Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Freepers hate France now

Foreign policy is not a constant for Freepers, changing however is necessary to stick it to the Democratic party. England is our greatest ally, or it is run by Muslims. Haiti is full of awful mud people, or it's an innocent victim of the Clintons.

But wow, are they especially enthusiastic when they get an excuse to hate on France! In this case, France is considering a bill to ban pro-Life websites. Iffy, to be sure, but check this out:

kingu likes how pro-Life the French Revolution was:
Dear France,

Time for another cleaning of your leaders. Try not to chop heads off this time, you might give your ‘immigrants’ some ideas.

/s/ America.
ShivaFan really gets dramatic about banning websites:
This is the most monsterous act and evil I have read imaginable at every level. For one, it is both an assault on freedom of speech and on the dignity of life and the assault is committed by GOVERNMENT as an act of silencing diversity, an act of a one party agenda of totalitarianism, and there is no question that evil agendists such as Facebook will soon engage in exactly this same criminalization of speech by the Alt-Left.
Topping his own drama, ShivaFan thinks soon France will have a Holocaust visited upon them:
This is the empowerment of dreath that will take the people of France to the gas chambers. It is not far away now.
fieldmarshaldj prefers to keep his Nazi refs more direct:
France goes full Nazi.
Neoliberalnot is now revising history to devalue Nazi crimes:
And let the French claim how mean the Nazis were to them. Sickening, but France is on their own suicide mission led by these filthy hags portrayed in such a picture.
I want the USA back gotta give me them fangs!
The fang tooth feminazis have won.
cynwoody found a picture, and has come up with an ethnic slur that's new to me!
That Frogess has bad teeth.
agere_contra knows French history, and is determined to prove it!
This is the beginning of the modern Vendee.

The battle for the soul of France just kicked into high gear.

I pray that God will raise up another Jeanne d’Arc or Therese of Lisieux. Or another Charlemagne.
wbarmy looks forward to French suffering:
Anything and everything that will soon happen to France is deserved and necessary.
FreedomGuru recommends murder:
Maybe the French National Assembly needs to be aborted?

Evil lives in France, Oui?
jmacusa wants to take back World War 2:
And for this two generations of Americans, including members of my family fought and bled and died in two world wars to free these assholes? I knew there was a reason I hated the French.


  1. Maybe someone should brief them on how Putin handles freedom of the internet in Russia.

  2. Putin was directly involved in hacking
    FAKE NEWS! Comey to Trump: The Russians Didn’t Influence the Election

    So, just so I am clear...foreign intervention in our electoral process is both fake and desirable now. Way to go, superfuckingpatriots.

  3. "Frogs" and "Fritzies" is WWI British & US troop slang for French and Germans.

    I'm guessing cynwoody recently read "Once an Eagle" and is now idolizing the fictitious, hagiographic Sam Damon.

    1. "Frogs" gees way back - it was British slang for Frenches 250 years ago when they were mortal enemies.

  4. Replies
    1. Maybe when they thought the National Front was the government? Now, France has always been ungood freepwise!