Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Pix

up, only Dems enjoy public funds!

The View seems not like the others. I guess it's a stand in for TV culture?

Cut your hair, hipppy!

Ahh, projection.

Yup, army generals totally get to bear arms!

Thos are some baaad graphics.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Talking the economy down

Freepers blame Dems for talking the economy down during Bush. So nowadays, needless to say...:

equalitybeforethelaw puts slogans above clarity:

No green shoots for you - Soup Czar NAZI

calex59 prophesies that we are in for like 100 years of econimic darkness:
These jerks act like these things are just temporary setbacks to the economy, that, though unexpected, will straighten out next month(or year, or century).

saganite, and like half the posters hits the fact that Consumer Confidence slipped "unexpectedly."

The sun came up “unexpectedly” this morning. The tide went out, the earth rotated, I got a day older and my taxes went up. ALL “UNEXPECTEDLY”.

Haw. Must have been one of Rush's riffs recently.

LUV W likely doesn't realize how hacktacular this is:

I won’t have confidence in the economy until these current freaks
have to pack up and leave DC!

annieokie seems a tech spiteful:
We are not co-operating in the Christmas presents this year, not that we can't, but won't. We will do nothing to help that bozo in the WH.

I know this attitude will only hurt the business people and workers, many of whom voted for this creep. The layoffs and business closings will continue with or without my help.
Hate Obama? never buy nice things for your family! Some Obama supporters are bound to be hurt indirectly.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Freepers are so crazy they can't tell sarcasm from their usual overheated rhetoric.

sickoflibs on the lates birther suit getting tossed:

How could this happen? I am thinking that this is a conspiracy too. It’s the vast Obama network. What is scary is that FNC and Ann Coulter appear to be in on it too, or scared of Obama. And talk radio conservatives too. Fortunately there a few of us ‘true’ conservatives that believe in the constitution here so we can sympathize with each other, after every lost court case.

Check out the replies. Seems most everyone thinks the above is straight.

Anecdote as data

We all do it. When an anecdote agrees with our narrative, we use it to confirm our biases. Freepers, not having much confirming data, blow individua incidents into clear trends. Hence, the horrible story of the girl gang-raped in Richmond, CA becomes a weapon against...well, against whatever:

For bustinchops, it's liberals:

They should level [Richmond] and move all the residents across the bridge to Marin County. Let the limousine liberal lefties that overran Marin County decades ago find out what it’s like to live among these people.

For whitedog57 its the Messicans:

It was Hispanic gang members.

And they want to let in millions more, give them “free” healthcare and education and we get our taxes raised for our kindness.

The Democrats are traitors and should be arrested and imprisoned.

With Hispanic gang members in their cell.

backed up by lentulusgracchus:
Salient question: Was the girl who was attacked of "another ethnos" than her attackers?
And I thought Freepers hated hate crime legislation!

Ghost of Philip Marlowe has decided Hollywood's excerable behavior re: Polanski is generalizable as well

Many ‘brilliant’ Hollywood celebrities would describe such a scene as “not being rape, rape.”

Because that had nothing to do with people (stupidy, blindly) defending thir friends and everything to do with how liberals love them some rape:

Boiling Pots attacks liberals AND darkies:

The multiculturalists have won here like they’ve won in the UK.

1010RD hates the Atheists:
Atheists tell us that without God you won't turn into a murderer/rapist/thief/etc. overnight. They're right. It takes a generation or two.
Everyone with an agenda. No one really caring about the, you know, victim.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

War,,,Huh! Good God, yall!

Freepers suddenly become doves:

My Favorite Headache

Roadside bombs today killed eight U.S. service members in Afghanistan, the military said.

more blood on obama’s hands

I'll wager Bush' hands are clean by this poster's reckoning.


Obama’s lack of leadership has killed American troops.

There is NO doubt.

Bush super-manly leadership, on the other hand....

Marty62 sounds a lot like Code Pink
Our young people are NOT expendable...PERIOD.
Wild Irish Rogue just comes out and says it:
My wife, her sister, my sister, my daughter in law and a good friend’s wife
( who just had her first baby ) are going through the same thing because they have a son or husband in Afghanistan.
This is the first deployment at our house, but, the second and in one case, the third deployment for the others .
The women are having an unusually tough time and the fathers are furious.
Unlike the previous deployments.
And it all goes to the fact that none of us trust Barry .
We trusted George Bush.
Hey, now, you go to war with the Commander in Chief you have, not the one you wish you had!


That is the plan, once enough boys are slaughtered he will surrender, he want us embarrassed, and morale crushed...”

The plan of islam being fulfilled. What a SOB he is.
He feels no remorse or obligation since those dying are just infidels; enemies of islam.

Huh. I guess Bush was in on the plan as well,. starting all the policies Obama is continuing?

doesn't seem happy:

F__kin Bast@rd 0bozo, you frikkin commie pig usurper. I hate him with a passion!!! Lyin’ POS traitor. Loves to see our troops butchered by his fellow muzzie brothers. 0bozo will rot for eternity in hell someday!!!

And just like that, Freepers are now all against the war in Afganistan. I wonder if we'll see them in the streets soon, or if even they realize such hypocrisy would not play well to all the fake Americans out there.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Freepers versus electricity

Obama plans to modernize our national power grid. This, of course,means Freepers must find some way to be against electricity now that it's been tainted by the Kenyan.

Russ knows infrastructure sucks cause it costs money:

It will cut costs for consumers but they will have to use that savings to pay the higher taxes needed to pay for the projects. Obama engages in Ponzi schemes the likes of which sends Wall Street shysters to jail...

MrB, and indeed the majority of the thread is applied to:
I'm seriously looking into "off grid" solutions.
Seriously, F Obama's demon power!

