Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The government will kill you

What is The #1 Cause of Unnatural Death in History? Unnatural does a lot of work, there. It's between murder, car accidents and war. Guess who wins?

Defiant thinks we were far better off as cavemen.
That’s just since 1900. Between Romans, Mayans, Mongol Emperors, Muslim caliphs, Russian tsars, Spanish kings and conquistadors, and Chinese warlords, I’d guess the number is a lot higher. It’s amazing the species has survived the invention of government.
matt04 wants to add some counterfactuals about supposed government inaction.
Can we include Malaria with government deaths, since they banned DDT?
Old Yeller is enjoying some martyr fantasies:
The way it’s going, that’s how I expect to die.
Elsie is just a bit pro-life.

55 MILLION and counting...

More will be CHOICED to death today (and tomorrow and Friday...) than were killed on 9/11.

Way to please GOD; America!
"Way to please GOD; America!" Is an amazing quote.

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  1. Somebody needs to tell Elsie that GOD; America! probably aborted all my fetuses, because I never bore a child. Sorry for displeasing you, God. Tell Elsie to kiss my ass.