Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lets go to war with China!

Freepers' foreign policy isn't. Instead, it is as pure a partisan tool as you will find. They have veered between neocon imperialism and isolationism pretty much in opposition to whatever Democrats oppose.

So after all their talk of feckless Obama, Trump took a call from Taiwan publicly which is a pretty big sore spot for China. It's silly, but diplomacy is oftentimes really silly, and it is by this silliness we preserve peace.

Well, suddenly Freepers aren't super into peace anymore. War with China? Ain't no thing, lets get it on! How eager they are to shed others' blood in order to justify the random acts of their Trump.

Before the war drums, Princeton Drive Irregulars has a suuuper lame argument to make:
Hmmm... let me check my calendar... he's still the Donald till Jan. 20th no?
So the President of the US still hasn't technically called the President of Taiwan. LSM get a life!
FreedomStar3028 doesn't think much of China's military:
Who cares if China gets pissed? What are they going to do, row over here in their rust boats and yell at us over the loudspeaker? Give me a break.
Freedom'sWorthIt wants revenge for Communism!
As stated on another thread, it’s about time an American President stuck a finger in the eye of the Chinese Communist thugs!
Dog is pretty sure our trade relationship with China doesn't benefit the US at all:
China better not piss trump ...he isnt beholding and china could lose MFN status...that would mean a $17 TRILLION HIT TO THE CHINESE ECONOMY...
FreedomStar3028 has left the protests that China owns all our debt way behind:
Honestly, America holds all the leverage.

China can’t do jack.

Trump could get on the phone and tell them to demolish the islands in the South Chinese Sea, allow the Christians to worship freely with no repercussions, and tell them to cut their military by half.

They would do it.
StAnDeliver wants a four year war for political reasons:
Mad Dog will bring a small war “coming to a theater near you” ... no wartime president has ever lost re-election ...
WMarshal is suuuch a badass from his easy chair:
I, as an American, don’t give a flying f**k what China thinks. Bring the wrath and dance in the fire.
Bobalu is pretty sure all developing countries are the same, so we can just swap China for India:
If we just have to fill our WalMarts with foreign goods then why don’t we get those goods from India?

I’d much prefer giving monetary support to India instead of China.
Candor7 uses some triumphant Internet slang:
Who gives a sweet eff? Barack Obama’s half brother, who lives there?

THe USA re-powns the Pacific.
Let us finish with this sad little Internet skit by DCBryan1, who knows two things about Asians. They include hot girls, and they talk funny:

President Trump: "Hello, Taiwan? I want girls. Busloads/trainloads of your girls imported!"
President Tsai Ing-wen: "Girls? I first female Plesidant of Taiwan. I send you girls. Bus roads! Here, I text you picture:"
Trump: "Nice. Send them over and I'll send you missiles, money, and Carrier Air conditioners instead of that Chinese Crap. It'll be great."
Tsai Ing-wen: "Tank you for da helmet Plesident Trump! Chinese very crose to us. We will win with your weapons! We send you more girls! Here rookie here:
Trump: "Why, hello Taiwan. We are going to win so much, you'll get tired of winning! 


  1. As someone else recently remarked, how are Freeper women still keepin' on? They have got to be the most whipped dogs of any relationship I've ever seen.

    1. Self loathing goes a long, long way. Especially when you believe all women are as shitty as you are.