American Constitutionalist on the possible, speculative consequences:
This is just a scam to control people's electricity to their homes... and if the people are out of line, or protest against the government, off goes their electricity until they conform to what the government wants.
aptly named Thermalseeker knows this is totally planned to fail, cause that will help the Dems:
I think they are trying to make it so bad that people will flock to the gubmint for their every need, ensuring that those at the very top make out like like the bandits that they are.....
jq2 is sure this is a giveaway to Obama supporters:

It should probably read “One-hundred DEMOCRAT PARTY SUPPORTING companies, utilities, manufacturers, cities and others will receive grants.”

Someone should monitor which of these companies have historically donated funds to the Democrat party.

Every time Obama spends money, we'd just better assume it's going to Dems. Or, at least ignore the Republicans it goes to so we can yell at the part of the money that goes to Dems.

GBA knows him some smart grid:

Smart grid is more mark of the beast on a once free society. We are already way too dependent on all these interlocking systems and it makes us an easy target for all sorts of natural enemies: acts of nature, foreign powers, terrorists and politicians. For example, Katrina hitting NO meant gas shortages here in NC.

Yes, because making a more robust system means it's more easily shut down! That's the way it works. I saw Die Hard 4!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Another tenfer this week:

answers the question everyone wanted answered:

Why do people listen to Rush Limbaugh???

Because they want to hear the unbelmished truth and make up their own mind of what to believe or disbelieve without the filter of a government slanted propgandist from so called mainstream media

Is it any wonder Fox News has some trouble distinguishing between news and opinion?

HuntsvilleTxVeteran reacts to that Chamber of Commerce hoax as one might expect:
The Chambers of Commerce are a leftest NGO supported by tax money.

Paige wants us all to be very afraid:
There are enemies within layered throughout our Government. Are they ‘all’ being watched? In fact, Obama doesn't have security clearance like other presidents have had, so, until ‘all’ are held accountable I'll not appauld the DOJ on this one. Most of all, I find this rather hypocritical.
I like the Obama doesn't have security clearance like other presidents idea. It's new, but it has that resonance with crazy people. I expect to see more of it in the future.

has Obama totally pegged:
Obama is dumb and incompetent, but he is going full bore to destroy the country.

I think you can add to Communism two other components: Islam and racism.

Obama grew up a Muslim and probably still is Muslim, though no one can know what goes on inside someone else’s head. He is certainly much more sympathetic to Islam than to Christianity, and he hates Jews.

Obama also grew up thinking of himself as some sort of black African freedom fighter, and he hates colonialism—which means the U.S. and all the white European nations. He hates the U.S., he hates Canada, he hates England, he hates France, because he holds them accountable for colonizing and enslaving Africa. Never mind that it was the Muslims who were doing the slaving—including Obama’s own ancestors. He has sucked up all the Communist propaganda, and his ambition is to wreck the Christian/Western world. The civilized world, as most of us think of it.

Whether he was born in Kenya or Africa, he thinks of himself as a MauMau like his ancestors. He and Bill Ayers said as much in “Dreams from My Father.” Never mind that his black father abandoned him. His white mother abandoned him, too, but he is determined to realize their dreams of destroying the white colonialists.

And so all villains are one, in Obama.

july4thfreedomfoundation has a "friend"

A friend of my neighbor was pissed off at the government, so he didn’t file a tax return for 13 YEARS! And, lo and behold, the guy got away with it.

This guy recently started to pay taxes again, but my neighbor told me that his friend is pissed off at the government again and plans to stop filling his taxes once again.

I admire his spunk!

This must make Tim Geitner some sort of Champion!

Terry Mross
agrees with Lois Farrakhan that the H1N1 vaccine is a plan to depopulate the US.

He might be right. My wife and were talking about this earlier. The government run media puts out that hundreds of thousands have taken the shot with no bad outcome. Then we all take it and starting dropping like flies. And remember, the media will put out anything the WH tells them to put out. At this point in time I don’t trust anything coming from the government. In fact, I think it would be safe to do the opposite of what the gubmint suggests.

When you find you agree with Farrakhan, you might want to check yourself.

chris_bdba has an interesting version of history where Bush won in Afghanistan.

Hey dumb@$$ Gibby! Bush and Chaney won that war [Afghanistan] long ago and it was your side that demanded we turn it over the the international forces, some of us do remember what went on!

Yeah, NATO totally ruined everything!

driftless2 tells how dems are mindless automatons. Which is why health care has totally passed already.

If the Dem Party told my three lib sisters to go dip their heads in a bucket of hot wax and then spin around while singing “I’m a little teapot”, they’d do it. There is absolutely nothing the Dem Party does that makes them change their party affiliation. Not Al Sharpton being a race-baiting scoundrel, not Michael Moore being a fraud and a liar, not Dem congressmen going to Iraq and speaking with Saddam Hussein, nothing. Nothing makes them question their loyalty to the Donkey Party. Ditto for my socially conservative, elderly parents who think FDR is still running the country. Maybe he is.

faucetman on Orly Taitz. the Hero:
Orly's sites have been attacked many times. I think she is on her 5th new site. You can get redirects and 404 messages & Google warnings, but I check there 20 or more times a day and have never had it infect my computer. I ignore all those warnings because I WILL NOT BE AFRAID. Orly is risking her LIFE, I will risk a virus. So far it has been an empty threat.
Get those viruses for America!

lentulusgracchus on Obama, the KGB mole:
His reasons may be multifarious -- the KGB worked fulltime to give lots of different people lots of different reasons to take The Job and work for Communism -- but he is on The Job, and his goal is our ruin, and possibly genocide. So said Bill Ayers, and he has never taken that statement off the table, like squishes like Joan Baez and Jane Fonda.

Ayers and Obama are hardcore -- I can see it in Obama's eyes sometimes, he occasionally gets this mean-and-nasty look. He won't pull a trigger, but he'll have no trouble giving the order when the time comes. His narcissism will allow it.
Secret insight into Obama through his eyes. Unassailable!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Pix

What the crap is Spikowski doing there?

