Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

ladyjane is sure liberals are laughing at tragedy.
Yankees laugh at fires in the south. Just like the Muslims laugh at Israel’s fires.
Of course, Freepers themselves actually hope for a Civil War, so...

Cementjungle is yet another recount-is-a-Hillary conspiracist. I'm almost getting bored with it.
It sounds like Jill Stein is now the representative of the Soros/Hillary Clinton Tear Down America party.

She's the designated useful idiot front person for Hillary's "Steal the Election 2016" effort.

No doubt Hillary's making all sorts of promises to various judges and officials in 3 states now, perhaps more as backup for later.

I hope the NSA keeps copies of the communications between the two camps in case Trump is is a position to prosecute these people down the road.
nopardons is really not a fan of Romney:
Make Mittens crawl over broken glass, beg, kiss Trumps hands, and then.......................kick him in the teeth!
IllumiNaughtyByNature knows the best policies are spite-based policies.
Would love for all EBT cards to be cut by 50% on Feb 1st and Obama phones to shut off as well.

Plus, make it a law that all food items that get "sin tax" applied by democrats, also gets immediately removed from the EBT list of approved foods/drinks. RATS want to tax soda?then they're not eligible for EBT users, etc.

When it sinks in, really hope someone see's this post and can make it happen.
spirited irish worries the wrong people (i.e. Muslim Americans) will get 'pseudo-Constitutional' rights.
A citizenry who are ignorant with respect to the religious, moral, and philosophical foundations of our Constitutional Republic will in their ignorance end up granting pseudo-Constitutional rights to the destroyers of our Constitution and to enemies who desire our death.
rhubarbk has the perfect combination of blacks being violent and blacks being lazy:
Black police officer shoots violent career criminal with illegal gun who ignores 10 orders to drop gun.

BLM idiots are sure to be rioting tonight.

Not a chance . . . its raining . . .
max americana tries to take some Freepers to task for not hating liberals enough. Dude has a stick up his ass even among Freepers.
Like I stated a thousand times on FR repeatedly: we CANNOT CO-EXIST with liberals.

How many times do you Freepers have to be reminded of thaT?
boxlunch thinks the many conspiracies that make him poor and miserable are going to be brought to light!
I think a lot, and I mean a LOT, of them are terrified they are finally going to pay for their crimes. 
I think wikileaks may be the tip of the iceberg of the corruption that has been going on for 20-30 years. I think the stock and bond markets may have had some very interesting influences on them that may come to a screeching halt if the swamp really is drained.
Disliking a majority of his fellows, Karl Spooner wants an electoral college in his state:
If only we could get that principle to work at the state level also. I hate crooked Chicago running and ruining all of Illinois. I think trump won 90 out of 102 counties here.
All it takes is being a Democrat losing against Pelosi for the speakership and rockinqsranch will extol your patriotism and virtue:
Mr. Ryan approached his campaign as an American-Democrat. Pelosi operates as though the DNC is an international Marxist organization. She seems to answer to they behind a dark curtain of organizing.

Under “normal” circumstances Mr. Ryan would have been appreciated by the thinking class of the Democrat party, and perhaps he was as mostly they are a bunch of followers.

This loss by Mr. Ryan benefits the Republican Party IMO, but shows us more the results of a thuggish style political party. Pelosi in a sane, and objective circumstance should not have had a chance to continue her bathroom politics.
eyeamok really wants more abuse of power here:
Why are ANY Demonrats even Allowed on these committee’s???? I could understand having one just to be bipartisan, but that should be the limit.

WE WON, YOU LOST, Get in the Back of the BUS!
The recount looks increasingly unlikely. Maverick68 still wants someone to beat up Jill Stein:
I honestly pray that someone asks this b#tch the frequency.
Of course, Freepers Arthur McGowan are hipster assholes when they go Paleo:
All grain is poison, anyway.
huckfillary read some article noting that Democrats are dumb and smelly and will never solce the problem of them being dumb and smelly
I read a good analysis of the Dems’ predicament. There is zero interest among the party leadership or grass roots to consider even marginal changes, let alone the huge fundamental ones they have to make to save the party from extinction.

They can’t even bring themselves to address simple stuff like the Snowflake Meltdown on college campuses, call off the recounts, or acknowledge the horrendous mistakes made in the campaign.

The Dims could never put together a broad populist winning national coalition like DJT did. They are the coalition of misfit toys.
You mean like 2008 and 2012?

llevrok is pretty sure Obama isn't speaking at mass shooting because Obama is so lazy. Oy.
he hasn’t said a word about the last 5 or so shootings in Nov. I wouldn’t expect him to comment here.

Now if the grounds keeper at his favorite golf course got shot, that would be different

In the truest sense of the term, he is a S.O.B. Period.
Someone brought a gun into this poor maligned pizza shop. ptsal is not helping.
need Freepers walking through those DC pizza shops and snapping photos... Nothing like a bright spot light to get some action, IMHO.
boycott on how to treat faithless electors:
Put these traitors to America in prison.

It wouldn’t break my heart if they were in body bags.
ek_hornbeck explains how Trump has to compromise now, but it's all good.
Unfortunately, Trump won't be able to accomplish anything as President if Democrats and establishment Republicans (about 80-90% of the GOP) in Congress form a united front against him, as they would do if all of his cabinet selections were along the lines of General Flynn or Steve Bannon. He needs to get at least a majority of the Paul Ryan/Mitch McConnell wing of the party on his side, which is why his cabinet picks alternate between the sort of people we would like to see and the sort of people that Paul Ryan likes to see.

Not an ideal situation, but it's realpolitik - making the best of a usually bad situation.
ecomcon is an example of trying to circlejerk yourself into relevance.
Trump won because of Free Republic.

And similar interactions on Facebook and other social networks which supplanted the brainwashing of the centralized establishment media.

I'm going with that.


  1. he hasn’t said a word about the last 5 or so shootings in Nov.

    Because he was so well received all the other times he addressed mass shooting...

    1. Yeah. I read that and all I could picture is him and plenty of other Freepers bitching about whatever he says and/or doesn't. Outside of saying he's really a Muslim but has recanted and free guns for every Christian Patriot, they'd have a problem with it.

  2. I think IllumiNaughty, max americana, eyeamok and many other freepers really are so fucked up in the head, they believe we actually elected a dictator to office.

    Why not? They believe Obama was a dictator, I guess.

    1. But this times its "their" dictator and he's going to do all the stuff they want done.

  3. Yankees laughing at fires? Suuure. More like another case of "Not us, you!" from FP. Can't say I've seen it. But I did see this from Freepers:

    To: stubernx98
    Those are not all ‘lefties”.
    It is tragic.

    6 posted on 7/24/2016, 8:08:22 PM by Innovative

    The thread then goes on to reiterate that the fire us tragic because that part of CA isn't just libs. Class. Pure class.