Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Spotlight: ShivaFan

A 60-year-old California computer-type of Indian extraction. Hindu faith. Thinks alt-left is a thing. Pretty recent - 2014 vintage. He wishes he'd become a stock broker. Every post is hyperbole. 'Yahoo News grabbed my pussy!' 'Blacks poop on their kids!' Megyn Kelley is a selfish whore of a bitch!' It's pretty impressive. He's also a fan of vanities - 'I'm a Hindu against Islam.' 'Mark Levin will go Glenn Beck.' 'What the bleep is wrong with FOX "News"?' 'Leaving Republican Party, where to?' Though his MO on those is to post a vanity rant and then not post again on that thread.

Actually, I suspect he's drunk-posting a lot - there's no other way to explain his rants' run-on free association.
It's also amusing when he spends a lot of effort trying to argue that Hindus love Trump. Freepers often need exceptions to blanket hatred for their own people.

His special hate seems to be for blacks, the Pope, and liberal women. And he's got a bit more than the average strand of tin foil running through, though that tide is rising so quickly these days it's hard to tell.

I suspect booze was involved with this post:
OMG! Jessie Jackson is PREGNANT!
He's on Hannity right now, and it is obvious, HE - IS - PREG - NANT !

(with his own love child?) ...

Check it out! AND! He is DRUNK and pregnant at the SAME MOMENT!
You should not drink AND be pregnant!
And Kaine has a new NAME! They now call him Poop Cookies! I Swear to ***!

Hey! There's POOP COOKIES! Come over here, Poop Cookies, do you think you won the debate? Really? Well have a good nite cap Poop Cookies.
Justice Ginsberg secretly wants to fuck Trump:
She wants to go to bed with the handsome Trump bit she knows she is too ugly so she is sexially harassing Trump by abusing her position of power under the color of authority and to try and get his attention because she is an obsessed dithering of egyptian mummy wrapped in black robes wearing those stupid ovrrsize drink cuasters as ties that she wanted to market in competition with Trump ties but she wastes a lot of time with vibrators that do nothing for her and what is really setting her off is that old lady smell she has that the other justices have been secretly complaing about.

She also needs to stay away from Thomas, he isn’t her little black toy baby who needs her mama sympathy and “love”.
Scalia, who belongs to the GOP, has died. His death can only be solved by Ben Carson!
I DEMAND Doctor Ben Carson perform the autopsy! He is the most trusted Doctor in America! And for yuu Cruz supporters, in Canada! And for you Italians, in Italy. Mexico... in case there are any Bush supporters.

Scalia belongs to us, the Republican base, not the GOPe or the Dem-Socialist-Islamatics. His family might be under duress, we really don’t know how bad this is. Get Ben on a plane to Texas right now. Is the body still in Texas?
Yahoo News groped me like Trump gropes women!
In this last Friday before the election, the groping by Yahoo continues as they send me unsolicited and unwelcome “notifications” - now attacking Trump’s wife as making money as if she is a criminal for doing work while not a citizen, and an attack on Trump himself regarding his golf resort and hpw he will be rich even after the election when he loses and how we are all to hate him for being rich.

Again thus groping by Yahoo, unsolicited, unwelcome, started when I opened a Yahoo account and are all leftist bull shit and in no way news. I will cancel my account next week.

FU Yahoo you toad of the plutocracy and your cheap labor shit. Fu You pigs. Get out of my life.
The hippity-hop music is cannibalistic monkey-evil that liberals love. Also pooping on children.
This isn’t music, it is violent thuggery on parade. The rap/hip-hop “culture” is a culture without beauty, without art, without creation, without education, without science, without freedom, without peace, without civilization, without children, without life, it is a celebration of uglyness, enforcing unimagination, the celebration of destruction, elevating stupidity, where science does not even exist, where thuggery rules over freedom, it celebrates violence, it is the jungle without anything civil and civilization is stagnant to the point that all children will live in fear and women can be raped at any moment, where childhood is non-existent, it is death not life and the celebration of death.

There is no culture even though it is called a culture, it is evil that it celebrates, they would and will eat their own children, fry them on a frying pan and the biggest ape eats them if the looted food runs out. But it is a culture in the sense that no one forced them to adopt it, they are not victims, this isn’t a story about their life, it is a lifestyle they relish in and is their own making, they made their own society and never had it better but chose to be animals. They use the inventions of others to demand everyone look at them while they defecate on their women and children and then pound their chest.

Hillary wants their vote, the rap/hip-hop “culture”. Obama plays their music to his children. He wishes soon to put on a hoodie and play it loud at the gas pump to be crude in everyone elses face while others try to fill their car up. Michelle wants to, as well. Look at me is their lifestyle, look at me defecate on my children is their moment. If their “culture” is everywhere, there will be no mothers milk. There won’t even be food. All the machines wpuld stop. Babies would be used as doorstops. Every woman would be forced to stand in a position with their rear ends pointed up. They would be standing on dead people with a brainless neanderthal looking on smoking crack.
'I hate Poop Francis like I hate James Comey
he doesn’t care that Hillary is the most corrupt politician who has ever run for the office and the Clintons have broken every commandment multiple times over including stealing, rape and murder, in fact he doesn’t give a rat that every commandment is rapidly becoming worth less than dog crap as far as respect as our nation dies because of politicians like this Poop and after another 8 more years of this Democrat regime we will be debased to such a shameful level we may as well be just another turd world South of the border or African corrupt and crime ridden plutpcracy in mass poverty, this Poop doesn’t care about God because he is just like your typical leftist Democrat and his politics are more loved by him then the millions of babies murdered or our freedoms looted by the scum of the earth.

He can go eat dog crap, I am not ashamed to say I hate this guy now just like I hate Comey because I am literally fighting for my very survival and my freedom and liberty itself and this guy has his head 8 miles up Hillary’s stinking hole and he probably emailed Comey to tell him to let her go scot free for her sins and crimes because he is nothing but another politician and certainly not a man of religion anything. He can go to hell now, he will later anyway, and let’s all squat in Saint Peters square and start putting up houses and a casino as well - why not? - since he doesn’t believe in walls let him live without his own walls, fences and “Swiss guards”, let’s just take all the art and statues in the Vatucant for oue own to decorate our houses too. And he needs to get the hell out of our national elections, do not come here at all.
For a Hindu, pretty concerned with the Pope.
Can this guy shut up already? He has done more damage to the Catholic Church than Nancy Pelosi.

Hey, Poop, YOU'RE FIRED! You're wrecking Christmas! Enough with your commie crap! Please listen to Linus in Charlie Brown's Christmas, he's the REAL Pope! You're a FAKE POPE! If you want to do SOMETHING POSITIVE for the Catholic Church, then EXCOMMUNICATE NANCY PELOSI for God's sake! STAND UP and DEFEND Geert Wilders! ENDORSE Marine Le Pen!

Do SOMETHING good, otherwise resign and move to Cuba!

Until then, Linus is MY POPE and don't you DARE call him fake!
Janet Reno's death is a sign.
Good, and I hope she didn’t get her vote in before she was laid onto God’s anvil to be beaten by a sledge hammer.

Her death at this time is God speaking to the Clintons.
Vote Report for Trump. No 'youths' seen.
I am in the state of California (North Mexico) Ssn Francisco Bay Area (capital of Mexico and ghetto).

I VOTED TRUMP-PENCE 30 mins ago just now.