I really hope this is an altered movie poster, and not a complete product of some crazed Freeper's brain. What's with Obama's freaky eyes?!!

Kenyan flag. Keep on birthin' guys!

I swear Freepers troll the internet for fascist pics to photoshop Obama's likeness into. That and comic book supervillain pics.

PUTIN WINKED! This is because Obama being tricked by Putin into not acting like a Freeper.

It's all about the fox in the background looking on.

Steele: somehow still not crazy enough for Freepers.

What is this trying to say, that all the villains of today got together in Vietnam and hugged or something?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Palin changes the world again

Sarah Palin endorses the conservative candidate in the 3-way race in NT 23. Not too surprising, considering her constituency. Freepers, of course, go ga-ga. Unnecessary capitalization abounds:

the Real fifi
doesn't exaggerate:

The Revolution is on!

The Revolution!

ICCtheWay goes all populist. Well, it worked for Teddy Roosevelt!
The GOP must LEARN ... STOP engineering the candidacy of RINOs, Liberals and Ultra Liberals.

Hoffman could well win... or the Democrat may well win ... but the Ultra Liberal ‘Republican’ Scozzafava will have no chance of wining...

When will the GOP learn that the RINO days are OVER...?

Ultra Liberal!!!!

also doesn't try to minimize the efects of this Congressional race:

Elect a conservative and send Zero, the Fuhrer, the message that We The People don’t want his Socialism. While you’re at it, electing a conservative will put the US Congress on notice that they’re TOAST. We The People want their sorry rears out of our government.



Republicans for over 100 consecutive years. If Hoffman wins on Palin’s endorsement will be HUGE!



The time for the great purge has begun. The secret to conservatism is that is works every time its tried (thanks Rush). These DIABLOS just fall in love with the attention from the Drive By’s and lobbyists who will strip for votes.

Throw the DIABLOS out.


Either you believe in the slaughter of innocents for personal lifestyle convenience or you don’t (by the way, how much better would our economy and our nation be if we had those 40 million lives lost over the past 35 years)

The liberals want to destroy this nation and they are close enough to Mission Accomplished to drool. Either you will fight it and fight it hard, or you can jump to the other side and burn in hell with the rest of them.


Net neutrality is the early internet version of The Fairness Doctrine.

Net neutrality is a bit technical for me, but as I understand it, it is all about maintaining the status quo on the Internet. Freepers, however, are always ready to jump to conclusions about Obama's Admin. Let the parade of imaginary horrible begin!

has a totally legitimate question:

What’s the difference between this and the government limiting phone calls based on party affiliation?

I trust InterceptPoint
Obama just might decide that all ISPs need to carry HD feeds for all "real news organizations" (CNN, MSNBC, NPR, ABC News...) but not for the "not so real" Fox News. And that won't be a recommendation, it will be an order. Trust me, that's what they want. That's where they are headed.
MissouriConservative is consistent, if not much of a thinker.

It deeply troubles and saddens me to see conservatives supporting government intervention and regulation. I actually saw a post that basically said that he/she didn’t like government regulation but in this case, it’s ok.

SMALLER GOVERNMENT! NO EXCEPTIONS! That kind of knee-jerk reaction is not conservatism, or even libertarianism, it's anarchism.

tries some sar-chasm:
And once again the Marxist "camel" gets it nose into the tent...

Hmmm...It has worked just fine in the "financial" industry...

Hmmm...It has worked just fine in the "education" industry...

Hmmm...It has worked just fine in the "automotive" industry...

Hmmm...It has worked just fine in the "health-care" industry...

Hmmm...It has worked just fine in the "housing" industry...

Hmmm...It has worked just fine in the "energy" industry...

With the latest abomination attached to the defense bill, it's about to work just fine in the "religion" industry...

Note the order of places superluminal is angry about the government involvement. It starts crazy (too much regulation is what caused the financial crisis), then gets MORE crazy (that government education is awful!) then turns to current events and ends with "energy" for some reason.

Also defense industry, police industry, roads, post-office, TELEPHONE INDUSTRY are not mentioned.

The Great RJ
returns us to the awful analogy section of this post:

Net neutrality would be like forcing grocery stores to charge for groceries by the cart rather than by the items in the cart. So the customer buying a pound of hamburger and a loaf of bread would pay the same as the customer who loaded their cart with steaks and caviar.

Yes, because there are caviar-bytes that cost a lot to produce, and then there are cheap, water-bytes that are cheap but not very tasty or nutritious.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Afghani follies

Karl Rove yells conspiracy theories at Obama about Afghanistan. Freepers pile on. Who cares that Obama has yet to decide if hes gonna increase troops or pull out? Freepers have no need of 'facts' to hate on Obama!

Frantzie starts the comments off strong:

Bush, Cheney and Rove blew it. Then had to have known he would be a nightmare and should have gotten the goods on him.

This is all a payback to Obama’s handlers in Saudi Arabia.

Kill American soldiers and humiliate the U.S. military to make Islam look good and powerful. The fools in NY and NJ voted for him even after 9/11. They voted in one of the 9/11 hijackers own people.

Judge David O. Carter - a “marine” just hired one of O’s cronies - so I assume he is not listening.

Seaplaner knows if Rove is on board, it's serious:
Among the pundits you see on the news programs, few are as reserved and cautious as Mr. Rove.

For Mr. Rove to state that Obama sent Democratic party henchman James Carville to help the campaign of one of President Hamid Karzai's opponents for the August presidential election...

is very big news, indeed, my FRiends.

"reserved and cautious?"

supremedoctrine is not a big fan of Rove:

I wish FOX, especially that meathead Hannity, would stop giving Rove, (always introduced loftily as “The Architect”) face time and credibility by having him on regularly as some kind of pundit.
He’s a smart guy, but HE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM, AND, AS SMART AS HE IS, HE IS STILL PART OF BOTH WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, AND WHAT’S INHERENTLY WRONG WITH FOX. There is no discernible difference between Rove and , say, Michael Steele, and we ALL know what’s wrong with Michael Steele.
Heh. Republican infighting is totally getting worse, not better.

yoe has a plan:


Section. 4.

