Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Towed_Jumper pays attention to the important detail in a recent tragedy:
Nine clubbers are killed and another 13 are still missing after massive fire breaks out [tr]

From the pictures it appears they are all Democrats.
Aevery_Freeman explains that if Jesus isn't white, he's Obama:
The ultimate goal here is to replace the current Jewish Jesus with the black one, Obama.

If this is condoned then what tenets of Christianity will be considered sacrosanct?

Certainly not the sanctity of marriage, the prohibition of same-sex union or the sin of covetousness - all foundational pillars of the DemonRat party.

Never give an inch!
blackberry1 is trying to make Alt-left a thing to refer to...everyone not Freepers, naturally.
Please don’t use the term main stream media anymore. You only give credence to an extreme leftist ideology that has infested itself in you media organs everyday Americans have watched for years.

ABC, NBC, CBS are not mainstream anymore. They are Alt-Left in ideology and motivation. Their intend on brainwashing of the average viewer.

Trump has called them out and you will see a pitched battle over the next four years over exactly this issue. Main Stream Media is dead. We should stop using the term completely.
sbark is sure he wouldn't be allowed to protest, because he's not a Communist:
If any of us “locals” ventured on Army Corp. land, let alone defile it like these eco-terrorists are.......we’d already be in jail ****

Another case of the Obama Admin flaunting written rule of law to the advantage of their “commrades”
who knows what evil? is pretty smug:
Don’t cry, sissy progressive libs...conservatives made it thru eight years of Zero (with guidance from the Lord)’ll make it thru eight years of Trump and eight years of Pence. :-)
PGalt also cares more about revenge than policy:
secretary of state

Leave the position vacant.

drpix is just calling everything fake news now:
Trump’s Taiwan phone call was long planned
“The Washington Post” is the last newspaper Trump or his “insiders” would confide in or even give any scope. Just 6-months ago he revoked their press credential because they were “dishonest” and “phony.”

Nothing but more “fake news” by a paper that made itself irrelevant to all but delusional liberals who live on a diet of fabrications.
Arthur McGowan...wut?
Friedan, born Feb. 4, 1921.

Lenin, died Jan. 24, 1924.

Filthy pedophile!
VideoDoctor explains how smart Trump is:
There will be NO trade war.

First.. no Country can really afford it.

Secondly.. Trump is smart enough to avoid anything that lasts longer than 30 days.
Helicondelta seems to think tariffs are an executive power:
“But I seriously doubt that he will get his 35%”

He can do it with the stroke of a pen.
Machavelli has found an Iranian-American. But then Freepers don't believe in hyphenated Americans. So...
Is Kerry’s son in law an Iranian? That could explain some of his treasonist actions.
After the North Carolina governor's race, Impy has embraced partisanship over anything functional as well:

It’s the duty of every Republican in office in NC to make Coooper’s life a living hell. Make him regret the day he was born let alone decided to run for Governor. Investigate it every time he so much as breaks wind. Find something to impeach him on if you can.
A lot of Freepers are freaking out about the electoral college going faithless. boycott is in full assassination mode:
I’ve got news for you. Hillary Clinton will not win this way. It would not be considered the legitimate government by most of our nation’s producers. It would be by far the worst years (if that long) of her life.
Regulator is still freaking out about Jill Stein's recount. Commie plot, I guess?
If anyone thought these deranged Bolsheviks were gonna give up easily, you can see the reality

She is trying to gut the system until she can force it to tip over

Alinsky crap
AuntB on the latest protest that is totally real:
Other pro Trump folks are nailing HUGE blue tarps to the top of their roofs with expressions like, “President Trump”...’We stand by Pres. Trump’, etc.

The cretins are too lazy to climb to your roof to take them down and it gives all the drones something to look at!

Tarps for TRUMP!
Freepers are split on the latest police shooting. Dusty Road is in the fact-free blacks are always guilty camp:
“Man who was shot in the back as he was fleeing.”

That would be a fleeing felon shot in the back. Should have shot him in the face when he was fighting the officer.
gaijin doesn't even break stride on the pizzagate shooter:
Fake news.

He’s an actor.

He never opened fire.

This is an orchestration designed to make ANY claim about Pizzagate SEEM nutty.
mdmathis6 may want to check who keeps talking about secession and the Confederacy these days...
So the Democrats want to secede that worked so well for them in the 1860’s.....! 
unlearner knows you need to kill the gays because of how uppity they get:
This is why homosexual sex is called a capital crime in the Old and New Testaments. Homosexuals who demand their “rights” never stop demanding more and more. They demand privacy to commit their crimes. Then they demand to publicly promote it. Then they demand everyone applaud it. Then they demand children. Then they demand to fine and imprison anyone who disagrees. Soon, like the males of Sodom did, they will be beating down doors, demanding to rape any new flesh that comes along. It will only end with war or Divine retribution.
Kudsman is fooling no one:
Make discriminating tastes great again.


  1. You think Trumpies were crazy before the election?
    They're getting even crazier since the election.

    People are up in arms about all the "billionaires" that Trump is naming to cabinet posts, but the silver lining there is that billionaires in general don't really care about social conservatives' issues.

  2. "ABC, NBC, CBS are not mainstream anymore. They are Alt-Left in ideology and motivation."

    Anypne else noticed this ever increasing usage of the term Alt-left with Freepers since they've embraced calling themselves Alt-right? I don't know of any progressives calling themselves Alt-left.

    Divert power from the deflector dish! Projectors to full power!