Thursday, December 15, 2016

Freepers vs. Trump's swamp

Freepers post-trump are returning to one of their cherished passtimes - yelling at each other.

Trump has already proven to be a much more ordinary GOP-type than Freepers were dreaming of. Not locking Hillary up, flirting with cutting the entitlements that Freepers use, and now hiring a bunch of Goldman Sacks folks for his cabinet.

Goldman Sacks's connection to Cruz's wife meant Sacks turned into the source of all globalist evil back in the Cruz-Trump war days.
Now it is the battle between those whose hate cannot turn on a dime, and the more...emotionally flexible resolute Trump Freepers.

bigbob knows it's fine, because Trump is gonna control the swamp:
Not too happy about this Goldman business either.

You don’t find world-class economists and finance people teaching at the community college.

Let not your heart be troubled. He will have a boss. A damned good one.
ColdOne just takes it on faith:
Not to happy with this either....just going to have to trust Trump right now.
Thibodeaux always thought big business was cool:
the business of America is business

only a fool believes otherwise
NorthMountain mocks the idiots at Free Republic during the primaries:
Oh NOES!!! The EEEVUL Goldman Sachs! Again! Trump must be one o’ them GLOBALISTS!!!
Stentor has really dialed down his expectations to 'anyone in the GOP' basically:
Rubber meets the road at the Supreme Court and around the 2nd Amendment for me. In fairness, he is standing on a nuke with this financial system. He may believe that he needs one of the bomb builders to manage it. (Best I can do.)
tet68 has managed to advance from 'if liberals don't like it, it must be awesome!' to 'liberals don't like it, which makes it awesome!'
OMGs! Liberal splody heads erupt!

What’s next, he hires someone from Halliburton???
Dick Cheney???

I’m loving this.
Trump Girl Kit Cat is also all on board with big banks being awesome again:
These are NOT the peop,e who brought us the financial crisis, the DAMNED government brought us the financial crisis BILL CLINTON demanded the banks give home loans to people who DID NOT qualify or they would face consequences!!! It was Barney Frank and his ilk that felt EVERYONE should own a home!!! Banks DID what they were told to do by a DEM administration!!!!
...and then nopardons shows up.
Not "eek" at all.

It's a good pick!

Look where the IVORY TOWER BOYS have gotten us.
nopardons does not believe in arguments, only in personal attacks:
What is it with Trump and Goldman Sachs? Does he have a lot of loans with them, maybe some sweetheart loans? I really don’t like to have a lot of power connected with one large bank.

nopardons spends much of the thread being about this substantive:
Some of the Barbarians are making it through the gate......

nopardons sure is classy!
A Goldman Sachs man only cares about stoking the stock market higher, which means more easy money policy, driving up inflation for the average smuck.

Were you dropped on your head, when you were a baby?
Though when nopardons tries to actually debate, you can see why doesn't...
Are you kidding me?

He’s hiring a bunch of wall street fat cats.


Two is "a bunch"?

Hey....Trump is a "FAT CAT"; did you or did you not vote for him?
FreedomStar3028 has only been here since 2013. He still believes in principles. He's doomed.
Jeeze, bow down to your can’t do wrong even when he does emperor.

I like Trump, and I trust him. But I wonder if he’s doing this to ease over the GOPE and wall street. We’ll see.

You went straight to personal attacks. I guess that means you lost the argument, eh?


  1. I'm sort of fine with Freepers holding on to all their delusions. If they didn't learn anything from the last housing/financial crisis, it's not my job to talk them out of enabling the next one. Same goes for the environment. They're the ones with all the kids and grandkids to worry about -- not that they bother to talk to them anymore.

  2. I'm a FReeper. I even have to agree that the whole Goldman Sachs/Cruz conspiracy guys are funny. The housing crisis has a lot of blame to pass around. I agree that the government forcing banks to give loans to people that didn't have the credit rating to merit it was to blame, the banks did what they do, made money off the deal. The taxpayers had to bail them out, and the government fined the banks for following their directives but the fines went to the community organizers that forced them to give them the loans in the first place. Nothing was learned.

    1. See, that doesn't seem Freepish at all. The doctrine there is that it was all the government's malfeasance (as opposed to nonfeasance - i.e. not checking what banks were doing).
      From what I can tell, it was more a problem of banks being incentivized to give bad loans that they could then turn around and sell as a derivative, making profits regardless of whether the loan succeeded or not.
      Fannie and Freddie were there screwing things up by forcing bad credit loans as well, but most folks believe it was the carrot, not the stick that caused the problem.

      Lib or con, no one liked the bailout - the question is whether the pain caused by the true crash needed to return to normalcy would have been worth it. I honestly don't know. But I do know that continuing to barely regulate the derivatives market is a recipe for another crash, and probably another bailout.

      I've been getting adds for school loan derivatives for about a decade now...

    2. Oh, and welcome! Always fun to have Freepers come to this blog. And especially fun when they stick around for civil discussion!!