Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Obamacare's fate

Nothing shows how simplistic Freepers' POV is more than health care. They all have it, many get it from the government, and the solution to all problems is market magic. Full stop; no more consideration.

So Freepers are not really tracking how much trouble it will be to get individuals AND insurance companies off Obamacare without crashing the market. And thus they manage to find the GOP's rather flailing plan of 'repeal and delay' to be unrealistically...liberal.

BunnySlippers wonders what about Trump's promise??
If they do, then they are going directly against what Trump promised. Trump said the old would stop and immediately, with no decernible break, the new healthcare would start.

I heard him say it myself. He was very emphatic.
patro has some magical thinking:
What the hell with all this replacement speak?? The free market is the replacement.
TomasUSMC is similarly simplistic, though more personal:
If Paul Ryan is for something I’m against it.
Nextrush explains Obamacare's only goal is to make hospitals rich.
As I’ve stated before, the ULTIMATE END GAME WITH OBAMACARE with copays and increased costs for people with health insurance, with manadatory purchasing of health insurance, taxes for people without health insurance, increased funding for Medicaid for the poor etc. WAS TO INCREASE CASH FLOW INTO HOSPITALS MANY OF WHICH ARE MERGED INTO BIG CORPORATIONS TO MAKE PROFITS.
Well, he's not wrong that it was a goal. Because after Clinton's attempt, it became clear you needed corporate buy in!

Parmy is super pissed he doesn't have a right to supplemental Medicare!
This is bravo sierra. My wife and I are retired. Our supplemental insurance that covers the 80% of the 20% not covered by Medicare just had a premium increase of 31%. And, from what I hear, that is cheap compared to some peoples experience.

Many female retirees who just have portion of their the husband's benefits are not able to even afford supplemental insureance.
grumpygresh just wants to keep the plans, but no individual mandate. Which would kill all insurance companies.
I’d like to see Trump sign EO to stop IRS enforcement of the individual mandate penalty.
If people want to keep their crappy ocare plans let them.

Trump should also stop all government propaganda PR campaigns supporting 0-care and exhorting people to sign up.

NYT, a fake news organization, is trying to claim that a phase out is needed so that they can keep nursing this crap along. A prick like rino ryan would bite on this.
JBW1949 attacks the messenger for not having enough blind faith in Trump to bend reality:
The New York Times has no earthly idea of what Trump is going to do...They know nothing, but have to devise something to print...

There is more truth on a blank sheet of paper than in the whole NYT....
Mr. Jeeves has an even better idea:
And Trump is going to have to enforce existing anti-trust law to break the medical cartels in order to truly fix health care. That will cause huge campaign funding problems for many GOP politicians. Tough.
ctdonath2 thinks the answer is to just do narrow solutions to systemic problems!
Repeal Obamacare.
Pass targeted narrow fixes for systemic problems (pre-existing conditions, inexpensive catastrophic coverage, individual purchase, allow interstate commerce for insurance).
Done. Market will fix the rest.
Does he even read what he writes?

Steamburg hopes Trump unilaterally guts it, screw the consequences.
Follow the money and spot the alligators. There’s so much swamp to drain.

However, if they fail to get that repeal up and running the executive discretion written into the law will allow Trump to completely gut it before they can shore up their place at the trough.
Texas Eagle would like to make up some facts:
Since the law was signed by Mr. Obama in March 2010, 20 million uninsured people have gained coverage,

Yeah, and even more have lost their coverage.

and the law has become deeply embedded in the nation’s health care system,

and the law has become deeply embedded in the nation's tax system. There. Fixed it.
In a new twist, caltaxed thinks Obamacare is a plot to save social security! ??
The Federal Government has pissed away the SS fund and is spending much more than they are now confiscating in tax revenue.

SS is going cash negative and they need another revenue stream. Their intention is to capture the money we spend on health care, 1/6 of the US economy, to supplement their drunken sailor ways.

Republicans want your money as much as the Democrats, and it is unlikely they will abandon their health care coup any time soon.


  1. How many freepers have turned down a tax-subsidized Rascal Scooter!?

    Not a one, I know for sure.

  2. It seems POOPUS Trump pulled the $4-billion number out of his ass tweeting about Boeing after having a hissy-fit about an editorial penned by Boeing's chairman.

    Even so, it doesn't stop the wrinklebags from going nuts, thinking Trump will be putting his jackboot on the neck of yet another American corporation.

    Freepers love socialism, as long as it controls the businesses that dare insult Hair Furor.

  3. Hm. If the GOP congress is even mostly as hostile to Trump as Freepers believe, then he may be as screwed as Obama has been in regards to any legislation he may want to get through. What if this is one of those broken clock being right twice a day things?

    I Want To Believe.