Wednesday, December 7, 2016

the truth doesn't matter if you're a True Freeper

Freeper conspiracy theories have a lifecycle. From random speculation of one guy, to circlejerk, to conventional wisdom, to mainstream GOP. Who knows why Butterdzillion's theories never got out of the first stage? My theory is because they don't have a thematic partisan message - Obama isn't One of Us, Hillary is hiding something, our elites are secret monsters, motorcycle gangs are persecuted rebels...

Now we have Pizzagate. Probably the most fantastical of the theories to reach stage three, it holds that a bunch of rich Americans spend their time posting secret messages declaring their pedophilia to one another by using a publicly known code in public...yeah.

At this point, Pizzgate threads are almost exclusively populated by a small proportion of enthusiasts, with very few skeptics venturing in. It's not a recipe for public consumption, but rather a positive feedback loop on being committed to the crazy. Now it's caused someone to shoot up a pizza store, and it got someone on the transition team fired. It should be a death spiral, but the larger population of Freepers have an appetite for crazy, and sometimes so does the GOP generally...

MNDude's initial post proving everything via matching logos:
Ok... Did you visit the page? If you've been closely following the PizzaGate scandal, you'll immediately notice what is wrong here... The logo for ElPida is the EXACT same logo for the FBI recognized "Boy Love Pedophile" logo.

I mean exact! They're not even trying to blend the logo in with some pieces of pizza like the Besta Pizza logo did.

Of course, if you don't think what images or logos an organization uses, than this posting is not for you.

If you're the type who would think a Swastika means nazism or a burning cross on a web-site called TheKlan means something, then read on.

This organization is owned by Frank Giustra who is on the Clinton Foundation Board of Directors!

If you look at the pictures, you'll see the Boy Love logo is painted all over their facilities.

Most of the pictures are benign or innocent looking pictures of children or their drawings and most everything else would make you think that.

But again, let this sink in... a facility (founded by a Clinton crony) that hosts hundreds of unaccompanied minors, uses the Pedophile Boy Love image for their logo!
Perseverando is one of many Freepers showing up to compliment those with the time and crazy to spend all their time on this:
Great job, bro! Thanks for your perseverance in following thru on Pizzagate!
bgill is pretty excited to open a whole new front for paranoia:
Hiding in plain sight. How many of these signs have we seen every day and never knew.

Every evil thing in DC seems to circle back to the Clintons.
editor-surveyor's inscrutable madness has dictated he's on board with this particular conspiracy, rather than railing and frothing against it:
The cover is no longer necessary; the pedos are in charge everywhere.
editor-surveyor is pretty excited with what he gets to call skeptics:
based on the standards set by pizzagaters, now everyone is suspect and no one is innocent. Do you see the problem with that mindset? That means anyone can accuse anyone else of pedophilia based on hunches and a vague “pedo code” someone pulled off 4chan. Anyone. The bar has been set that low.

Who do you work for?

Are you a pedophile?

Just about everyone here is wondering what you’re up to.
Electric Graffiti...I think he's calling Hillary Satan? It's not clear, but it is clear he wants to believe:
This sounds like the ‘fake news’ team Satan was concerned about before the election

If the Clinton foundation is running a pedo farm, it’s over for the demoncrat party and the entire state run media supporting these sick farks.
seeker41 is already setting MNdude up as Freeper Jesus:
Good work MNdude, we must presevere to open peoples eyes to the evil going on at the highest levels of governments. We might be mocked,insulted and ridiculed, but we will never silenced!
Just mythoughts knows if you're partisan enough, motives no longer matter:
What I never understood is why a pedophile organization would use a symbol related to that? Isn’t it just inviting scrutiny? Up until a few weeks ago, I wasn’t really aware this stuff existed at the levels suggested by Podesta’s emails. To me, the theories that the secret cabals that rule the country often give us “clues” through logos or magazine covers simply do not pass the “the are smart people?” test. Why in Gods name would they leave clues?

ONE word 'Clintons'.
Electric Graffiti is similarly not worried about the fact that this conspiracy theory makes no sense:
Why in Gods name would they leave clues?

Why in God’s name would they molest kids? I think that answers the question. They want to eventually ‘normalize’ this deviancy.
MNDude's pizza-based confirmation bias is working!
Owner of Dojo Pizza was arrested for filming himself screwing 11 year old girls in chains last year!
pax_et_bonum is now worried about every geometrical shape!
When I see a stop sign I think “stop”. That’s it. Will I find out tomorrow that some freak uses intersections with stop signs as a message for other freaks?

Heck, I could have bought jewelry with these symbols on them and had no idea that some people would have thought I was *messaging*!

Hearts, butterflies, little triangles - what normal person would have gone there? None! Because most normal people had no idea about these symbols.

They’ve been doing this right under our noses! We had no idea because it was so far outside our experience that we would not and could not have imagined such a thing on our own.

Compare FReepers’ reactions to learning about this to the five stages of grief, for example:

1. Denial and isolation
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

I’m not saying that the general reaction at FR matches this perfectly, but I’ve seen a lot of comments reflecting 1, 2, and 5.

This is a huge, sickening shock for most of us.

It was easy for them.

They knew there would be no scrutiny because it’s their secret, indecent language and we don’t speak it.

