Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Spotlight: TigerClaws

Ever wonder who the gullible audience for fake news is?

TigerClaws has been rather a lunatic for a while. But the election seems to have sent him spiraling away from reality much further than before, and the Trump victory has not pushed him towards sanity. Used to be, he just thought everything was a false flag. Now he sees pedophiles, cannibalism, and voter fraud everywhere.

He doesn't make his own conspiracies, he relies on 4Chan and the like for that. Most of the time; sometimes he can't resist speculating. Thus, he has become the go-to Freeper for Pizzagate, though that is far from the only silliness he's pushing at the moment.
When Freepers call him out, he claims he's just sharing stuff for public interest, And while I at first thought he was super into these theories, he later says he doesn't believe any of it, but posts it to keep Freepers motivated...

Hiding your crazy behind the mask of an amoral propagandist doesn't seem like a recipe for a great self-image, but here we are.

False flag?
Tip Leads Bomb Squad To Man Suspected Of Making Bombs In Richmond Home To Harm Muslims

Read the last sentence. False flag?

How quickly will the media jump nationally to blame Trump for this? He should say, "This has nothing to do with Trumpism!"
False letter?
Father disowns his gay son in heart-rending letter after he comes out

Fake letter from drama queen seeking sympathy for political gain.
False Flag?
Six protesters were arrested in California border town.

Setting the stage for a false flag attack here soon.

It’s what kept Clinton in office for a second 4 years.
OKlahoma City, of course.
Clinton knew about McVeigh before the attack but helped him do it so he could win a second term. Hope it doesn’t come to that before next November.
All bad guys are preemptive Democrats.
Active shooter in Linden, New Jersey in custody

One less vote for Hillary.
Even when things turn out to be hoaxes, he still believes.
Teenage Girl Admits Making up Migrant Rape Claim That Outraged Germany

I’m sure the government had no interest in finding out the truth here.

Remember, Hillary told us to ALWAYS believe the victim...
Protester at Trump rally was unarmed and had no violent plans. Maybe a dry run assassin?
If he is a Clinton operative, this might have been a dry run.

What did they learn?

1. How Trump would react?

2. How his typical crowd would react?

3. How his Secret Service would react?

They learned the Trump crowd reacted quickly, altered the SS (”Gun!”), tackled the guy.

A Hinkley-style ‘lone wolf’ setup won’t work with a Trump rally.

So they’ll probe for other weaknesses.
You know what's awesome? Poverty! So he's an asshole as well as a crazy person.
Free rent via Section 8. Free Obama phones. Free groceries. Free healthcare. Free schools. Free breakfast and lunch for their kids. Free pre-school.

Yep. Sounds pretty easy to me...
Not a fan of Kasich:
Kasich needs to retire. NO MORE CUCKSERVATIVES!
Kasich: Gay pedo.

He into guys or the under-18ers as well?
Tim Kaine: Gay.
Gay boy messed up big.

They want this closet case as POTUS because they’ve got him under their thumb.
"I get away with the occasional Conspiracy post..."
I get away occasionally with ‘conspiracy theory’ posts. I do them maybe 1/10 posts and do have a bit of a track record. Know they aren’t for everyone and respect the Mods here to weed out my b.s.

Occasionally the ‘right wing nut jobs’ come up with some good finds!
Hastert proves pedophiles can happen in Washington, so why not a massive conspiracy?
Hastert was Speaker of the House. Leading Republican. Pedophile.

Do you think the people who voted for him KNEW this when they voted for him? Was he that good hiding it?

Go look at the video of Spirit Cooking. Tell me THAT is normal behavior. Podesta was, what? 50,000 votes from being Chief of Staff for President Hillary Clinton.

You’re experiencing Cognitive Dissonance. You’ve limited your mind within certain parameters to create a comfort zone for your life. We all do.

Now that you’ve been exposed to the truth you’re rejecting it because you really don’t want to believe the people who rule over us are capable of these terrible deeds. But they are.

Wikileaks has exposed much.

More will be exposed.

We can’t rely on the MSM or FBI, as we’ve seen.

Citizen journalists and leakers are the new protectors of our Republic. They got Trump elected.
Something about the Podestas kidnapping some girl? Or assassinating Scalia, it's not clear.
Latest is “insider FBI sources say” the podesta brothers were in Portugal at the time of her disappearance.

Interestingly Clement Freud, friend of Podesta and later revealed as a child pedo, invited the parents to stay at his house following the abduction per Daily Mail.
Is Pizzagate really about cannibalism?
Another theory on what happened to the victims.

With Pizzagate we have focused on child sexual abuse primarily relating to Pizzagate, but let’s not forget where we started on the Podesta Wikileaks and the occult: Spirit Cooking.

Tony Podesta had a piece of ‘art’ that had long pigs with faces of humans instead of the pigs. Go (and it’s graphic) search “long pig art” and see what you find.

Other images at the Spirit Cooking parties were of people eating cakes that were shaped like full life humans as well as actual cannibalism ‘art pieces’ such as human heads popping out of tables and human bodies mixed with food.

We also found out that John Podesta spent summers while attending Georgetown Law School not clerking for high-paying D.C. law firms but... slaughtering pigs.

Is Pizzagate really about cannibalism?

Would explain a good use for a 1,000 degree pizza oven.

Explains the cages we saw in the back room at Comet. Explains all the food talk and talk substituting people for food (pizza, hot dogs).