Turn out a bit higher than 2012. They asked for no ID. They cheer out loud “first time voter” - I heard this once while voting. Older lady seemed to me to be Trump monitor. She came to help me when voting machine that reads a paper ballot made beep. Mostly whites voting, follwed by about 1/4th blacks, all the blacks were female no males, whites mixed male female, a few Hispanics but only male Hispanics no female.

I was vote number 18 of 2 machines so about 36 votes total as of 8am, 2012 I recall I was vote 6 of two machines at 715am. So in that sense, no real uptick.

I voted NO on end of death penalty and NO to legal pot. No “youths” seen voting, average age was about 40. I am 60.
Celebrating Trump's election - thank you Melania! Melania.
I love her! I love her accent.

Eric Trump, 2024.

Thank you Hannity!
Thank you Rudy!
Thank you Pence!


Trump may have won, but I don't think he carried the demographic of California teachers.
My wife works in a public school system as an educator.

She tells me about being with others during lunch. She herself, avoids politics and does not go into her preferences.

She tells me others in very low voices do, however. And they are actually afraid to do so. So it is in very, very low voices. They say that Hillary is so phony, so corrupt. They say they are for Trump.

These are teachers. Who are afraid. For their jobs. If it were found out that they are definitely not for Hillary and will be voting for Trump.

Just some teachers at lunch. Maybe doesn’t mean anything.

But I think it does.
Guys, Hindus in India are totally pro-Trump!
India has a diverse population of different “religions”, Hindu majority, large populations of Muslims, then there are Sikhs (a saint based warrior class of mix religions), there are Christians, yes even Jews, there are Buddhists, Jains (lredated Buddhism and is very similar to Buddhisk but is also very Hindu), Zoroastrians and “Fire worship”, Sun sects, sects which have no God or Gods but souls, sects which have One God called Brahman, a religion where the One God is Jyoti or Light, others ,...

... but the Hindus supported Trump.

... and, many Sikhs.
Not Catholic, but he'll add Mary to the Hindu pantheon to fit in...
I am not a Catholic but I will pray to Mary at 530pm Pacific time specifically because this priest is from Ghana. I don’t jnow the rosary but pray:

Mary Goddess give Your Holy Light to Trump this moment, Mother of God. Be his Guardian Lady and Step on the Snake of the Enemy of God.
Gays are totally coming around to hating ISIS.
The fact is, starting about 2 years ago, if you look at the actual LBGT venues, the actual gays for example in San Francisco et all, they are getting it, they DO see Islamic extremists such as ISIS as a very real threat to them and their life itself.

They don’t like these type of Muslims, period. They consider them backward barbarians from the 12th Century. Yes, some gays are so leftwing, they are full pedal to the metal with the unholy alliance between the Left and Islamic Radicals which is a fact and very real. These type of gays are more about being Leftists than any sexual orientation. They just use that to promote the leftist agenda.

So, don’t be misled by such loud mouth rads and their agendas. Just as there are a lot of blacks who reject Sharpton, there are a lot of gays who reject Islamic Radicals and don’t play this leftist word games about “Islamophobia” - they don’t like those type of Muslims just like anyone else, in fact, due to the agenda to kill all homosexuals they hate them even more. Don’t be misled.
Hindus and gays OK, but fuck Mormons though.
Actually, that is another thing I have come to realize during this election cycle.

That I will NEVER think of a Mormon in the same light again. I will ALWAYS distrust them now for the rest of my life. There is just something very wrong there.

From now on, I will have to judge each one, one at a time. But sorry, I will always start my “timer” with a jaundice eye. Just waiting for the knife in my back.
Sending his daughter to liberal UC Berkely, though he's totally unhappy about it.
My daughter goes to U.C. Berkeley, I am currently paying about $30,000 dollars a year for her UC education including tuition, books and housing.

While I am very proud of her, and consider Berkeley a great “institution”, I can tell you I am NOT getting my money’s worth. I follow her curriculim carefully, the returns in terms of jobs against value for the expense just doesn’t add up. Luckily because of her focus of study, she is not under the thumb of a lot of PC leftwing agendas, but there is a lot of discrimination against both whites as well as Asians in favor of blacks and Hispanics. I am paying huge amounts of money, which many cannot afford, that is more due to the greed of the Administrators and Professors who preach socialism and communism but live in the Berkeley hills and have lavish lifestyles and elite venues and are total hypocrites and who are largely responsible for such high tuitions. Money grabbing is their main interest thus they favor foreign students who pay double or even triple the already expensive costs to a UC education.

I have been very lucky in my investments so I can afford her education. But many cannot. Student loans are out of control and only perpetuate higher tuitions. These costs are much worse than the costs for healthcare and I hold the leftwing entirely responsible for such costs which inflate far out of purportion to actual living costs and actual inflation.
Wishes he'd done less work and more stock market. And travel before Islam became evil.
I have been very successful in my investments (stocks, bonds, commodities, ETFs, mutual funds, et all) over the last 30 years.

My only regret is I didn’t start investing earlier in life as soon as I was old enough to legally invest in the markets. Even when a kid, I had a fascination with stock brokers and dreamed of a profession in that venue.

But instead I went into computer science and IT - and I did well in that. But I think I would have enjoyed finance and investing more.

I had the opportunity to travel to various wonderful places in the world - but there are a couple of destinations I didn’t get a chance yet to visit and probably would have by now but due to Islamic terrorism I will not. This includes Turkey, Egypt and Morocco. If I could do it over again, I would have gone to Egypt while younger and safer because I like Egyptian antiquities.

Now it might be a long time before travel to Egypt, Morocco and Turkey is safe again. Maybe not again in my lifetime.
Putin will save us from Hillary!
My sense is, and rightfully so, Russia believes Hillary is mentally unstable and fixated to go to war with Russia.

So there is a good chance, since Hillary is a computer illiterate, that Russia has some damaging information on Hillary and if so, they will also dump that by next week.
Court-packing for Trump.
I don’t give a damn about “court precedent” - that too has become a sick game of depotism and huge populations now scoff at it and say openly, “I don’t give a flying **** what the Supreme Sociopaths say, screw them”. In one way, by means of their own power thumping arrogance and unelected pomp they have not only become a despotic symbol, they have turned themselves into a joke.

So that it what it has come to. Fine.

There is nothing in the Constitution that says there are 9 court justices. At times we had 6. Other times we had 10, then down to 7, other times less and then more ...

So I say Trump nominates 4 more as soon as possible and gets them approved through the majority Republican Congress as soon as possible to bring the number up to 12.

Libtards have a problem with that? After all, too bad, they were the obes giving these unelected robes way too much power to do things they never were supposed to do.

So lets play by their rules.

Folks like me are contacting Trump right now. Contacting our legislatures. We want 12. It’s our constitutional right. It’s right there, in the constitution. We want 12, we can.
Taxonomy of liberals on the Internet:
All one has to do is visit the forums of the leftists to understand what this is about.

They are:

* A collection of all sorts of anti-white grievance mongers who blame all their self-inflicted problems on white people. Many literally want to kill white people while looting everything they have.

