Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trump's Russian assistance

It looks like Russia helped Trump out by hacking everyone and releasing DNC files and withholding RNC files. The CIA and FBI agree this happened; only the CIA is willing to posit that Trump was trying to monkey with our elections.

I doubt this will effect the election. And, of course, Freepers don't care. It's all about liberals losing, and whatever ideological position allows that they will take. Thus, Russia is cool and good and also the CIA is all liar propagandists.

So it didn't happen, and if it did, it was for the best.

Mariner is pretty into Russia these days:
IF it is true that Russia aided Americans desire for truth about their candidates and parties, and IF it's true they now intend to do the same in Germany and the rest of Europe...

Then I say we owe them a debt of gratitude. Perhaps we ought to send them a statue or monument.

In the Western world today, exposing the truth is considered an act of war or revolution.
Hell, Jim Robinson has gone full 'Russia means liberty.' How the tables have turned.
Russia the new defender of Liberty knocking out godless Marxism worldwide? Cool beans.
conservativepoet is psyched for Trump to take on the CIA:
CIA knows its about to get its butt kicked.
Lurkinanloomin reminds us all he's crazy:
The CIA Director is a muslim.
Lurkinanloomin sees Muslims behind all:
If they help take down Merkel it might just save Germany from the muslims.
Steve_Seattle wants some names to hate!
This "official" needs to come out of the shadows. He sounds treasonous, like he's trying to undermine the duly-elected president. Or maybe the CIA needs to be utterly dismantled. Maybe we need to start over.
I guess unsatisfied with his previous drama Steve_Seattle decides the CIA is gonna assassinate Trump:
It sounds to me like elements within our own government - allied with the media - are trying to destabilize the Trump administration before it even takes power. I'll go further: it sounds like they are trying to promote the idea of the assassination of Trump as a legitimate act.
Kenny find the train of well-reported evidence to show how deep this plot goes!
They’ve been trying to set this up for a year. All the phony stuff about Trump and Putin bromance, the Russian hacking crap though Wikileaks said it was NOT Russia. Scary that they are trying to invalidate the election.
depressed in 06 has decided the CIA is fake news:
It is ObOzO's CIA, and, like him you cannot believe anything from them.
Navy Patriot makes a helluva comparison. Dunno why I'm surprised:
I fit right in at CIA, but I'm sad because they won't let me wear my armband. 
Wow. sockmonkey shows us how the pros do it:
CIA is Tavistock Institute.
Tavistock is Soros.
Lent knows who the real conspiracy theorists are!
Liberals and the left being exposed as conspiracy nuts. Losers.


  1. Hilarious ... but when the CIA is suspected pf being behind (or having some knowledge of) the Kennedy assination, this is considered to be a good thing on FR.

    Or when they talk about the Church committee hearings of the 1970s, where the CIA was pretty much outed for (and restricted from) pretty much the worst human rights abuses the world over ... then Freepers thought the CIA should operate with impunity.

  2. Hat tip to SomethingAwful ...
    Rex Tillerson supported Boy Scouts allowing gays to be members.

    Hilarious cat fight between FR Trump-uber-alles and FR Homo-haters ensues.

    1. MNJohnnie: A political dogmatist feverishly combs every article of the persons past desperately hoping to find something to scream in hysteria about because the person is not ideologically perfect.

      Isn't that sort of Free Republic's mission?

  3. Replies
    1. Thread pulled. Never saw it, alas.

    2. I'm surprised ... ugliness like that is usually quite welcome at FR, especially since Trump's election win.

    3. Don't worry, Google Cache had it! And now I've uploaded a .pdf of it to dropbox, for viewing when it's no longer on Google Cache. (So, Ozy, ooking forward to seeing it up here in a blog post in the next few days.)

      Google Cache:

      Dropbox link:

    4. C.S. Everett - Got down to the thread, but I think there was a copy-paste fail here - the dropbox link was actually just the google cache link again.

      Try again?

  4. Bizarro World movie review:
    Candor7:Yes, Disney has clearly sided with the Imperium.

    The force is with the people and Skywaker Trump.

  5. Principled patriotic conservatives everyone. Tip your waitresses, try the veal!