Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The GOP plan to cut social security

First Medicare, now Social Security? It's like double suicide! I guess I can't fault the GOP for standing up for unpopular ideas, though this seems crazy!

SoFloFreeper loves lowering social security benefits!
Such utter bullcrap.

The plan affects people YEARS out, who have plenty of time to PLAN for the changes--and it doesn't affect people about to go into the system.

Social Security DIES without reform.

Grab this bull by the testicles, GOP. And win.
Iron Munro conjures the usual scapegoat for the government to go after, not him!
First cut welfare, food stamps, Obama-phones and all other handouts to illegal aliens and all able bodied adults.

Then cut retirement benefits for all elected federal officials back to what is normal in the private sector.
GOPe Means Bend Over Spell Run feels really entitled to his entitlement:
FU GOP. Give me my SS money back with interest. I’m done taking it in the ass for irresponsible baby boomers born before 1961 that have bankrupted the country while padding their gauranteed government and corporate pensions. These baby boomer pricks are now simply stealing the 401k funds of those of born after 1960 by cutting SS benefits.
GOPe Means Bend Over Spell Run is gonna vote Dem! He really means it this time!!
After paying in for 30 years and having my SS retirement date already kicked from 65 to 67 by this pre 1961 baby boomer crooks, I will vote for a demturd Congress and Senate in two years if the GOPe pursues this kind of fix for those 49 and older.
arthurus thinks they key is privatization, not learning from the past decade I guess.
SS should be at least privatized and we can do it better than Chile did it and Chile recipients get back about twice what Americans get back as a percentage of input and the money belongs to them from premium to principle. They have money left in their investment to leave to their heirs.
Nuc 1.1 also has lots of other programs to eliminate first. He also urges the GOP to make the brave step of blaming Democrats and illegals:
GOP, first step is to eliminate welfare to all illegal aliens and non-citizens. Including the earned Income tax credit.

SS was looted by the dims under LBJ. That should be at the forefront of the arguments and reasons to reform the SS retirement program (insurance).

Also let people know that the government steals all of a persons SS money, contributed to SS, from their surviving family if the principle passes away early. Explain that going forward the money you save for retirement is yours not the governments. No more legalized theft by the democrats.

Pubbies be fearless in the fight. Go on the offensive on every front not just SS and illegal alien welfare and make certain the attack comes from an unexpected direction . Shock the dickens out of them so the dims cannot capture and control any narrative. Put them on the defensive and keep them there. I will gladly loan you my spine if you need one.
texas booster wants to strip the pensions from all the politicians...he doesn't like:
The Clintons and Obamas have stuffed friends into government jobs and accelerated their retirement benefits. Jamie Gorelick draws at least one military pension. Who knows how many Jarrett staffers (muzzie czars) have fully funded retirements.
Grampa Dave has really made his denial efficient:
#FakeNews. . . it never ends.
In the end, Steve_Seattle realizes liberals are against this, so he's for it. I wonder how many others will come around?
I focused on the actuarial letter, which stated that the effect of the proposed changes would make social security fiscally sustainable within a 75-year window.

Since libs are big on "sustainability," they should endorse this bill, or one which achieves the same results.

This does not mean that the bill could not be tweaked in various ways to mitigate or eliminate features that some might oppose, but at least it is a serious move in the right direction. As individual cities are finding out, unfunded liabilities cannot be kicked down the road forever.

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  1. "Then cut retirement benefits for all elected federal officials back to what is normal in the private sector"

    Like, Trump CEO private sector benefits? Awesome! We're all getting golden parachutes!