* These also include lazy and often disturbed people who think the reason they are living in the conditions they live in, many bizarre hoarders of junk or who never learned to clean their own bedroom and live in squalor, who blame their own behaviors including perversions and delving in drugs and vice, the intoxicated or stuck in the mud selfishness or mental on anyone who is not lazy or purposely shuttered or who have wasted their lives on bizarre pursuits as them, and that the reason they are the mess they are is because you are not like them even though you may also have your own struggles. To them the “rich” that they think they have every right to loot is anyone who has more than $1000 dollars in savings or a better car or have any money in a 401(k) more than $1000 dollars and they definitely want the government to loot any such savings directly from others accounts, loot the 401(k)’s, and of course give it to them or even if they don’t get a dime they just want others to suffer and they spend a lot of time harping on this in-between playing violent video games while claiming to be against “competition” while in chat rooms or other venues in intense competition with other likeminded trash competing and blowing smoke over who has the “most points” in some child games.

* Women who blame their own children for all their problems and really want their children dead. They don’t even realize also, they are destroying their own husbands to be dupes for some propaganda that their own ego is more important than the lives of their own children and family.

* Interlopers from other places, other third world countries, who come only to take, only because they think you are rich and they are poor but do not blame their own conditions and values and culture which put the kleptocrats in power in the first place from where they came from and who themselves corrupted their own police because these illiterates are the dupes of fascism, they do not come here to say “thank you for freedom”, you will find they come here because they think you are rich and rich because you stole it from them and then they want to wave their flag of their failed third world and put their failed culture on you while they confiscate everything they can from you that they claim you stole from them or at least so stupid they empower some government to do so which never gives them a dime in the end anyway and only empower their own crony capitalism and government collusions which is not too far removed from the fascist governments these third worlders came from in the first place.

These grievance mongers, losers, selfish slobs, women, and the hordes of interlopers who are now changing all demographics are now the majority.
Megyn Kelly is a bitch of a whore.
I hope a lot of folks get her phone number and yell at her.

What a whore. I hate her. Get out of my life by getting your face off of FOX you scummy selfish whore of a bitch. Go get in a car crash as far as I am concerned.
Hating Mark Zuckerberg and his pecs:
Been hating this wiener and his pathetic odd smile and girly boobs for a long time. I hope this atheist libtard buipds up enough fatty tissue in his tubes to keel. Lib Jews make me sick.
Yelling at some Muslim model who wrote an editorial.
I never heard of this spawn of Palestian haters, this “model” but someune tell this whore to go back to her daddy’s Islamistan and put her own bed sheet over her head before moking other immigrants and hating America.

FU you useless freak whatever your Muslim name is, you are no model, you are a real bad donkey act. Go f Alex Baldwin’s daughter in a circus act, that is all you are even if your friends hand you accolades that Americans never gave you. Take your self-promotion back to your papa’s Islamistan and see how long you keep your stupid head on top of your neck, get lost you stinking stupid turd and take your “Daher Al Omer” and “Sheikh of Galilee” family with you, Miss Camel Piss America hater, go eat camel poop. I hope the Trump IRS audits all of you insulting pompous scum bags, if I had the power I would.

Raise this whore of Babylon’s taxes!
Shoot those earthquakes!
I have a lot of ammo - but I want more. Because I live in California. And need the ammo. Why? EARTHQUAKES AND THUGS.
PLEASE start persecuting liberals!
Nor did Hillary win the popular vote, they are counting millions of votes from illegal alien foreigners who aren’t even suppose to be voting in our election at all, the Democrats are nothing but voter fraud and Trump not only won the electoral college by a landslide but he also won the popular vote and now this campaign of lies fronted by the alt-left.

I am telling you all, if you love your freedom then now is not the time to “forgive” them, to “get out of jail free” card for any of them, not one. Not one of them. You must now be prepared to destroy them.

Trump should not let one of them off. Destroy them now, do not stop and give thek even one inch. Many of these people must go to prison because they are evil sick selfisg criminals and the enemy of liberty.

The Republicans, Trump, and all of you in the base must now move on them with all the love of freedok in your heart, you must be readt to do what must be done and that is war upon them, you cannot make nice, you must destroy them or you are going to all be victims of drive by destruction yourselves. Do you understand?

You must put Hillary in prison. You must arrest the ilk of the alt-left who have already committed terrorism and enough crimes to deserve to be severely punished.

You must be committed and severe. Now. Do you understand?
More persecution and prosecution hopes.
Hillary for Prison is back on the table and Congress should start moving on this ASAP because this crazy bat actually does need to die in prison instead of death while dripping saliva all over her neck in Chappaqua.

In fact let’s hope she freaks out mentally even more as millions of Americans chant “Hillary for Prison” to the point where her paranoid sick mental state triggers a critical mass implosion that finishes it. It turns out her stinking breath and yellow teeth are the resl cause of global warming.

And while we are at it, let’s raise the taxes on Alt-Left Hollywood. I know, it is against our principles, but what the heck.

And for that matter, let’s sic the Trump IRS on the Alt-Left just like Obama did to so many Great Americans. What comes around goes around, and after all it was the Democrats and the Obamanists who empowered Trump with all this para-constitutional excess, didn’t they realize the same gasoline would end up in the hands of the next firebug? What idiots, they created Trump.

May as well not only clean the barn out, let’s burn the barn down with those donkeys and monkeys locked in the barn. After all, they don’t want to leave anyway.
Oh, no, I saw some dusky-looking guys in Tiajuana!

This is Tijuana... and ... someone said these might be Haitians. I disagree - I know Angola very well and the people, and know a lot about the Congo region, the people in this video do NOT strike me as Haitians because for sure you would seem more than a few with dreadlocks for hair, but I do not see that. The round head close cut sure looks like them came from Africa to me, but not Somalis, they seem to be from central Africa but not Haitians.
This is bad. Real bad. Not Haitians, I believe these are Africans and they are going to enter California and getting the paperwork. F**K OBAMA YOU POS and F**K THE ONE PARTY STATE OF CALIFORNIA THAT IS RAPING AMERICA WITH THIS S**T! 
Maybe a joke, maybe a parable, maybe a delusion...
Apple has an app that helps the BLM smash and grab crowd to find which Apple stores best to rob, the coordinates of any nearby police station, a police scanner audio feed, a GPS directed escape route, the current supply of phones at a given store, and weight to glass calculator that gives the precise speed that a given vehicle would need to smash into an Apple store, all combined technology into one app.

Yet even with all this technologay in one app, the feral animals could not get it right. They couldn’t invent a potato peeler in a thousand years if their life depended on it. They like to drive German cars that they couldn’t invent in a million years. Feral animals.
Hillary and Bill are about to die any day now, and the IRS is gonna take down Chelsea.
Hillary won’t run in 2020 because she will be dead. She is a medical emergency ready to happen, a dangerous cocktail of booze, meds, paranoia, freakzone rage and a booblehead about to fall off her neck.

2020? She won’t make two more Christmases before her medicsl issues catch up to her bad habits.

As for Bill Clinton, he has HIV. And his expensive meds will work only for so long. It seems pretty clear he ain’t lookin’ so pretty anymore. Walking tombstone won’t be getting out of bed very soon. Maybe that’s why he is crying. The big party is almost over.

Don’t be surprised Chelsea goes to prison, also. Tax evasion.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

North Carolina shows us how Republics Due

I've taken Trump's naked corruption more or less in stride. America has had Presidents more interested in lining their own pocket than governing before, though not when we were a superpower. Still, completely survivable.