We’re decent - not perfect, but decent- and they’re not.
True or not, longfellow will MAKE it true!
I once signed someone up for NAMBLA. I wonder if we can sign up john the pedo podesta?
ebshumidors is trying to integrate lesser-known conspiracy theories:
FWIW, I was involved in helping David Crowley with the script for the movie he was making called “Gray State.” His first screenplay had an elite cabal of satanic worshipers doing things like pedophilia and child sacrifices. I told him that it was too farfetched and nobody would believe it. A few re-writes later and he and his family are dead due to an apparent murder/suicide.
reformedliberal is pretty confident this theory is going super well and  is full of integrity:
BTW, I question both ‘fringe’ and ‘minority’. I am amazed at the people I know of all ideological persuasions, most of them highly logical and successful in various STEM endeavors, who are aware and troubled by the connections that have come to light. Millions are following this across the globe and most of them want answers. The people I know are capable of discarding the click-bait on You Tube. This is evident from the comments, even allowing for shills and trolls.

Voat spends inordinate amounts of time/space tamping down the hysterical and clueless. This citizen investigation seems, to me, to be refining itself. Someone posts garbage, they are corrected. Nothing wrong with that, either.
Lest you doubt reformedliberal's standards of quality, he discusses how the Internet convinced him most of our entertainment stars are mind-controlled for Satan:
I never follow any of those music stars, but when Kanye West has his meltdown, I surfed around on You Tube and found tons of videos posted by black fans with comments from same. They seem to all assume the top stars are MKULTRA mind programmed, that there is a price to pay for the fame, in Lucefarian terms.

It wasn’t hysterical, just matter-of-fact. I watched a few minutes of some of them, but the diction was mushy and there were no captions, so I didn’t stick around.

Anyway, I felt foolish. Here, I’ve been reading a lot on the CIA mind control experiments and these fans of the singers all seem to accept their idols were under mental programming control. There was liberal usage of the term *star whacked*. Means when a star is no longer bringing in lots of profit to their *owners*, they *suicide* or have *accidents*. Again, the fans seem to accept this.

Also accept that there is rampant sexual abuse of young actors/singers and eventually they get passed around like a plate of appetizers until they burn out. The talent are actually considered to be enslaved, their wealth and luxurious life style paid for in loss of individuality.

I wonder: entertainment and sports are the tickets out of the ghetto. Many must try to make it and those who fail return home with these stories. I guess no reason an untalented old lady in the Heartland would have any idea.

Signals to look for in music vids: single eye; finger to lips (shush)...we’ve all seen that diamond thing they do with fingers of both hands and the ‘hook ‘em horns’ symbol. I guess I always thought the hand signals were gang signs, but evidently some are esoteric.

FWIW. Nested rabbit holes. Not the world I thought I lived in.
Ann Archy is getting into the swing of things:
the word “NETWORK” MEANS there is a NETWORK of PEDOS!!!
TigerClaws sits down to explain that this isn't a search for the truth, it's a means to an end.
You’re Republican, I’m assuming, so we’re on the same team. I’ve been fighting the fight for decades.

We need to fight to WIN.

If you saw a video of a partial birth abortion (baby murdering basically), you’d say there’s no way any society would allow something so inhumane. It’s inconceivable that a moral and just people would allow its most innocent to be butchered.

Happens every day and Democrats like Hillary are perfectly fine with that.

We need to treat these people for what they are: A clear and present danger to our Republic.

Anyone who supports or associates with them must be destroyed. Take off the gloves.

That’s what Trump is all about. WINNING.

Once they are under our heel we can talk about what’s fair and reasonable. Until then, we must expose their darkness to the light. People will know what to do. Truth will come out and we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
TigerClaws further explains how the truth doesn't matter if you're a True Freeper - only liberal misery does:
It’s the right wing version of Black Lives Matter.

Sure, might be hit or miss on the truth, but it keeps the base motivated. 30-40 million views on YouTube right now.


Anyone who affiliates with Podesta and Hillary are worthy of serious investigation. When they can’t get a table at any restaurant in D.C. or New York, our job will be done.
So there are true believers, but then there are those who are just naked propagandists. That's where we are in right-wing politics today - the crazy and the cynical, each blending into the other. And the truth and principles are left far behind.


  1. PizzaGate is already losing steam, just like all the other "conspiracy" theories out there, now that the allegations are getting crazier and crazier (see MNDude's comments).

    More and more people are being accused of being involved and the professional satanic-panic regulars are trying to climb on the train.

    This is going to be quashed on FR as soon as anyone tangentially associated with Trump gets named by the witch hunters ... which I'm sure will happen before the weekend.

    1. Like Trump himself, who barged in on underage girls changing, told a 10 year old girl he'd be dating her in a few years, and has been sued for the repeated forceful rape of a 13 year old girl with his friend, convicted child molester Jeffrey Epstein?

    2. Trump, who will tweet about any anti-Obama anti-Clinton rumor 24 hours a day, remained strangely silent about the rumors about Bill Clinton visiting Epstein's private island.

      Hmmm, his silence is very mysterious!

  2. I'd like to start an internet rumor that Pepe the Frog is a secret logo used by pedos. Sure, it might be hit or miss on the truth, but it will keep their base on the defensive.

  3. "Lucifarian deal"? What a perfectly cromulent word.

    I suppose the term we already have, Faustian, is too elitist. Or - OOH! A secret message!

    1. Perhaps they meant Rastafarian or Pastafarian. Or Luciferian. Whatever -- knowing your root words for terms you employ would be ghey.