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from OFFICE ON Impeachment for, and Conviction of Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

For starters, Obama has with speed shucked the United States Constitution and put in place his Rules and Regulations as ascribed by Saul Alinsky, for America. He has put our interests in Harms Way around the world by being the apologizer, not a leader...showing weakness for America to a very dangerous degree.

Add any and all pertinent reasons for Impeachment....ACORN, UNIONS, SEIU, NEA - all pro-Obama and all corrupt......

Happyinmygarden has guesses that I'm pretty sure he has decided are facts:

My guess is that Karzai made some kind of simple blunder when Obambi first came to power and Obambi will never forgive him. Karzai maybe failed to bow down low enough to Dear Leader.

I see revenge in these actions by the Obambi Royal Court.

If you make up stuff that goes with your narrative and then believe it, you can't believe it's not proof!

Freddd sees patterns:

Anybody else noticing how Iran had elections controversy, Afghanistan too...........seems eerily familiar to an election and Florida.............election jihad.


Obama objects to Fox. Freepers decide this is an assault on freedom of speech:

thethirddegree notes that IT BEGINS:
I have noticed that Major Garrett’s seat at the WH press conferences has been vacant for several days.
I guess Obama controls the flu now as well.

Diogenesis pretends to know big words:

Obama is the creation of terrorists, Marxists,
Harvard, and the MSM.

Krauthammer knew Obama was a sociopath.
Krauthammer should have known Obama was serially
using Munchhausen-by-proxy as part of Obama’s psychopathy.
But Krauthammer, of the MSM and Harvard, did nothing.

Wait, is Obama pretending people close to him are sick to get sympathy? I also like the sinister terrorist-Harvard cabal.

Chgogal thinks Obama went too far when he had all the Fox reporters shot:
Yes, Obama, I'm talking to you directly. Your tyrannical behavior is disgusting and reminiscent of Stalin, Lenin, Mugabe, Amin, Mao and other Anti-American leaders.

For the first time in my life I am so very ashamed of my government and my fellow Americans who were stupid enough to vote an obvious Communist with fascist tendencies.
dtrpscout remembers back in the day when we had elections:

This is what a Commie means when he uses the term “democracy”.

You mean voting for elected officials and then not trying to get them kicked out of office? Yeah, totally commie.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Floride is an Obama Plot

Freepers continue their reactionary drift rightward. Now they are embracing John Birch. And it's not the occasional poster. When accused of paranoia, their reaction:

Ghost of Philip Marlowe

What did the JBS warn us about that has NOT come to pass or that is NOT about to come to pass?

There is the fluoridation as mind control, though Obama is proof of that. And then the Eisenhower as Commie Mole. And, of course, the Zionist cabal controlling everything.


The old JBS underestimated the conspiracy.
Even they never predicted that the socialists would make
school children worship the leader as a false messiah with absurd and ridiculous songs of praise.

Tailgunner Joe also underestimated the problem.
Can you imagine the howling of liberals if Joe McCarthy
had claimed Eisenhower had had a science czar who talked
about putting anti-fertility and sterilization drugs in the water supply???!!!

Republic of Texas is afraid of trees, I guess. Or has some trouble with recognizing exaggeration.

It used to be that if you saw a socialist behind every tree you were paranoid. Now it’s because there’s a socialist behind every tree.

When someone offers a crazy alternative, you probably shouldn't take it.

CalTexan notes the inevitable:

Looks like the Birchers were right. The Birthers may be also.

When being accused of paranoia makes you retreat further into paranoia, you may have a problem.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We died in 1988

Who cares what the subject is. It quickly ceases to matter anyhow:


Am I the only person ashamed of what this nation has become?

Thank God President Reagan didn’t live to see this.

We have pissed it all away in less than twenty years.

Yup, going from the cold war the the lone superpower sure has sucked! We're just starving to death here!

The Magical Mischief Tour knows who to blame:

America lost its vision about the time we elected Klintoon. It will take something horrific and world altering such as a VERY MAJOR war to wake up the American People again.

If by 'vision' you mean 'only voting for Republicans' then yes.


The death of testosterone and drive. It started in the schools with the oppression of boys and the empowerment of girls. Yes, Apollo 13 was a failed mission, but if you watch the movie, take note of the drive, passion and innovation of the men on the ground as well as the astronauts. Couple the demasculinization of men with the many federal regulations governing workplace behavior aimed at paralyzing men... Let’s just say it’s no wonder we can’t do ANYTHING anymore.

Women: no drive.

pieceofthepuzzle thinks it's the darkies:
We have had major demographic shifts, in large measure thanks to the democrats, and we have ceased to be a melting pot. We are more like a cauldron, with lots of different ingredients that just don’t seem to be mixing very well. I’m not talking about race etc.. I don’t care what someone looks like, or where they come from. It’s about the desire to assimilate and become ‘American’. There doesn’t seem to be a national identity anymore.
Same as people said about the Irish and Germans and Italians. Same as it ever was.


When we stopped sending men to the moon we stopped finding inteligent life.

Want to find intelligent life on Mars, put Men on Mars.

Wait, what?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday potpourri.

Alas, I don't think The Comedian is joking about this utopian silliness:
What "we" need is a complete divorce of the legal profession from real humanity. That in itself would reduce the cost of everything, *everything* by at least 50%.

In addition, the elimination of the income tax would solve every financial problem of every working American in the country.

However, our commie lawyer faggot "president" isn't likely to work toward eliminating the two things that define his entire philosophy.