But I find myself getting quite concerned by the news out of North Caroline, where Republicans have responded to losing the governorship by stripping the governor of most of his powers, and setting it up so they run election oversight in the state from here on out. And they're not even hiding it. AND there's honestly very little functional pushback.

There is little comfort that it's all well within the letter of the law. Republics run on norms as well as laws. Kill the norms and the laws can be used to destroy the Republic. And that is where North Carolina is. Not even pretending to treat their political opposition as legitimate.

Freepers love it, of course. And if you know Freepers, you know how they rationalize it - Democrats want to do worse to us!

WENDLE urges more lashing out at horribly hypothetical liberals:
Screw democraps before they screw US!!
Never strongly teathered to reality, Da Coyote seems to think this is something Democrats actually do:
Always, ALWAYS, treat slime like it treats us.

Eat Obamastuff, liberals.

And enjoy it.
fortheDeclaration just declares the election rigged, allowing any and all tactics:
Amazing how the State voted for a GOP President and Senator and then a Democrat Governor.

Quite suspicious.
Hacksaw holds North Carolina legislators responsible for the free market warding coroporations away from a lunatic state
What do the Dems expect after they tried to economically destroy the state for keeping men out of the ladies room?

There is no compromising with these creatures.
LouieFisk also seems to think Democrats did this first:
Good for the goose, good for the gander.
Vinnie reaches back 30 years to find something Dems did that was much more trivial, albeit petty:
This is payback.
Some years ago, 1985, Jim Martin was elected Governor, first Repub in many many years.
The then Dim State legislature stripped the Governor of power to appoint and other things prior to the inauguration.
Impy knows true patriotism is all about trying to attain a one-party state. Historically, always the key to freedom!
Commies pledge to sue.

Sentient herpes blister and RINO/DEM operative John Weaver calls it “Banana Republic behavior”. I call it patriotism, and necessary.
GOPsterinMA revels in ignoring civilization and society:
This is how things get done in Trumpland: Even if you lose, you win.

And inflict the maximum amount of pain as possible on your enemies.

It’s called “winning”. Get used to it.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The government will kill you

What is The #1 Cause of Unnatural Death in History? Unnatural does a lot of work, there. It's between murder, car accidents and war. Guess who wins?

Defiant thinks we were far better off as cavemen.
That’s just since 1900. Between Romans, Mayans, Mongol Emperors, Muslim caliphs, Russian tsars, Spanish kings and conquistadors, and Chinese warlords, I’d guess the number is a lot higher. It’s amazing the species has survived the invention of government.
matt04 wants to add some counterfactuals about supposed government inaction.
Can we include Malaria with government deaths, since they banned DDT?
Old Yeller is enjoying some martyr fantasies:
The way it’s going, that’s how I expect to die.
Elsie is just a bit pro-life.

55 MILLION and counting...

More will be CHOICED to death today (and tomorrow and Friday...) than were killed on 9/11.

Way to please GOD; America!
"Way to please GOD; America!" Is an amazing quote.

Coasts versus Flyovers

I think it's fair to say that Trump's victory has managed to make Freepers more extreme in their paranoia and violent fantasies, but not actually make them happier. Freepers' self-image of noble dissidents does not allow for victory or happiness.

And so even in the hour of their man Trump's victory, they have become desperate to pick a fight with any liberal they can. Thus, when a liberal writes about how the electoral college takes influence away from the majority of people who live on the urban coasts, Freepers do their oxy-moronic common thing: say the thesis is ridiculous, and also actually applies to liberals. Also, they would like to define America without over half of it's population.

Case and point, laxcoach is amazed at how liberals are all so unreasonable. In other news, this unreasonable article becomes reasonable if you switch it's side:
One of the most amazing things about this cycle is how the left has become so inflexible and incapable of discussion.

They really believe that anyone who disagrees is stupid, uneducated, a rube, and a racist. Their message: you are with us or we will hate you.

Meanwhile, the irony in this article is thick. You could flip everything he says over and write the exact same article about the urban areas, liberals, and democrats.

But the writer is too self centered to see that.
Secret Agent Man - liberals are all just Freepers in the mirror!
this is why you destroy evil. otherwise it thinks its good, and good is evil.
CptnObvious takes exception to the term 'flyover states.' It's a liberal term that will make liberals hated:
Flyover is a derogatory term used to look down their noses on those 'hayseeds' in the midwest and southern states. The Democrats and the Mainstream media still use it even though they've been told (through this election) that we hate it!

Keep it up Democrats/Progressives/Liberals/Anti-Americans. The hole you are digging is YUGE!
SamAdams76 is totally down with the term 'flyover states.' Also the coasts are not Real America:
Jason Aldean had a number one hit called “Flyover States” a few years back. But I’ve heard the expression before. A good song by the way.

The real America lies between the coasts and I say that as one who lives on one of those coasts. For many years, those in flyover country felt held hostage by the coasts. I guess now that things have flipped for the time being, the urbanites are not liking the shoe on the other foot.

I live and work in NYC area and I’m drowning in liberal tears. They are such babies when they don’t get their way.
dp0622, as usual, finds himself careening from one passionately right-wing position to the opposite position, also super right-wing. And he wants us to know he's smart.
I said 10 minutes ago The Hill was a good site.

I take it back. In spades.

In fact, I’ll print this article a dozen times and leave in the bathroom.

Crybaby bitches. They have ALL of the msm and cry like faggots about AM radio and FOX.

I’ve not ONCE listened to a radio talk show and stopped watching FOX 18 months ago, and I STILL voted Trump.

AND I have a college degree.
ZULU more or less lays down the Freeper thesis:
Fly over country IS America. The Bi-coastal people are the problem.
nclaurel knows middle America has been held hostage by people a lot of them voted for over the years:
We have been hostage to the likes of Carter, Clinton, Obama for years. I have been hostage to supporting lazy, demanding nonworkers eating my taxes and destroying my country for years. This idiot needs to look around at his city Detroit and see what liberals have done.

I have been forced against my will to watch half naked gays march in the street. I have been forced to use their political correctness or be vilified. Give me hardworking Christians who love the Constitution and their country any day and let me be free.
FORCED to watch gays march!

Hardastarboard has decided the REAL voice of the people is Congress, which is GOP right now, thus making America GOP forever.
The popular vote total that liberals are so fond of quoting when it meets their needs, represents just under half of the voters in America, and a lot more of the overall territory. And our lives and values matter every bit as much as the snooty elites living in their cloistered little enclaves.

The other unmentioned elephant in the room is that the US Senate, the House of Representatives and most of the state governments are controlled by Republicans, which is more indicative of the true, overall will of the people.
a fool in paradise's pile-on for wrongthink is marred by lack of clairty on what majority means.

Zero tolerance for diversity of thought.

He has naked disdain for the MAJORITY of this nation.
Wilhelm Tell finds the thesis not inflammatory enough, and so strawmans himself being called a Nazi. On a thread where people are calling the author damn near a Nazi:
The author would have written more kindly about ISIS or the Nazis. We ARE the ultimate enemy. These Marxists are as blind and as hateful and as intolerant as the Nazis or the KKK.

