Thursday, December 8, 2016

False flag, false news.

There are loads of anecdotes about Trump empowering bigoted chuckleheads. I have a former coworker whose been yelled at from cars for wearing her hijab.

Freepers, who hope for such bigotry, and worse, prefer to believe it isn't happening. I'd like to say that means they know it's wrong, but I think it's more because they think it looks bad when it's not everyone at once.

We can also see their mobilization of a new conspiracy-phrase: 'fake news.'

artichokegrower just stomps his foot and says no.
Since the presidential election, “colored” and “white” signs are being scratched on drinking fountains once again. Muslim families are being harassed on the streets or in restaurants. The words “Sieg Heil,” which resurrect memories of one of the most brutal and sickening periods in history, are being shouted at gatherings. And these are just a handful of the hundreds of reported hate crimes in the last few weeks.

False news, false news, false news.
I guess not able to convince even himself with that argument artichokegrower soon resorts to the group libel:
Muslim families are being harassed on the streets or in restaurants.

Muslim A-holes running over and stabbing college students.
artichokegrower finally takes refuge in the lamest of Freeper cliches.
Democrats are still mad because the Republicans took their slaves away.
Eddie01 knows who the real racists are, and it's all the minorities! Also, no one actually cares about anyone else.

1st clue, left sights scripture.

Black Panthers... RACIST
La Raza... RACIST

Ain’t nobody lookin’ out for nobody but themselves at the expense of others.

That’s a fact Jack.
A_Former_Democrat also pulls the 'you know who the REAL racists are?'
Work towards ending the REAL hate, that which exists in your political constituencies, Cat.

It’s called taking care of the log in your own eye
A_perfect_lady is pretty sure that a little provable bigotry is counteracted by Drudge making shit up a few years ago:
Hateful behavior emerges again? Was it submerged in the last 8 years? Well... actually, I guess it was, in that the liberal media would never dish up the Knock Out Game and White Girl Bleed a Lot sorts of stories. Kept right quiet about stuff like that.
Witness noted God-botherer HiTech RedNeck really fail at the truth, much less being Christ-like:
I'm still waiting for a single verifiable instance of actual "harassment" (beyond the common level of antagonism that sadly characterizes our officially diversified society).

Mooses pick a lot of fights, however.
Also, verifiable? Anything caught on camera is a false flag, anything not on camera is fake news. It's a perfect system.

ALASKA marshals another Freeper myth about Democrats to distract himself from the stench inside Trump's coalition:
If I’m not mistaken, and I’m not, the VAST majority of mass shootings have been perpetrated by...........DEMOCRATS.

That’s fairly hateful behavior.......


  1. John Glenn has died ...

    but that doesn't stop freepers from being fuck-wads because "DEMOCRAT !!!!"

  2. I think history will be far kinder to John Glenn than these cockroaches that waste their lives on Free Republic.
    If they could even figure out what they wanted in their lives, which they've never managed to do, they'd be truly free. But they never will.

  3. Reminds me of the worst boss I ever had, who loved to punish employees who had real reasons for (insert unideal incident here*) and justified it by assuming they were always lying because:

    You can't bullshit a bullshitter.

    If you think the world is full of nothing but assholes only out for themselves, it says more about you than how the world really works.

    **In my case it was I was 10 minutes late for a shift (called ahead to notify him) because my friend's toddler needed cold medicine. She was in the car at the time so I made the stop. I got sent home for the day. :/

  4. Mynd you, Møøse fights kan bi pretty nasti

  5. Around here, a bunch of white students made several black students move to the friggen back of the school bus. So yes, plenty of stories around here too.

    Also, what happened to anon commenting?

    1. Twinkie was posting long spammy screeds like six times a day, and we all got sick of it.

      She's afraid of Google, so this solved the problem easily. Though sadly it will mean fewer non-Twinkie Freepers will drop by and comment.