Also remember Sir Clement Freud was a ‘celebrity chef.’

WARNING: Searching for “Long Pig Art” leads to GRAPHIC IMAGES you will not want to see. SICK material out there.
VIDEO: Bill Clinton's Hand Trembles at Iowa Rally
LIBS! Stop the mental rape!! LIBS!!
All the libs say this, but never deliver.

THEY are the real enemy of our country. They spit out vile anti-American sentiment, rape the young physically and mentally, allow invaders to come in, spend us into oblivion, and need to be pushed aside.

Trump's gonna win so many blacks!
He’s polling 25% of the black vote.

There’s a reason ALL the networks and newspapers in the country are attacking Trump non-stop. He can destroy the Uniparty and create a new coalition of Reagan Democrats, conservatives, and young people suffering under the Obama recession.

Exciting times!
Muslims can't handle Democracy, and deserve dictators.
George W. was delusional to think that with Saddam gone the Iraqis would embrace freedom. Their Muslim ideology is anti-democratic. The choice is secular dictator or religious dictator. Take your pick.

I’d prefer the secular dictators.
Of course, he's one of those guys...
American women = the problem.

Sorry gals!
Trump should stack the Supreme Court to get his agenda through!
The USSC can also be stacked. The number of justices is not set in stone. 5 new Trump justices could ‘evolve’ on many issues and interpretations in a conservative manner.
Jon Stewart - part of the Vast Liberal Conspiracy:
Jon Stewart has Dem operatives providing him “comedy.”. It’s all coordinated. He’s the youth wing of the DNC disinformation campaign.
Anonymous says recounts will only help Trump!
Trump won the popular vote, except for all the fraud, according to these legit websites.
"Can't do voter fraud - tonight was Pizzagate!"
TigerClaws, I have heard the 5 states referenced before as the ones she stole...Do you know which ones are the five??

I don’t.

Spent the day on pizza gate instead.

Let me know if you find out. I think a link is mentioned in my comment 50.
Scalia murdered, of course.
Anyone see this info on Scalia being murdered? [Broken Link]
Is Assange an imposter, or a lady?
Not seen for 30 days or so in person.

He (?) did a phone interview this weekend and mentioned Castro’s death. But some think it’s an imposter and some think the CIA actually has him in custody.
Assange wants us to believe, don't believe he doesn't!
Assange has released some more Wikileaks and is asking people to stop spreading rumors originated by Alex Jones.

That’s a whole lot of denial in one article. Smells like Fake News.
Liberals are the ones that don't care about truth.
You have to consider to leftists there is no TRUTH. There is only the narrative. The narrative is the economy is great. The narrative is we are defeating ISIS.

Don’t confuse them with facts. The truth is what they SAY it is and if you question that you are engaging in ‘fake news’ or you are a racist.
Conspiracy Theories may be lies, but if they further the goal of beating liberals, who cares?
You’re Republican, I’m assuming, so we’re on the same team. I’ve been fighting the fight for decades.

We need to fight to WIN.

If you saw a video of a partial birth abortion (baby murdering basically), you’d say there’s no way any society would allow something so inhumane. It’s inconceivable that a moral and just people would allow its most innocent to be butchered.

Happens every day and Democrats like Hillary are perfectly fine with that.

We need to treat these people for what they are: A clear and present danger to our Republic.

Anyone who supports or associates with them must be destroyed. Take off the gloves.

That’s what Trump is all about. WINNING.

Once they are under our heel we can talk about what’s fair and reasonable. Until then, we must expose their darkness to the light. People will know what to do. Truth will come out and we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
Yeah, fuck truth, all that matters is the movement.
It’s the right wing version of Black Lives Matter.

Sure, might be hit or miss on the truth, but it keeps the base motivated. 30-40 million views on YouTube right now.

Anyone who affiliates with Podesta and Hillary are worthy of serious investigation. When they can’t get a table at any restaurant in D.C. or New York, our job will be done.  
Trotsky's got nothing on these guys.


  1. Quit posting the "F" word on here! Ya'll
    are NOT like DU, are you?

    Also, go to PAYPAL and donate to the
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    1. Here on a thread about a guy molesting and murdering his girlfriend's 21 month old daughter,
      TWINKIE offers these words of sexual perversion ...

      "Men tend to be rather gullible and think if a piece of tail LOOKS clean; then she’s clean. They can’t fathom that they are sleeping with EVERY hairy ape that she has opened her legs to for years."

      Oh yes TWINKIE, you sick pervert ... I'm sure that 21 month old girl seduced that poor "gullible" man into molesting her!

  2. "... people eating cakes that were shaped like full life humans ..."

    Case solved! Ginger bread men are SATANIC !!!

    "Once they are under our heel ..."

    Yeah, nothing NAZI about that, Tiger Claws.

  3. You have to consider to leftists there is no TRUTH. There is only the narrative.
    George W. was delusional to think that with Saddam gone the Iraqis would embrace freedom. Their Muslim ideology is anti-democratic.

    Then you should have listened to the "libs" who marched by the hundreds of thousands for years who were trying to tell you that.

    The truth was overturning the Middle East was a bad idea. The narrative was, we're spreading freedom, and freedom is on the march.

  4. And:

    AnotherUnixGeek: Liberals live in bubbles. Conservatives aren't that fragile.

    Pretty funny coming from someone on a site where opinion and content are locked down so tightly that anything straying from their narrative gets deleted and banned.