Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Spotlight: ColdOne

A woman living in Iowa, where apparently she gets cold. ColdOne is also convinced that reality is one big conspiracy. Not assassinating people, or controlling the population, or molesting pizzas. Well, those too, but also it's all a conspiracy to convince people to be liberal. And Obama? He's about as evil as opposite day - everything is says means the opposite. Also, all famous black people are secretly angry racists working for Obama, though some hide it well.

Like many Freepers - particularly women - that live in middle America, she's super afraid about sharia law coming out of nowhere and hijabing her or something. And like many Freeper women, she's a member of the 'yeah, I hate women too' club.

Also thinks using 'pfft' to be dismissive sounds a lot smarter than it is.

Reporting on Trump's discussion of shooting judges sure came out fast! CONSPIRACY!
It was really, really fast response. It was for sure the fastest one I have seen. I bet they have had discusion groups and a binders full of responses to go after Trump. Just like in football, the coach has all the plays for certain downs etc.

I bet teamhil has one too.
Her dad was all about killing people.
My Father had a saying he used often, first shot between the eyes...a warning shot.
Obama warns Islamic State leaders 'you are next'
since everything he says is a lie, he must be ready to give them more military gear.
Yeah, her opposite day thing gets really petty.
FNC: Eric Holder presser in 30 minutes

I don’t believe him anymore. They all lie all the time so why isn’t this one as well?
More childlike instincts.
Obama bows to Boehner; jobs speech will be Sept. 8

I am happy about this.....yet I do no trust White House, they gave in to easy.
Spike Lee doxxing some random family? That was an Obama plot.
Spike Lee Settles With Family Forced to Flee Home

Wow amazing how quickly this happened? Internal polling from WH for this issue must not be good. I noticed this isn’t really front page issue on the usual websites of late.
Obama in the media? Every day will be opposite day!
So he will be Pravda on steriods. Goelbels would be proud. Where did he get the money to do this? Hmmmm?
Literally everything the left says is a lie because they are so wrong.
Everything the left uses is propaganda. They gotta keep the truth quite all the time. They cannot survive with the main reason Trump won, he tells the truth, not afraid to do so either.
Not paying any attention to the words being said
Gov.-elect Jerry Brown: Taxes need to be raised, services cut and belts tightened.

Ever notice this bunch..NEVER STOPS SPENDING MONEY?
It just takes one same sex commercial to ruine TV
I hadn’t watched tv in a while....the other day was watching a bit of football....fell out of my chair when Zales had a same sex commercial. Turned of tv right after that.
The Pope and John Kerry. So much to hate, so little time.
Geez...........suprised the place didn’t catch on fire from a major lighting bolt when these two came into the room. commie meeting another one.
Soon Obama is gonna take over law enforcement.
They think they have problems now....just wait until USgov/teamobama federalizes the police. Obamalaw coming to your town soon.
That was in August of this year. And she's still humping that Obama paranoia.
The next 50 days will be obamas worst pain to us. He is dangerous now more than ever.
Chris Rock is secretly super gangsta.
Watched a old tape we had from the Playboy channel of Chris doing a comedy bit before he was famous. He was pure racist and gangsta then. So you may be right.
The real reason Obama went to Cuba:
I think his main reson to visit there was just for that Che photo-op. He has it all over the WH I bet right now. In his private residence and in his wallet. It will be the first thing you see at his prez library.
Obama is super unimportant. Now let me make up what I bet he's doing right now....
Gotta wonder what is going on inside of his brain right now. What is going on in valjars office.....he must be stamping his feet up and down throwing a hissy fit.

It is wild to see how him and his ilk think they are so important. They spewed nothing but lies for 7.6 years.....

I know they don’t think they did it the right way, we are the ones who are wrong. Mental illness is what libs are.
More imagining Obama's misery.
Meanwhile at White House................ashtrays and bongs being tossed across the room.

That transparency speech bam will give in Fl this week....wanna bet he mentions jobs that he has created?
OK, a little pizzagate. The gay guy who owns a store near the pizza store was once photographed with Barney Frank!!!
Oh my....Frank too...OK the pizza story for me just got a bit more true.
Romney polling badly in 2012 was fake.
This is all part of the re-elect plan. Try do demoralize us. The numbers are not real. Just like unemployment numbers, housing numbers etc. Nothing is real with this bunch.
Of course Romney nowadays...
NO....never trust mittens, ever. What he did to Trump during the election cycle was horrible. traitor, globalist. NO>
Women have ruined things.
I was going to post something like.....women have ruined things.....I am female. I will go get my flamesuit out of the closet now.
Gitmo prisoners like it there! Pfft.
Pffft. Really? Geeze....I bet they wanted Trump. Killary would have released them if jugears doesn’t before he leaves.

They live the good life in that place.
Iran might cancel the deal that keeps it from going nuclear. Pfft.
What deal Iran? You are going to give all that cash back? Pfft.
Michael Moore.
Trump calls Taiwan. Pfft. obama minions are going to lose their minds over this one. China will be upset and all that. Pfft.
CNN Calls Donald Trump a 'Turd Tornado.' Pfft.
Stay classy Cnn. Pfft.....childish. Just like #nevertrumpers.
Secretary of State Kerry on Israel-Palestine peace. Pffft
Gee never fails...they always accuse people of what they say. does that make sense? KERRY IS A OBSTACLE TO PEACE..SO IS VALJAR AND TEAMOBAMA/SOROS. Pffft....hey kerry, name one time the palis have been nice to Israel.....just one time, please.

Sharia doesn’t place nice with anyone.
Kerry is an obstacle to peace. Also, peace with sharia is impossible. Pffffffffffff.....
Pfft..................if sharia takes over you know we won’t have to worry about Boy and Girl Scouts anymore.
sharia types.
You know everyday items......well for sharia types.
Armed man takes 7 people hostage in Paris travel agency
i bet it is sharia.
sharia and Hillary.
If hillary and sharia types were left alone in the same room....would she still have her head on? Will sharia types let the WH still stand if they take over?
hillary White House woulda meant sharia America. For sure.
One thing I know for sure.....if hil gets WH sharia won’t tolerate trans.
Pentagon plans to hold Gay Pride month event, ends America.
that is it, stick a fork in us we are done!
the day this country officially died.
February 13th 2016.....the day this country officially died. :(
What happened that day? Scalia died.
Court died on Feb 13th 2016. We all did as a nation. It was official on that sad day. Cried for days.
Obama crying at gun deaths? WRONG GUN DEATHS!


  1. I totally believe in Pizzagate.

    I ordered a well-done small cheese, extra sausage and extra sauce....the delivery guy dropped off a black transgendered child who smacked me in the face!

  2. I don't think ColdOne named herself after where she lives, I think she is describing her vag. Donald Trump would get frostbite is he grabbed that pussy, ha ha.

    Anyone else notice how many many freeper girls seem to have daddy issues?
    I think that Trump's violent asshole tendencies tend to remind them of their own fathers.

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    1. Pbbbbt.... POMF

  4. Are prepositions a liberal plot too? Because she sure seems to not like them.

  5. "Bristol Palin pregnant for the third time"

    This FR thread (77 replies) was pulled by JimRob himself, with no reason stated. If anybody can do a "wayback machine" search for it, I am sure you can find a ton of Palin sassery that got even too much for FR.

  6. I don't know why he pulled it. This is his opportunity to underscore just how God, country, and family!

    That sentence deliberately had no predicate.

    1. I figure they would be happy seeing how as she's married to the guy and making more white babies

  7. Great, now we have spammers rather then a shitty troll?