I grew up reading Shakespeare and Aristotle and Sun Tzu and studying real history, math and science. Things that the average snowflake could not imagine. I can also sight in a rifle. I am ready for the day when they declare that I am subhuman and should be exterminated.
goldstategop is proud of being retrograde:
I’m a Trump voter living in rural Colorado. I fit the description and my values are circa 1870. I wear them with pride.
It being Freep, kearnyirish2 would like to play one-upmanship when it comes to retrograde morality:
You’re a spring chicken; my values are more 1780 (If you don’t pay taxes, you don’t vote; we’ll leave that to those invested in this young republic...)
SkyPilot has his own persecution complex he'd like to strawman into validation:
Ringing loud and clear through his diatribe is the fact that he hates (HATES) Christianity.

I went to his facebook page, and he has a rainbow colored cathedral looking photo there. I would not be surprised if he is a homosexual, and that is where some of his hatred and anger of God and Christians comes from.
exDemMom is totally persecuted in another hypothetical reality:
Thank God Trump won. Under Hillary, we would have been looking at complete destruction of Constitutional government. I saw some leftists commenting on forums that they were looking forward to when President Hillary would start marching Conservatives off to camps.

Leftists are dangerous.
MNJohnnie is pretty sure cities are unneeded in America:
The suburbs and rural parts of blue states are red, too.

How much would the tall blue towers be missed?

Considering the blue bastion tend to match large concentrations of Federal Government building, probably very little.
thoughtomator is still working hard to make that popular vote illegitimate. Small favors, but...heh.
I have to wonder if half the votes cast in urban areas are legitimate. There certainly seems to be no effort made whatsoever to verify or guarantee the integrity of elections in many urban areas; with the open encouragement of illegal voting, urban election results should probably not be treated as legitimate.
And Confederacy fan central_va looks at all the Freepers yelling at liberals, and doesn't get why we're not in Civil War.
A country so divided culturally and politically should be at war. What is holding this thing together? This is the miracle of our time.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Not going quietly into that gay night

I have a lot to get to - Star Wars, electoral shenanigans, Fed rate raising tin foil...But I had a busy Monday and a lazy weekend, so here's Freepers yelling at each other about The Gays.


Civil rights for sexual orientation and gender has been galloping along, and the GOP for once seems to have managed to clumsily get out of the way. This includes some Freepers, though others are pretty into fighting the good fight, regardless of the politics.

Tellingly, the folks that get to the thread first seem hardcore against any acceptance of gayness - in policies, as allies, whatever. It's only when some latecomers show up that a purely anti-liberal tribalism is brought up in contrast to the 'we hate these groups, of which liberals are only the largest' of the Old school crowd.

Zionist Conspirator does not take kindly to a Freeper who says some gays are the good kind:
Most of my gay friends are not about pushing a social agenda. They just want to be left alone. This idea that all gays want the throw it in our faces is yet another lie by the left to divide us. We need to get away from the manufactured fights and stand together on the things we do agree on. There will never be a winning party that agrees 100% on everything because you limit the number of people you can attract. You have to take the wins you can get.

Divide "us?" So now you're including homosexuals (not "gays") in "us?" Kindly include me out of any such grouping.
surroundedbyblue - being friends with gay people is impossible, because they are too different:
Gay friends, huh? I work with lots of gays and transgenders but I don’t call them friends. My friends are people I share common values with, and those people don’t see the world the way I do.
fwdude - the seemingly apolitical gays are just there to cover for the radical ones, just like Muslims!
I also know some quiet gays who mind their own business and one who even votes Republican.

But, like the 'peaceful Muslims,' lift not the smallest voice in protest when radical homoNazis sue a cake business out of existence.

They are just as complicit!
TheTimeOfMan cites some tired statistics and then argues being closeted is the healthy thing:
Homosexuality is diseased.

According to studies by major (liberal) universities:

Murder rate is 10-20 times normal. (TIMES not percent).
Suicide rate is 20 times normal.
Serious disease rate is 20 times normal.

It is destructive physical, mentally and spiritually. It is destructive to the culture. It is expensive.

The behavior should, at the very least be shamed and pushed back into the closet. Not embraced.
VanDeKoik, though, wants any support he can get:
So people that are actually trying to help defeat the fricking left should be rejected?

How about for every one of them you can round up some of these better Christians to get off their ass and pull their weight!

While you have a Milo putting himself out there taking the fight to these people, there are 1,000 “wholesome and biblical” folks just sitting on their butts, and shaking their fists at their screen while they pass bible quotes wondering if this is the “end times”.

If these people were doing their jobs, we would be in the position we are in now.

So to those Christians I say SUCK IT UP. You dont have the luxury of picking and choosing your allies after pissing away opportunities to keep these people out of office.
Zionist Conspirator may want to check Free Republic for those anti-Semites and neo-Nazis...
So people that are actually trying to help defeat the fricking left should be rejected?

I, for one, most certainly do. Are you implying we should welcome anti-Semites and neo-Nazis with open arms because they're against the Left???

Homosexuals fall in the same category.
Oh, and professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos was mentioned. Zionist Conspirator? Not a fan:
Oh, yeah, I’ve been pummelled here for expressing doubt about Milo Yiannopolis.

He's a disgusting little pervert. Why would any conservative support him?
mrsmel also hates Milo, though she doesn't seem to know much about him:
Amen. I have been flabbergasted that that Milo guy, the latest sodomite "hero" for the right (not conservatives) is lauded and fawned over. This is the guy who is present at a a sodomite party which includes decorations consisting of pictures of naked, or almost naked, young (as in juvenile) boys. Is the right this desperate? 
What next, if a high-profile pedophile agrees with us on the Second Amendment and lower taxes, will we embrace him because hey, we need those pedophile votes too? Let the left have them!
I thought all gays were pedophiles?

mrsmel - no compromise!
If we had just compromised on slavery, we might have avoided a Civil War. We should just compromise on baby murder.
surroundedbyblue also comes out against Milo:
I’m with you both on the Milo thing. He may be right on some things but his gayness is not welcome here. To me, the “left” includes open gays. They must all be defeated
wku man just has fun with words:
Homosexuality and conservatism are diametrically opposed. There is no such thing as a homo conservative, just like there's no such thing as a catdog, hot-cold water, or a common sense liberal. 
Don't let them set the terms of the debate...if you hear someone calling someone a "gay" conservative, straighten them out on BOTH words!

Scouts Out! Cavalry Ho! God Bless Texas!
ek_hornbeck agrees the right should stop focusing on social issues. And also stop focusing on financial issues. It should become a bigotry-only party!
My objection to voters who put social issues like homosexual marriage first is the same as my objection to people who vote solely on fiscal issues like tax cuts. All worthy goals, I suppose, but there won't be any taxes to cut or moral order to impose if you don't have a functioning nation first. There's no sense worrying about the tax code when increasing parts of the country are looking more like a Central American slum with each day, or worrying about who gets to marry whom when our cities are being looted and burned by BlackLivesMatter thugs and jihadis.
areukiddingme1 cant stand the gays because he still can't stand gays in the military:
They want to be left alone?

Really, because since 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected all I have heard of is countless reasons whey “they” were supposed to be allowed to serve openly in the military.

I ask the question time and time again, “do openly gay and now openly transgender people being allowed to serve in the military, make the military a more fierce and feared fighting force?”

We all know the answer to that question is a qualified, NO!!!

But, politicians insist, for ddddiiiiiivvvvverrrrsiiiittttyyyy sake, that it must be allowed...So...what is the objective here.

Ask the question, you have one choice it is either diversity, or being the world’s most dominate, fierce, and feared fighting force, what is it?

