. End of story.
Zhang Fei won't even let England have Churchill:
My impression is that the Brits have always hated Churchill for being right about Hitler. Churchill's undiluted pugnaciousness is much more popular stateside than in the UK. The only reason Churchill got to become PM was because he was viewed as someone with the necessary experience to get the job done, after Chamberlain set the country on a course for war by guaranteeing Poland's sovereignty and had his bluff called by Hitler's destruction of the Polish army. As soon as the war was won, the British electorate turfed Churchill.
Vigilanteman knows England became awful right after World War 2.
It all started in the weeks after VE Day when they overwhelming voted Winston Churchill out of office and installed Clement Attlee who proceeded to give them socialized medicine and turn a first rate world power which had played the key role in defeating Nazi Germany into a has been and a honey pot for third worlders intent on transforming Great Britain into no longer great.
Verginius Rufus thinks George Washington fought against beer and camera theft:
I've been to England twice and am in no hurry to go there again. The last time I was there I was surprised at how much public drunkenness I saw. Plus my camera was stolen.

Thank God for George Washington and the other heroes of the American Revolution.
Nagurski just talks some trash:
nothing reinforces our natural sense of superiority as watching the country we **** all over when they owned 25% of the world continually reduced and reduced and reduced to a small vassal state of the EU. Scotland will go in a couple years. NI will certainly follow. I suppose Wales figures they have nothing better but you never know. Once its just little England all alone again it won’t be long until the city decides its tired of carrying all that dead weight.

Watching our lapdogs go from an empire to a city in the span of less than century certainly does provide quite the laugh and help take ones mind of the business of running the world.
Westbrook thinks England loves Obama because every single one of them is a birther:
0bama is the son of a British subject, as Kenya was under British dominion when 0bama’s father was born.

0bama himself may be considered a British subject, ergo the allegiance due to the satisfaction of having a Brit running the unruly Murican colonies again.

And on top of that, 0bama’s positions on “Palestinians”, Moslems and Jews is virtually congruent with that of England.
Eye of Unk's gut tells him terrorism will prove Romney correct:
I have a somber feeling the Brits may actually not have enough resources to stop possibly another Israeli event.

I’m just going by a gut feeling, something is about to pop over there, a gas attack or an airplane crash aimed at the event.
ClearCase_guy is also not hoping for a disaster, but noting how awesome it would be...
Heaven forbid there is a terrorist incident at this year’s Olympics. If it happens, and if it goes badly, Romney will seem like a very wise man.


  1. My favorite is when the Freepers puff their chests out, put on their tricorner hats and declare "I bow down before no King or Queen" in regards to Britian. 1) Who asked them to? 2) Monarchy in and of itself is not evil. 3) It's not 1776.

    It's really no different than all their other super-patriot tough guy boasts.

    1. Lots of people would disagree with you about monarchies not being evil. Essentially every country in the world is now a democracy, at least in name.

      If you think otherwise, maybe you should remember it's not 1776 too.

    2. I just loved their meltdown over the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. They have been fed a line of crap about the NHS for so many years, that they can't get their heads around the fact the we in The UK like the NHS and it actually does provide good care . Want proof? Look at the fact that we do have the availability of private health insurance and doctors, at a rate much cheaper than in the US, but most still use NHS services.

  2. My new band name is The Communist Commies.