Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

A_perfect_lady has no idea what a strongman is, and it's pretty funny:
Yes, by all means, call Trump a Strongman. Then point out how different he is from Obama, who was... a Weakman?
TruthFactor...fake drama?
Liberal Media = Fake News, Fake Drama
ozzymandus still hates Jimmy Carter!
Jimmy Carter was the traitor who cut Taiwan off. The same traitor who gave away the Panama Canal and let Iran invade our embassy. The MSM should be careful about dredging up those memories.
GrandJediMasterYoda dreams big:
Donald took Pence on as a worthy apprentice. I have seen changes in him already. He was / is my governor and is a good man. The man is growing a set and casting off PC. About damned time.

Bannon says 50 years, that we are going to win so much the next time we have a Rat POTUS will be in 50 years LOL
eyedigress is still chasing that black vote dream!
Hillary will destroy what is left of the party. Obama will also be on board.

The MSM will be left to pick up the pieces without a candidate.

Job one will be to destroy Trump. They have no reason other than political muscle and narcissism.

If he starts to get inroads into the “minority” community it will freak them out.
In their victory, many Freepers have found only more fear of liberals. iontheball explains how Obama and Hillary were part of a Communist long game stymied only by God:
I swear the Democrats are freaking Demons on this planet.

They are truly at war with us every single step of the way. We cannot back down on them at all. No more ground given.

Nice guy days are over.

The other side is relentless. We have to stop this immediately.

It is proof positive that the final days of Obozo are the final gasps of a sixty year old Communist plot to take down America. 
It began when liberals and the Communist create and choreographed Obozo as the sleeper Trojan Horse. That will be the historical legacy of Obozo. 
The Hildibeast was supposed to close the deal, but the good Lord intervened through the American people, and Trump stopped what the Communists surely thought would be their perfect internal coup. People still do not fathom how close they came this time. That is why they are taking this crushing defeat so badly.
Windflier has also come out of the Trump victory even more afraid of liberals:
In my view, the left is now fully committed to the complete destruction of western culture and all first world nation states.

By 2020, I believe we will see unprecedented actions on the part of the liberal left to undo western culture by any and all means at their disposal, including violent terrorism.
Trumpisourlastchance invokes the Holocaust to show how he's so committed he'll vote for Hitler.
I’m Jewish and lost half my family in the Holocaust/Shoah. I hope that the nationalist Austrian guy wins, it’s needed to save Western civilization.
Red Steel posts a number of times how women criticizing Trump are probably doing that vagina bleeding thing:
COULTER via Twitter: Sounds like the big sell-out is coming. Oh well. 
Must be that time the monthlies.
RC one is full on war crimes hooooo! One Freeper manages to be shocked, somehow.
Trump was right, we need to do worse than waterboarding to these animals and we most definitely need to go after their wives, mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers and children. And by go after, I mean kill them.
broken_arrow1 is also finding his paranoia only growing with Trump's election:
Looks like CLINTON and SOROS want a shooting war - no other outcome if they get their way in freezing 200+ years of American presidential elections. Elevating CLINTON as the winner somehow? This is an insane thought that would only result in full-scale Civil War; or maybe the objective is to leave OBAMA in office by default if the election is nullified?
HarleyLady27 is yet another Freeper coming down off the Trump high needing ever bigger hits of half-baked anti liberal conspiracies:
Hairy, some Mormons, the Mob all to get China the rights to the Bundy Ranch for ‘mineral rights’ and the Hammonds in sad...

And Hairy I'll just bet was involved with the Clintons and the Uranium in Russia...
Theodore R. is just now realizing the 1960 election had some funny business:
Was Democrat fraud in TX, MO, and IL enough to have tipped the 1960 contest to Nixon?
Jesse Jackson Jr: the great 2016 pardoning of the masses will create a resounding echo in history and will mark you as the greatest Christian president ever to serve

Hey Junior... barry is a MUSLIM! The best way for him NOT to do what you want is to say it’ll make him look like a great CHRISTIAN.
libstripper thinks the recount is going to be a partisan thing. I guess Trump is now full establishment GOP?
If this judge decides to the the recount go forward, the appeal will be to the Sixth Circuit of Appeals, where there are fifteen Republican appointed judges to nine Democrat appointed judges. See:

Chances for good guys look good.
Boomer lusts for protestor death:
Time to break out the water cannons (for a cold day in Jan.) and the mini-guns shooting 10,000 rounds a minute for those who refuse to leave and let our fairly elected leader be sworn in. I’m okay with thousands of these rioters being put down like the rabid, mentally unhinged, vermin they are. I would celebrate it. Just that many less to pollute our country.
ConservativeMind just wants to watch the world burn:
Heh, heh.

The EU is failing.

Heh, heh.
MNDude is still pizzagating, even after the shooter:
I hold @RogerJStoneJr and @RealAlexJones responsible for putting my family in danger today at the @cometpingpong

He put himself in danger by sodomizing babies and toddlers.
detective wants us all to know his penis is as Freeper as he is:
I've noticed that conservative women are almost all very attractive.

They say that beauty comes from within.

Liberal Democrat women are almost all unattractive.

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