Because you simply cannot have both. Because in most cases for every quota you fill to appease the diversity gods you are reducing your true combat warrior quota by one...Truth.

Consider this analogy, simply replace every third football player on an NFL team with a kicker or punter, how will that team do? The other 31 teams do not do have to this and they don’t have comply with that rule, honestly, how will that team do? That’s right, while kickers and punters are football players they are not usually your meanest, toughest, fiercest competitors...that team is going to get slaughtered...Truth.

What is going to happened to the US Military if we continue down the path of political correctness, that of pushing a social agenda?
All gays are the same. Because the real combat skill is...Truth.

Lent has had it with the religious moralizing now that Trump has freed us:
You want to be a prophet go down the streets and preach to the masses. Rent a tent like the guy you fawned over, the hypocrite Ted Cruz. The moral fakeman. This is a guy you supported who wasn't even a man of his word. But I digress.
mrsmel is sure social issues effect lots of people, like these three anecdotes!
It's affected quite a few people, like the woman who was refused the ability to finish her psychology degree because she felt that as a Christian, it would be better if she referred homosexuals to other psychologists (she was also forced to leave the college),

or the fireman in Georgia who lost his job over his self-published writings which quoted the Biblical injunctions against homosexuality, on his own time and under his own private aegis.

Or the CEO who was forced out of his own company when it became known that he donated to support Proposition 8 in California, opposing homosexual marriage. When it comes to free speech, the militant homosexuals and their enablers are no better than the Nazis.

Christianity has been kicked out of public school, but the militant homosexuals are trying mandate that children as young as grade school be taught the homosexual agenda. But "they just want government out of their bedrooms".
free_life is another who thinks politics is to win votes, not souls:
Start a ‘All Sinners Out Of GOP’ group.

Homosexuals, fornicators, adulterers, liars, theives, all sinners, then there will be a pure party of zero!

Neither gays nor the gay agenda was being cheered at convention, they were cheering the all gays must vote Democrat bs.

It is a political party not a church....BTW churches are full of sinners too!
Hey, it's Twinkie! She's all live and let live. And vote Trump, who is well known to live and let live:
We are more aware of the Democrat strategy of DIVIDE AND

I do not believe in being a queer. I believe the Holy Bible
teaches against it.

As long as a person does not wag queer in my face, America is a free country of free people.

Until Christ returns to perfectly govern this planet, NO
GOVERNMENT OF MAN will ever be able to govern perfectly.

I am NOT NOT, I REPEAT, NOT voting for Hillary Clinton.
I WILL also NOT sulk at home on Election Day. I will walk
barefooted over rough gravel to get to the polls and cast
longfellowsmuse laments that there is not Christian theocratic party anymore, almost as if America has a secular government:
Christianity truly doesn’t have a home with either political party, it seems.

Our country has turned it’s back on God in favor of a secular world view.
Reagan understood political battles to be spiritual battles. How many self professed political conservatives truly believe in the existence of evil and believe America to be “One nation under God?”
surroundedbyblue knows Jesus was not very accepting:
Jesus preached to the sinners, he didn’t promote, accept, and condone their sin. Big difference.
And if it's a gay thread, you know you need miss marmelstein to show up with the sort of story so unbelievable I kinda wonder if she's a gay guy long term troll:
But I live in NYC where I see gay guys every day - with their adopted girls and boys dressed like little cabbage patch dolls. Charming perhaps until - as I once witnessed - a vicious meltdown occurred when one little girl pee’d on her daddy’s Ralph Lauren blouse. Chilling, to say the least.

I see the signs on their establishments that say “If you don’t believe in gay marriage don’t enter this store.” (So much for their vaunted tolerance!) And, of course, the gay pride parade and worse, the West Village Halloween parade.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

Windflier can't trust Obama, even when he says Trump is legit.
Obama Crushes Conspiracy: No Evidence that Russia Tampered with Votes in Election

Don't trust the snake. If he's dropping the 'Russian hackers stole it for Trump' gambit, it only means the conspirators on the hard left are moving on to the next one.
There are no debunked conspiracies, only failed ones.

Mr. K doesn't like what they have to say, so he declares the CIA Muslim and moves on:
I think the CIA is infiltrated with MB
The Sons of Liberty's myth of Hillary is still growing, it seems:
Intelligence Officer Who Personally Met the Democratic Email Leaker Confirms Leaker is with American

A PATRIOT, one of the few left in the democratic party, who put the Country ahead of party by doing their part to ensure that a serial killer and career criminal, Madam Hillary Benghazi did not become President.
tcrlaf lays out the current Freeper doctrine:
Look for a case of Arkincide in the future.

Already happened, so that an “Example”, as discussed in the Podesta Emails, could be made.
His name was Seth Rich
mbarker12474 is quite a thinker!
Imagine what’s going to happen to America now that the government is one big lobby group for Exxon.

Good things.
MayflowerMadam spends all her time these days hate-watching MSNBC...
Hubby and I spend some time every day watching this “election porn” and laughing our heads off. The MSM clips are good, but the buttercups supporting Hillary are off-the-chart gut-busting funny.

I like the girl hysterically crying and screaming, “Somebody better fix this sh!t!”
Electric Graffiti prefers McCarthy's commies to pedophilic satanic Muslim blah blah blah.
I never thought I’d pine for the days when we only had commies in the federal gubbermint.

I learned to never underestimate the left’s desire to further debase themselves. It seems the real abbynormal people in D.C. are Christian heterosexuals.

All the trannies, ass-pirates and kid-rapers from around the country went to D.C. when their faggot hero, barry O’muslim, was ‘elected’.

Islam and demoncrats <—— 2 satanic death cults bent on the destruction of America. These lowlife anti-American perverts need to be eradicated with ritual public hangings after a quick pedo/treason trial
Ritual public hangings sounds pretty pagan to me, EG!

lee martell is writing Hillary fan-fiction wherein everyone sabotaged her because they hate her:
It’s going to be quite amusing if Valerie Garrett is revealed as the main Leaker.

That’s when it will be her turn to use the ‘I don’t recall’ line. If it ever gets that far. I suspect someone like Valerie has a score or more of Fall-Guys ready to take the punishment before the first accusing finger is pointed at her. I suspect both Obama &  Michelle know who did most the leaking.

Wonder who Bill Clinton quietly ‘high-fived’ when Hillary finally melted down, like the Wicked Witch she is? “Ahh knew she wouldn’t win! Didn’t Ahh tell you? Ahh jess don’t see her as President. Sorry!”
AppyPappy is still healthing it up!
One thing that hurt Hillary tremendously was her frail health. She couldn’t physically do the campaigning necessary. Not only that, it further reduced any trust people had in her, which was already small. The video of her being tossed into the van was very damning.
meadsjn is still yelling about voter fraud:
Trump drew a five-figure crowd everywhere he stopped, and apparently she couldn’t draw a four-figure one anywhere.

That is why I believe that more than half her 60 million votes were fabricated out of thin air, like the votes in Detroit being counted six times, and the machines in NC, TX, and elsewhere flipping votes from Trump to Clinton.

The witch didn't get more than 30 million votes nationwide.
vette6387 drives in certain places in his county and sees windmills, and it makes him rage, as do solar panels. Because Democrats like them, so they must be evil.
Whose landscape are wind turbines blighting?