Atilla the Hun turned out to be a wonderful, benevolent leader who raised the standards of living for his population, defended his country well, secured new resources, and established a democratic republic.
This speaks volumes. It's like the essence of realpolitik. He treated the Huns okay, so who cares about all the Romans he killed? Just don't apply this to modern Iranians.

may overestimate Sarah Palin's inspection powers:

Hey PUTIN! Stay the f*** over there, where Sara can keep and eye on ya.

Califreak likes his conspiracies simple:
I believe the health care industry, just like all other industries, has been under systematic attack by leftist elements for decades.
I believe the bad guys are all attacking everything good and have been forever!

markomalley found a meaty analogy, and doesn't care if it makes no sense:
In case the GOP hasn't figured this one out, the Dems are acting like Jihadists: they don't CARE if this kills them (politically) -- they don't have to come back alive (politically).

We need to make sure that these traitors (those who vote for this abortion from either party) are made to pay in 2010.
This analogy should be taken further. The Dems are going to blow themselves up with bad laws cause they hate our freedoms. 9-11 can be health care. Pres Bush can be Glenn Beck. The Russians invasion of Afghanistan can be McCain's candidacy. And Hitler, of course, is Obama.

Ronbo1948 is SUCH A BADASS

There will be blood.

There will be a bloody Second American Revolution.

The battle lines are drawn and the time of dialogue and compromise are fading into pages of history. The Left with the election of Obama has empowered its radicals to attempt a putsch against the U.S. Constitution. The Patriots of all political parties, races, creeds and religions in this Free Republic cannot allow this offense against liberty to stand.

They will fight.....


So butch!

HuntsvilleTxVeteran comes through with a crazy new conspiracy:

16 out of 17 of the AMERICANS that were involved
in creating the UN were later identified, in sworn
testimony, as secret communist agents.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Saturday pix

I get it, instead of liking minorities, the key is to stockpile lots of handguns! That should end well.

The Swastika is an "S" for socialism? That's a bit of a stretch.

Who is still posting this kind of stuff? I think this ship has sailed.

You and Alex Jones, crazy dude!

Freepers are really hating Graham lately. Hehehe.

Is this a real book? Jeez.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

England is over

5000 crazy Muslims march in England demanding Sharia Law. Freepers take it upon themselves to surrender on behalf of England.

Freddd brings it home:

We’re next.

Of course Winston Churchill wouldn’t give up.....

But I guess we have to have this world war fight again...

Gettin the picture yet? Bush was trying to keep it off of our streets...

Yeah, Bush was totally anti-Arab. That's why he was all smooching with the Saudi Sheik.

makes am analogy:
Imagine a world where Jim Jones had a Billion followers.
You are living in that world.
See, Islam is a religion Marlowe doesn't like, and Jim Jones was a cult so...that's all we need!

totally knows what Muslims think, and it's not from what they say, it's whatever he imagines:
A spokesman for the Islamic Society of Britain said: “99.999 per cent of Muslims despise these people."

That, I'm afraid, is a comforting lie. The question with Islam is not whether its adherents want to reach this state, but merely how quickly. Whether by force, or by persuasion. The end state is not really in question...

It is honestly time for the multicultis to sit down and shut up or they'll find themselves on the wrong side of the barricades when the inevitable happens.

riri suffers from the all too common confusion about who to hate more:
Sharia Law is coming to Europe.

Problem is, I don't know which society will be worse. The ultra tolerant of anything depraved PC tyrannies the left builds or an Islamic society.
matthew fuller doesn't seem to be a fan of the right to assemble.

To my British friends and allies: If you don’t deport these scum now, your country, culture, economy and legal system is toast! By the way- Thanks for being one of our best allies!

Course Britain doesn't have such a right, so maybe he'd fit in there.

LtKerst would probably not fit in, on the other hand:

Hey you stupid Limeys!

say good bye to your Lives.....your Culture....

say Hello to riots and Bombings.....

I always Knew you were a bunch of Candy-assed Punks.

Well, at least he capitalized Punks.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rush and the NFL

Freepers are not used to seeing Rush lose to the free market. Thus, they go back to their old wheelhouses like Linus and his security blanket:

stockpirate has an entirely realistic plan:
If Rush fails to get this conservatives should STOP watching NFL games.
goldstategop knows libs when he sees them:
The sports world is dominated by libs. They just don't like conservatives joining their "club."
er, yes, football owners are totally Dems. The way you can tell is that you don't like their decision.

massgopguy goes with Obama master plan:

This isn’t about football. This is the White House running a double reverse on Rush’s ability to stop Socialized Medicien. Goddell doesn’t even know he’s a dupe.

Rutles4Ever trots out this old faithful:

This is the very definition of fascism. "Think like us or we will punish you..."

100%FEDUP just starts makign connections:

Now let's look at the facts.:
1. Jane Skinner (the commish's wife) works for FNC.
2. Rupert Murdoch was helped by Roger Ailes to build FNC into the Media Monolith it is.
3. Roger Ailes turned Rush from a small radio station talkie into the Media Monolith he is.

Conclusion: It's time for Jane Skinner to be FIRED!


I added paragraphs to cquiggy's race rant for readability:

Lets see according to the Commissioner of the NFL and the media Rush is a racist just like every other white male in America.

And according to the numbers it looks as if about 80% of NFL players are black if they are correct about all whites being racist then I think all whites should stop buying tickets for the games. This will give the unfairly treated blacks the opportunity to buy better seats for lower bargain basement prices.

Until the teams all go broke due to a lack of ticket sales and an increase in violence at the games including armed robberies in the stands and drive by shootings in the parking lots.

Soon the black on black murder rate will go even higher due to the reduced prices and the popularity of football in the hood.

On the bright side after a short time most of the teams will file for bankruptcy and Rush can buy multiple teams for pennies on the dollar. He will be able to hire players for minimum wage because they sure as hell cant work anywhere else. Most cant even read and write.

