Thursday, December 8, 2016

Palin, Trump, and the Carrier deal

This was initially linked to me with some excitement of how Freepers were going to take Their Sarah criticizing Their Trump.

Turns out Freepers don't really care much about Sarah anymore, and so while there are a few spats over Palin, mostly what we have is Freepers' take on 'crony capitalism' i.e. when they don't like the pro-market policies of the entire post-Reagan GOP. Yeah, Trump lied about the numbers in the deal, yeah he's taking credit for crap he really didn't have a hand in, but Freepers were post-fact before post-fact was cool.
What is cool is watching the crazy spinning of Freepers to rationalize Trump's ideological careening as actually super conservative.

Candor7 explains that America is in crisis, so we have to stoop to radical..pragmatism?
This article is right ideologically but wrong in terms of where we are.

We are indesperate times. America is almost destroyed economically.

Now Trump will makes intervention to bring America a back to an operating mass in its economy. This promotes a positive atmosphere for business and its associated risk taking.

So as far as ideology goes which is not far enough, the pragmatic will now jump start the nation.Tell us what to do, not what NOT to do. Policy needs to be applied. Ideas alone will not get the job done.
VanDeKoik thinks the key is to adopt those radical Democrats' sinister moderation and incrementalism:
Democrats go in to get individual slices until they get the whole loaf.

The right demands the entire bakery on day one, and if they don’t get it, they will choose to starve rather than sully themselves with getting anything less.

And then we wonder why we have little to show in 25 years of complaining.
wrench has turned on Sarah:
Sorry Sarah, you just don’t get it.

Maybe your future is in judging beauty pageants.
vette6387 starts a super duper lame flame war because he doesn't understand how text works, I guess?
The author is Sara Palin.

No it is not! Gov. Palin’s picture is with her name at the top of the article.
Sacajaweau is similarly super dismissive of poor Sarah:
Sometimes Palin should just keep her mouth shut. She’s not helping herself. She needs to run a local radio station in Alaska.
And Nextrush will defend her in similarly empty terms. Meh.
I don’t have time for Sarah Palin smears.....Is that you Mitt?
bert explains that this isn't crony capitalism, it's Trump using his influence as President elect to help out a business man he knows!
Business is done by people, not companies. That is, business is done by people not companies.

The term crony capitalists is sour grapes and anguish by those who have no ability to do anything but carp.

It is likely that Trump knows the Chairman of United technologies and called him on the phone. His message, we need a little help in Indiana. Are you counting on the military contracts for next year?
Like that first paragraph's unintended repetition.

New Jersey Realist is sure whatever deal Trump made, he won't be picking winners like that Obama did!
No special deals like Obama made. We don’t have the details of the Carrier deal but I am sure it will be available to every company. That crap about too big to fail, taxpayer bailouts has to go.
CodeToad really shows how crony capitalism just means 'capitalism we don't like.'
Palin is claiming that NAFTA isn’t crony capitalism when it is.
trisham thinks the solution to the whole thing is for no one to ever object to Trump:
I love Sarah, but some things are best discussed privately.
donna seems to have stumbled into anarcho-capitalism or something?
If she wants to go there, then why does the government even allow corporations to exist?

It’s just a way to run businesses without the personal responsibility of ownership of the business. A way for the rich to avoid going bankrupt when their corporation goes bankrupt.
I am always impressed when Freepers like McGavin999 correct a truly wrong Freeper by somehow being even more wrong:
Bribes to specific companies fail on two different Constitutional issues...1) equal protection under the law, and 2) unfair interstate commerce. The first applies if the specific company is domiciled in the state offering the bribe. The second applies if the specific company is domiciled in another state.

What happens within Indiana is NONE of your business. Who are you Bernie Sanders?


  1. I remember when such Sarah Palin sassery would bring down the wrath of onyx and the harpies on their heads.

    1. She's last weeks news, Trump is the new Messiah.

  2. "We are in desperate times. America is almost destroyed economically."

    Yeah, maybe if you live in Bumfucksville, Pennsyltucky and weren't smart enough to change with the times, the economy is "almost destroyed".

    1. $2.00/gallon gas, 4.9% unemployment, Dow Jones at 19,500. Totally decimated economy. Thank God for Donald J Trump.

    2. Put another needle in your arm, Feepers. The methadone clinic will be there, when you're ready to admit you need help...that is, unless your hero Trump has cut funding for it.