Mine! We can’t drive to the eastern part of our county to look at a beautiful reservoir without “legions” of these pieces of crap marring the vistas. And most of them are broken so they don’t work. 
And don’t get me started about how our schools, our Police dept. etc have these “covered parking lots” with ugly-a$$ed solar panels protecting the paint on our teachers and our cops personal vehicles. It’s government run amuck!
Covenantor manages to eek out an extra bit of hate when Democratic leaders are women:
Democrat party continues the tradition of being hag-nag do nothing but evil feminist leaders.

Posturing for the press and the party's rabid cattle, who are to stupid to realize that the Dems no longer control the Senate.

Cheap empty “Fight for you” rhetoric.
klb99 wants Trump to live up the political standards of 1940, and no further!
I don’t want DJT to sell so much as a bedsheet (or show his taxes - that is personal information and none of anybody’s business) Did Washington sell off all his assets? NO. Did Jefferson sell off all his assets? NO. Did Madison sell off all his assets? NO. I don’t know what Teddy Roosevelt or FDR did but I’ll bet the farm they didn’t dispose of ANY of their many assets. I can’t overstate how much I despise these people.
headstamp 2 is sure liberals are worse now, somehow.
A new left is emerging. A more violent and shrill one.
hal ogen is talking about liberals. I pitty his family.
Mentally ill does not begin to describe the various serious problems of these cancers on society. There are some in my extended family. Serious loons.
TigerClaws continues to spin out conspiracy theories.
I thought [Julian Assange] may have been captured by the CIA.

The only reason he was allowed to speak publicly is because the deadman codes are for information that’d put several high-ranking people in jail. John Kerry is one name I’ve heard who’d be arrested shortly after the full release.

They had no choice but to let him speak today ahead of the deadline. (See other stories on the countdown.)
Remember, he said conspiracy theories don't need to be true, because anything that slows down liberals is good. So this looks crazy, but maybe it's propaganda. Which is worse. IMO.

LeoWindhorse discusses that racist kid who shot up the black church. He knows the real piece of cloth that was wronged when all those innocent blacks were killed!
Hang the little bastard . Publicly . By folks bearing Confederate Battle flags . How dare this evil , retarded cretin bring such dishonor to our noble banner ...
fieldmarshaldj is another Christain who would like to tell Jews how their faith should be.
am a Christian Zionist Conservative myself. However, I do stand on what I said.

You can identify yourself however you wish, but that does not make it so. Those “Jews” that are not observant and substitute the God of Marx to the God of Moses, are hostile to the state of Israel and sympathetic to their enemies that work for its destruction cannot be called true Jews, but false ones. 
I will apply the same definition to Christians who worship debauchery and Social(ist) Justice as equally fake.
Kellis91789 tells the legend of Barack Obama's Kenyan birth:
I thought there was an American missionary who remembers meeting his pregnant mother on the road in Kenya. She took her to the airport and the airline wouldn’t let her fly because she was too close to her due date, so the missionary took her back to the Obama house. She had to give birth in Kenya and then she would be allowed to fly home with the baby.

Am I not remembering this correctly ?
ari-freedom just loves Red Dawn so much he shoves into circumstances where it doesn't fit.
These electors want a civil war? They’d get Red Dawned so hard

Monday Potpourri pt. II

In some amazing projection, SkyPilot is sure liberals just hate the new First Lady.
One of things to watch is the hatred the left has for Melania. They still believe that Melania "plagiarized" the wookies speeches!


They are blowing gaskets anytime the two women are compared. They call Melania a "slut", and worse.

It is really fun to watch their heads explode.
Freeper censors continue to be asleep after Trump. pgkdan on Kaepernick:
His parents are bigger assholes than he is.
WENDLE has decided the NFL is all blacks and...pagan idolatry? And Communism? And steroids. OK that last one is legit.
The NFL is a racist cabal playing 90% blacks. I am dis interested — in fact I’m pissed. I don’t care about these steroid freaks any more. The entire spectacle is pagan idolatry. If they can’t fire this communist bastard and get the steroids out of sports— to hell with them.
Zenjitsuman is not happy with Trump's SecState pick, and it gets weird and transsexual...
Trump just made some Freepers want Civil War even more. Lumper20
Obama wants Martial law. I am ready to go fight these lefties.
pfflier thinks the USSR has controlled the Democratic Party since Nixon.
Lets look at the 1968 and 1972 presidential elections with the anti-war movement in the streets. The Republicans repeatedly claimed that the soviets were instigating the riots and were shouted down as idiots. Of course history and "peristroika" proved the republicans right in large part.

Now lets jump to the '80 and "Nuclear Freeze". Let's not forget the airing of that abomination "The Day After" just two nights before the voting for the '84 election. Nutin' suspiscious about that either. Just another amazing coincidence that American public opinion coincided exactly with soviet political doctrine.

Now we get this innuendo that little chuckie schumer and mccain claim must be true because the dims lost an election. Those pesky russkies were runnin' throught voting districts corrupting voting machines with floppy disks. Not only that, they fed wikileaks all sorts of emails from the dnc.

Of course no one is commenting on the content of the email which truly IS alarming. If proven to be true they will put podesta and the hildabeast in jail.
SERKIT lists all the things Freepers predicted that haven't happened. Proof liberals are inept, but still scary!
Since the Trump victory:
Russians.....ridiculous fizzling
Recalcitrant electors in the EC.....seriously? Again, fizzle

Maybe back to riots?

2ndDivisionVet is a big Nixon fan.
Yes, President Nixon was even smarter than Thomas Jefferson historians will reluctantly concur. JFK wasn’t even in their league.
Smart, but also craaaazy.

Inyo-Mono Was a Freeper from birth:
The first election I was ever involved was the Nixon campaign back in 1960. I was 10 years-old and was helping out at the local Republican headquarters along with my parents by stamping Nixon's picture on envelopes with a rubber stamp (LOL). I even drew a Nixon/Kennedy political cartoon that was published in our local paper when my teacher sent it in (a precursor to the political cartoons I later drew for our newspaper in college). I was very disappointed when Nixon lost and my Dad (a newspaper photographer) said he was cheated out of it.
SgtHooper knows Civil Wars always end well:
There won’t be winners or losers — the entire nation loses in case of a CW and it will be the end of America.

I wouldn’t say “the end”, but “a rebirth” of America as it was originally intended.
wiseprince makes it official:
Clinton campaign backs call for intelligence briefing before Electoral College vote

False flag. It’s official
homegroan follows up Trump listening to secret spies who hate Clinton with mocking those who believe actual things the CIA has said.
Well Trump has friends in the Intelligence Community who will not let the Clintons near the White House.
I highly doubt this info is coming from the CIA; the only reason they are using the CIA is the facts cannot be VERIFIED. It’s all hush hush spy crap, so ‘you’ll just have to take our word for it...’
These people are pathetic! Do they know how ridiculous they sound? They are absolutely nuts- they are certifiable because at some point, a sane person would realize they lost. But they are just making up crazy things and it is actually embarrassing...just wow.
More Civil War hoping from WashingtonFire. I thought Trump was our last chance to avoid that?
My father has been saying for years he expects to see another Civil War in his lifetime.

