Friday, July 20, 2012

Bus With 40 Israeli Tourists Blown Up At Bulgarian Airport

Terrorists strike. Like, real ones, not random white people Freepers decide are brown. So, this is a type one situation - Freepers take something that fits in their worldview and way overdo it. Plus this one has Muslims and Israel, so you know where this is going:

MestaMachine blames Obama:
obama has declared open season on Jews and Christians...period.
Hayride clearly knows all about Islam:
Would you believe in a religion where the only guarantee that you get to heaven is by committing murder? Not only that but you get 72 virgins and can act intercessor between Allah and 70 relatives as a result of your murder(s). No wonder the mothers of “martyrs” want to bring up their kids to be murderers, they probably figure it’s the only way they’ll get into heaven considering they’re nothing but meat-puppets or meat-bots here on earth.
JRandomFreeper has a suggestion for Mossad, and a lament about America:
Mossad needs to extract a VERY high price for this outrage. In a perfect world, the US would provide all possible assistance.
Uncle Chip also with the Mossad revenge mission:
Mossad will know the culprits in hours and payback will be a b*tch sent under the cover of darkness.
dfwgator exhorts a real leader for the revenge Freepers want:
Make ‘em pay, Bibi!
dfwgator isn't done - he also wonders...
A trial run for the upcoming Olympic Games?
Dexter Morgan has a plan:
What we need to do is infiltrate the ranks of the suicide bombers, then turn them loose on targets among their peers, making them think they are targeting Jews and Americans.
edcoil's rational world has a lot more genocide than I woulda thought.
In a perfect world or rational world there would be no muslims to have to continue providing assistance for these types of issues.
Zeppo's Muslims sure are evil, though made out of straw.
Are the Islamonazis passing out candy and celebrating mass murder yet, or are they waiting for a confirmed death toll?
devolve doesn't want the US to invade Iran 'cause Jews vote liberal.
- Seventy-Eight percent (78%) of the Jewish voters in the USA voted for a radical Communist Muslim

So just how many thousands American Christians should die fighting Iran when the (ultra-left liberal) majority of adult Jews in America will sit sipping vintage wine at their HDTVs and criticize our troops once again as they did in when our soldiers died every day Viet Nam - and are still dying in Afghanistan and Iraq under Muzzie Obama's Rules Of Engagement?

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