I encourage all conservatives and all white males also known by the liberal male as all racist whites to boycott the NFL. Break the Bastards now.


Health care passes through the Finance Committee. Really nothing earth shattering. Or is it?

starts the ritualistic beating of the Republicans scapegoat.
Exactly one republican vote is all the media needs to run with “Bipartisan” and that is all you will hear. [Snowe] is a vile Traitor!
I am moving back to Hawaii where it is already Socialist and will not be as big of a shock when the full brunt of Obamunism hits. Also there are no Greyhound Bus Stations.
What's his problem with Greyhound?

Going to watch Beck for a little help...need something to hang on to


Tzimisce adds a smiley face.

Moving towards Fascism. :)


[Snowe]'s not even good looking enough to call herself a conservative.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why do modern day Democrat President’s make lousy Commander in Chiefs?

Freeper pacpam asks the question:

has a good test:

No President should ever be elected without military experience. It must be terriblty humiliating for a general who worjked his way to the top ranks to be ordered to report to a Kenyan who hates America.

Civilian control of the military is awful! Military control of the government is totally the way to keep America from becoming a Banana Republic!

Marysecretary totally talks to liberals:

Because they hate the military.

But secretly. They never say it, but I know they think it cause they won't bomb Iran. Also gays.

Speaking of gay, o_zarkman44

Because they primarily lead liberated women and sissy men rather than warriors.

I am Richard Brandon provides us with a field of strawmen!

1. Because they are pacifists.
2. Because they are utopians
3. Because they do not trust the military
4. Because they have no military experience
5. Because they secretly sympathise with the enemy
6. Because they are academics with little real world experience

fso301 has an interesting view of history:
Gen MacArthur had a plan for North Korea that would have prevented many present day problems
World War 3 would have totally been awesome!


Because they are commanding those that believe in: “Duty, Honor and Country”. Things that they hate and/or cannot fathom. It is hard to command those that march to the beat of a different drum.

Wow, if I thought liberals were like these Freepers do, I'd totally be a freeper! The key is to pretend that any counterexample is propaganda from the liberal media.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday potpourri.

montag813 is tilting at windmills again, though this one is Republican!
Anyone But McCain
He MUST be defeated in 2010. #1 Priority.
apillar is gonna take on the IRS:
The plan is to insert a section on the federal income tax forms requesting your insurance status and “taxing” you if you answer no. If it makes it that far, I intend to block out the entire section with a heavy black marker whether I have insurance or not, like is done on redacted federal documents, everyone else should do the same.
clee1 does the usual violence posturing:

Millions of people that previously would never even THINK of violence, are preparing for all out armed resistance. MILLIONS of guns and BILLIONS of rounds of ammo have been sold since Zero took office. Those ain’t for squirrel huntin’!

People have had enough. All it will take, ALL IT WILL TAKE, is just one, tiny overt usurpation: someone jailed over their right to free speech, martial law declared, the next elections “postponed” for any reason, UN troops allowed to enter American cities for “exercises”, the collection of privately owned gold.... then Katie bar the door.

Heck, it might not even take that much. Let the economy get much worse or the traitor Rats railroad too much more through Congress.... that might be all it takes in and of itself.

Now THIS is the last straw. Wait, it'll be the next straw. Now THIS one, this is totally the last one. Popinjays.

Frantzie on a new conspiracy:
[Joseph] McCarthy checked into Walter Reed for medical attention and he never checked out. No one ever investigated that one.
svcw on the First Lady:
She looks fat because she is fat.
She wears ugly belts because she has the fashion sense of a a slug.
She dress inappropriately because she is low rent.
fireman15 explains why hating Obama's wife is secretly political genius:
As distasteful as this type of discussion may be to our more tender sensibilities, Alinsky RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Pointing out Michelle’s slothful appearance and crude mannerisms is wrong on many levels, but it helps illustrate the wastefulness and arrogance that permeates the Obama administration from top to bottom. This tactic has been used extremely effectively against conservatives. These people are destroying our country! Maybe the time has come to take the gloves off and use some of the left’s own tactics against them.

You can talk about Obama taking no meaningful action to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons and no one cares. Then you can bring up something stupid like Michelle’s appearance being downright embarrassing and everyone in the world wants to get in on the discussion, even the mainstream media.
The MSM talks about how Michelle Obama is ugly? I've heard elegant, statuesque, good arms. Only freepers think she's ugly, much less fat.

Ann Archy

Harry Reid?


The new name for this award:
The Ignoble Piss Nonprize.
DarthVader on this pic:

If looks could kill? There is deep seeded hatred for Obozo in all branches of the service.

Yeah...I think you mix up boredom for hatred. But keep wishing!

on Obama's secret gayness:
You would fail your [lie detector test] too, if the administer of the test was a paid off obama agent and the power of the White House hung in the balance. Is sSinclair credible? I don’t know, but the entire episode has too many obamagoon connections to it.

I suspect that Barry Soetoro is a drug user, has used homosexuals (have you seen that arpartment friend of his from Pakistan, the posture on that coach with the little guy?), and there are connections (or were, until murdered in Chicago) to homosexuals who were members of Wright’s church.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Pix

Boy the hellish power-point behind her was really a bad choice. Nice to see the Freepers putting their hatred of Obama over the potential prevention of a deadly pandemic.

I'd buy a handgun, but an assault rifle? That's not self defense, that's wanking.

Wow, someone can't draw Obama.

Save space?

I guess the idea here is Obama is a whore? And an old one, with gray roots?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Freep association

Someone posts some year old e-mail that FOX news is gonna expose Obama or something. Freepers speculate about what this exposure could be. This quickly devolves into just general things that make Freepers mad. And it's a lot of things:

Theodore R. thinks it's all about Chicago (read: black people.)

If one were to write a book on the collapse of America, and many have already written such volumes, there would be a major chapter on the perfidy of the people of IL and another on the ineptitutde of Republican primary voters.