Until the last few months I never thought it would happen. Now it seems inevitable
cdcdawg embraces the mockery:
The Left is really going all out in pizzagate. It’s almost like they are afraid something is there.
Is this the last gasp? Because Freepers still seem to be going strong on this idiocy.

unlearner loves the patriarchy!
A patriarchal view is a protective one, not exploitative, as the left loves to portray it. A good father loves, provides for, and protects his wife and children. That’s not abusive. It is manly.
Flaming Conservative piles an astonishing election with some made up hopes:
The same guy who prophesied that Trump would be elected, also prophesied that he would have FIVE SC justices to replace - one would die(Scalia), two would retire, and two would RESIGN in disgrace. This is the most astonishing election in my memory.
Grampa Dave continues the GOP break from it's intellectual leaders.
He, George Will, and Charles Krauthammer need to take a much needed rest.

Yes please.

The world will be a better place when these 3 leave.
Diogenesis has ALL the conspiracies:
The CIA's Absence of Conviction

Conviction to murder JFK and
at then to DARE attempt to
remove the ELECTED President ... for al Qaeda.
Churchillspirit likes how Trump isn't draining the swamp, but is still a bit spiteful. Leadership ahoy!
PE Trump seems to be respecting his GOP rivals - with some exceptions.

Prediction....he will be a great president.
IllumiNaughtyByNature reads Obama treating Trump like our new President as a sign Obama has something to hide:
obama is trading favors so Trump doesn’t take him entire empire down. It’s going to be long 8 year stalemate.
Bodega has some made up stats and made up blacks:
If blacks comprise 13%-15% of our total USA population, why are they hired at over 90% in the Departments of the US government? Are there no whites who could do that job? 
Are they that good at what they do? I have found very few I can actually understand. Even at the VA blacks are very prominently hired into all kinds of slots-—and that does not mean they can’t do the job which they are doing well as far as I can tell. I just don’t understand their preponderance.

Monday Potpourri pt. I

Weekend content may be a bit spotty over the holidays, but I'll do what I can.

jsanders2001 is pretty sure Obama made an Evil Race...?
Trump Will Turn America Into ‘Racist Police State’

Trump is too late. Obama already did it the past 8 years. Actually he created the racial divide between good and evil people and he and his kind are definitely on the evil side .
jsanders2001 was on fire this week. Here's some paranoia about Nazi/Muslim Common Core wherein New Math is secretly brainwashing:
MuzzieCore. Ve vill indoctrinate your children to hate you and invite us into your homes to keel you. 
That about sums up what I think Common Core’s secondary goal is other than to follow orders without question (brainwashing children to follow the government’s orders; probably) using instructions that make absolutely no sense and take the long way on solving math problems. their primary goal seems to be to screw up children’s minds so they believe all this socialistic PC bull$hit...
jsanders2001 has had it with multimillionaires. Bring in the billionaires - they're the real producers!
The liberals/democrat are going cray because of all the "billionaires" and generals Trump is nominating !

Well all those loser multimillionaires before them weren't doing their job. 
Now that we have givers instead of takers with proven track records on how to run a business instead of stealing from it and bankrupting it we might get some traction and pull America out of the proverbial ditch.
Defiant wants Trump's cabinet to be built entirely on spite.
An Exxon guy would be great just to see liberals go bat quano crazy.
Democrat_media continues to only care that Trump makes liberals sad:
I love that President Trump picked an Exxon ceo, a global warming denier to head the EPA, and Betsy Devos a billionaire woman that wants to privatize the dreadful government schools! This will make democrats/liberals go bat guano crazy and they are on yahoo - and I'm giving it to the liberals there on yahoo message boards!

Best night of my life is when Trump won the election!

The liberals/democrat are going cray because of all the "billionaires" and generals Trump is nominating !
So it seems Democrat_media has been spending all his time not on Freep trolling Yahoo and then going back to Freep to gloat. Sad!
The liberals/democrat are going bat guano crazy on the Yahoo message boards because of all the “billionaires” and generals Trump is nominating ! I’m giving them hell!
billorites thinks our new Secretary of State is gonna be as tough as a Seinfeld character:
What's my problem, punks like you, that's my problem.
And you better not screw up again Putin, because if you do,
I'll be all over you like a Pit Bull on a Poodle.
No idea where Tucker39 gets this bit of worshipful insight:
As I watched and listened to Mr. Tillerson I thought, “LBJ, but born again and walking in the Holy Spirit.” What an excellent individual for POTUS Trump to work and rub shoulders with.
Awgie is just so proud of her cultish hosanna:
A Team of SUPERHUMANS! Americas real AVENGERS. Something to Marvel at.
VanDeKoik calls all Freepers not loving Trump's cabinet conspiracy theorists.
Pray she has nothing to do with curriculum
She is cluless.
The FR conspiracy loons are a bigger PITA than the left these days.

Frankly if Trump nominated this guy, he would swear he was part of the NWO. He is just that committed.
JennysCool lets her spite fuel her optimism:
I honestly cannot wait to hear the libs’ impotent, irrelevant whining when the American economy is going through the roof, jobs are plentiful, and people are happier than they have been since the late 80’s. And I think that’s coming sooner than most of us realize.
Protect the Bill of Rights can't stop thinking about how much he's not thinking about Obama.
I just know stompy foot thought he would be the center of attention as he prepared to leave office, perhaps even planning a goodbye version of his Greek (or Roman, I forget) appearance we barfed through 8 years ago.

Not “all about me” anymore.

Love it!!
NKP_Vet, on the other hand, does not like the paucity of Freeper-types in Trump's cabinet:
Trump’s nominee for Sec of Labor is a worthless globalist who has said time and again that illegals make better workers than Americans. His thinking is totally opposite of Trump’s.

Lou Dobbs, who is a huge fan of Trump, opened his show tonight raising hell about the obvious Paul Ryan pick for Sec of Labor. Ann Coulter and countless others have slammed the pick.

Trump has made some good picks and some God-awful ones. Nikki Haley is an open borders globalist and McMorris Rodgers despised from day one and still does, Shes the female version of Paul Ryan. Now she’ll be the new Sec of the Interior. Looks to me like Trump is adding to the swamp instead of draining it. Too many globalists surrounding him.
jetson doesn't quite understand the popular vote:
Just admit it Barry, The majority don’t like you or Hillary.
CGASMIA68 is pretty sure everyone wants to kill MSNBC hosts as much as he does:
Well, if Trump can get rid of ass wipes like [Chris] Hayes then I’m all for it.

Hayes and Madcow are dangerous people. I am sure neither one spends any time in public as that would be dangerous for them
Zakeet is kinda hoping Hillary stays around for Freepers to hate:
On one hand, given her state of health, I doubt if Granny Pickles will still be around in 2020 ... on the other hand, the Donks have a bad habit of voting for old zombies like her ... and she is one of Satan's own.
mazda77 is so committed to his anti-Soros propaganda, he's sure Israel wants to execute Soros, on account of him being a Nazi and all:
Don’t need to extradite Soros. Just offer him up as a swap for Snowden. Then figure out a way to drop him off at the security checkpoint at the Tel Aviv airport while in transit to Russia. Given Jorge Schwartz’s admitted crimes against the Jews in Hungary and collaborating with the Nazi’s, they too would have a peaked interest to have him join the likes of Himmler.
Diana in Wisconsin hates how everything is so political these days - probably a Communist plot!!
I’ve never LIVED through a time when anything and EVERYTHING was so politicized!

And THAT did NOT happen by ACCIDENT! Review, ‘The Communist Manifesto’ or any of their other playbooks...

All by design, Comrade. All. By. Design.