GatorGirl doesn't believe anything she doesn't read on Free Republic:
Democrats routinely run as centrists and our Pravda press hides the real agenda. Still, many of us knew just who/what Zero was before the travesty of the election last November.
kabar knows what to blame - the ending of racial quotas in imigration!

The decline of America began with the 1965 Immigration Act.

Too many brown people is totally the problem!

1COUNTER-MORTER-68 is doing an awesome impression of one of those mentally ill e-mailer:

Frank the Commie was around him early in life,,,

Could even be his pappy!!!,,,

No BC to prove he's not!!!

B. IIRC yes he did,,,BP2 mite have been the one that posted

the connection,,,

Then there is the Ayers connection,,,

I've been tryin’ my best to follow along for about a year,,,

Think about it!!!

We need truth, not more radical posturing on who our stone queer pretend president is as some kind of messianic psychopomp.
Psychopomps (from the Greek word ψυχοπομπός (psychopompos), are creatures, spirits, whose responsibility is to escort newly-deceased souls to the afterlife. Of course, based on "stone queer" I think he's just stringing words together.

azkathy has a new conspiracy. After Soros, beyond Cloward-Piven, above Secret Muslim, there is...RADFEST.

Obama has subscribed to the tactics listed in the RADFEST Program for years. That is how he got elected and how they have taken America down this path through their activism.

It is truly frightening when you see the whole system they are working on every level.
RADFEST, according to Google, seems to be some sort of beer festival. Or THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK

Nobel reactions

Sweet Schadenfreude. It's days like this that make it all worth while. (The prize itself is sorta mystifying - seems to be one of those encouragement of future action ones.)


Forget the Nobel committee--the entire human race has jumped the shark.

That this man, who wrote two autobiographies without accomplishing anything of note, and became president because Americans wanted to show Europe that we're not racists, has won this prize after 9 months in the most powerful office on the planet proves only that the Nobel folks want to give him a push so he can institute European-style healthcare.


This is not a time to rejoice because an American has won the Nobel Peace Prize, this is a time to mourn the death of reason.


This is all part of the mind meld the newly empowered radicals are trying to foist upon America to warp our values and weaken our thinking...

This is a man who weakens America with his every act.

This is a man who should never be a Commander in Chief.

Now we know why he was dithering on Afghanistan—it wouldn’t look good for a “war-monger” to win a peace prize.

It has come down to this—a teleprompter won a Nobel Prize.


The mullahs are literally rolling on the floor and laughing their a$$es off.

When Iran attacks Israel (and he will), we can all "thank" Obama and the Nobel idiots.

I bet Hillary is just SEETHING. Bubba, too.

Ahhh, good times.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obambi’s dreams of a Terrorist

A blogger claims Ayers told her in a random airport encounter that he totally wrote "Dreams of my Father." Freepers can't bring themselves to be skeptical.

explains why Ayers would randomly do this:

Ayers, like Obama, has an enormous ego. I bet it must frost him that Obama is getting credit—and royalties—from his (Ayers) work.

So he damages Obama by spilling to some blogger he met randomly!

mojitojoe doesn't like the skeptics:

No, you are wrong. That exactly the sort of thing an arrogant nut job like Ayers would say.

Yaelle knows Ayers can do ANYTHING, which is the same as that he did!
How can i believe he would say this and cast a shadow over the man he helped put in the White House?

Because he admitted in a national newspaper interview that he doesn't regret setting bombs in America (Pentagon, army, police stations or centers). He wishes he could have done MORE.

This is a man who knows he is 100% protected. He can do or say anything he wants. Who's going to come after him??????
Genoa would prefer we teach the controversy:

Kidding or not, he said it— He wrote the book. The media will surely be asking follow-up questions at the White House seeking a confirm-or-deny. /s

/s means sarcasm. This is because the liberal media will never ask Obama about an unprovable anecdote appearing in some random blog.

ElkGroveDan notes that there is totally a picture of Ayers on the blog! PROOF!
I'll also add that the Starbucks looks awfully vacant for 6:30 on a Monday evening at Reagan National. Otherwise I have no issues with her credibility here.
"Other than that, Ms. Lincoln..."

gets postmodern. Or stupid, I have trouble telling the difference sometimes:

Re: “The fact that Ayers admits he wrote the book actually makes me less likely to believe he wrote the book.”


That’s precisely what Ayers WANTS everyone to believe —

Play us off, Honorary Serb!

Now what’s the connection between the commie Ayers and George Soros?

I believe that Barack Hussein obama is a total fraud, and a plant of Soros and the muslims. Even apart from that, he is completely unqualified to be President.

Am I right, or am I just another conspiracy theorist?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How close is Obama to complete destruction of USA?

Now that's a good post title!

, on post 3, proves hope is not rational. At all.


ClearCase_guy has a plan with a pure:
It's my opinion that the RNC should be pushing state sovereignty and re-assertion of the 10th Amendment. Weaken the federal government. It's in the nation's interest and it may be the only thing that can stop Obama.

And it's good preparation for the day when TSHTF.
Yes, tilting at windmills will totally help us when the Shit finally goes down.

Da Coyote

If the loon isn’t thrown out in ‘12, one of two things will happen:

1) The progressives threw the election (think ACORN and the rest of the low-achievement loonies).

2) Folks got fooled and still elected the slime-mold.

Either way, there’s gonna be a revolution.

So let’s hope we don’t elect it. (You read correctly.)

Statement: "How close is Obama to complete destruction of USA?" Response: Quite far. However, each major action this administration takes harms the United States. It is the administration members very nature to harm us.

"In declining states the leadership intuitively choses the most harmful course of action."- A Great Historian 1888

continues the great tradition of Freeper marines bringing additional crazy:

His actions (or lack thereof) may very well lead to another World War and the US economy and industry is NOT where or what it was in 1940!!! Instead of jumping in, we may have to spend YEARS just trying to re-develop an anemic steel industry, an outsourced electronics industry and simply circumvent EPA standards to do what MUST be done to fight off the wolves!!

If things go wrong on the international scene, he may be too busy with his Chamberlain-esque rhetoric to even realize the walls are closing in on the US! I pray for our country, but I pray even more that God sees fit to keep the nutjobs in check until we can get this idiot out of the pilot seat!!


What is needed is for conservatives to slash TO THE BONE the federal government. Eliminate the IRS, FED, NEA (2X), FEMA, BATF, UN participation and so many others. Without doing that the socialists might lose this battle, but they will be back again....and next time might succeed. One doesn't just stop on the ants on the floor. You put down ant killer to have them take it back to the nest. No different with socialists. Republicans can't even bring themselves to stomp on a few ants!!

Go, go state of nature!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday potpourri.

True Republican Patriot is always good for some crazy:

William Ayers is the Prime Feeder of THE TELEPROMPTER!

Kimberly GG sees Obama's secret plan:

This is the second time this week he has cut into the Glenn Beck show.”””

Twice in a week....coincidence?

I’ve banned him from my TV....Obama has been given too much free face time to spread his lies. If I want to know what he’s said, I can always get a transcript or watch YouTube.

Yes! Don't watch him talk, just yell about how he lies!


Chaos and death, thy name is Obama (and his left wing minions.) Americans who have fallen for the Left’s nonsense are going to be mighty surprised when they begin seeing the results. This is about the worst time in world affairs for a Muslim Marxist to be our President.

Westbrook has some analysis of who votes Dem:

DemonRAT voters are not rational.

Of course, you can’t expect a lot of rational or logical thinking from corpses, union parasites, street bums driven from polling place to polling place for a pack of smokes and a jug of Ripple, and people who don’t understand English.

It took me forever to find that Ripple in Arlington!

Madam Theophilus knows the liberal War on Algebra is already lost:

Algebra is basically a course on logic. Since most postmodernism rejects it as a false “western” concept, is it any wonder schools do not teach it anymore.

SwedeBoy2 has a story!

Vegetarians are for the most part, all Tyrants that want to Impose their values upon everyone else.

I went camping once with a large group of people.

One of the Families was Vegetarian.

They didn’t bother to bring their own fry pan but refused to eat anything cooked in the pan that had cooked Bacon,

Even after it was wiped out and had olive oil added.

Vegetarians are pretty much a Pain in the Ass.

I know this ass once who was Conservative and wouldn't eat! Thus, all Conservatives are asses!

has a prediction:

Is it just me, or does it seems a lilly livered white guy has less than a snowballs chance in hell to ever get the Democrat nomination again?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Saturday Pix

Cause all Dems must be gay, right? I also like how the right wing is sticking with the teleprompter jokes when no one else is laughing. Such troopers!

Obama thinks of himself as Caucasian Jesus?

Obama's 7 meetings with General McChrystal over the next weeks is not enough to shake this narrative!

Huh? Broken eggs?

Wait, what are black guys doing in this crowd? I thought they were all Obama-bots?

Holy shit, we're fighting a talking dog!

Constant exhaustive analysis of these pics totally provides Proof...of Something.

I, um, think she got hotter in her off-camera guise. Vampires are very hot these days anyhow.

Freepers' health reforms

I dashed off a brief Olympic post earlier today. Little did I know this would be all they talked about for the rest of the day! Jeez, talk about scraping the barrel for Obama failures to gloat over. Still, I found this nugget: Dems taunt GOP: Where's your health plan?

Freepers respond:

Graybeard58 is ideologically pure, if not going to win at anything:

Here’s my health plan:

Get rid of medicare/medicaid and leave everything else alone.

mbarker12474 is more intellectually vapid than pure:

The free market, protected from government interference by the liberty protecting U.S. Constitution.

Yes! That worked so well in the 1920s!

MrB is not so much principled as he is petty:

Just like the taunts of “Where’s Osama”,

we can now say “Where’s the Olympics? - mmm, mmm, mmm”

The problem is, most 0bambots won’t even be aware of the little kid video referenced in the above taunt.

Cicero has a plan not only to cure health care, but also destroy the Dems!

Tort reform should be number one. It would not only slice back the insurance costs for doctors and practices, but it would cut the Democrats’ largest source of campaign contributions—donations from crooked tort lawyers.

Hillary'sMoralVoid doesn't get out much:


Sweet party of no, Batman! You and the like 2 other people who agree with you will get right on that.

But then IronJack agrees:

We don’t HAVE one. Because we don’t NEED one. There is no health care crisis. Developing a solution to which there is no problem is right out of the marxist playbook. Don’t fall for it.

Private-sector health care has worked in this country for a hundred years. It still does.

Funny how no one except for Freepers attempts the whole "there is no crisis" play. No one in Congress, not even on the Cable TV shows. Though I'd bet Glenn Beck is on board.

Knee-jerk opposition

Obama wants the Olympics in the US? Freepers are super excited when they don't come to the US. Who needs national pride when you have blind, unthinking hate?

GOP Poet

YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! zero is a total loser. Spent our tax dollars on a waste of time that serves no one but him, his cronies, and Oprah.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....bambi really thought he could make it happen just because he wanted it to, well, well...hope this shows him he is not a god!!


Wow. Zero went to Copenhagen to get a measly notch in his ‘win’ column and...PWN3D!

Who’s the jackass now, Zero?

St. Louis Conservative

The Narcissist in chief won’t take this lightly.

This really ticks me off, which is odd. I don't much like the Olympics. I guess it's that there is not even a colorable policy difference at all here. This is pure personal animosity wanting Obama to fail to the detriment of America. I honestly don't see the left doing this were Bush to have advocated for the Olympics in Houston or some such.

Without the fig leaf, it sure is ugly.