Thursday, December 22, 2016

North Carolina shows us how Republics Due

I've taken Trump's naked corruption more or less in stride. America has had Presidents more interested in lining their own pocket than governing before, though not when we were a superpower. Still, completely survivable.

But I find myself getting quite concerned by the news out of North Caroline, where Republicans have responded to losing the governorship by stripping the governor of most of his powers, and setting it up so they run election oversight in the state from here on out. And they're not even hiding it. AND there's honestly very little functional pushback.

There is little comfort that it's all well within the letter of the law. Republics run on norms as well as laws. Kill the norms and the laws can be used to destroy the Republic. And that is where North Carolina is. Not even pretending to treat their political opposition as legitimate.

Freepers love it, of course. And if you know Freepers, you know how they rationalize it - Democrats want to do worse to us!

WENDLE urges more lashing out at horribly hypothetical liberals:
Screw democraps before they screw US!!
Never strongly teathered to reality, Da Coyote seems to think this is something Democrats actually do:
Always, ALWAYS, treat slime like it treats us.

Eat Obamastuff, liberals.

And enjoy it.
fortheDeclaration just declares the election rigged, allowing any and all tactics:
Amazing how the State voted for a GOP President and Senator and then a Democrat Governor.

Quite suspicious.
Hacksaw holds North Carolina legislators responsible for the free market warding coroporations away from a lunatic state
What do the Dems expect after they tried to economically destroy the state for keeping men out of the ladies room?

There is no compromising with these creatures.
LouieFisk also seems to think Democrats did this first:
Good for the goose, good for the gander.
Vinnie reaches back 30 years to find something Dems did that was much more trivial, albeit petty:
This is payback.
Some years ago, 1985, Jim Martin was elected Governor, first Repub in many many years.
The then Dim State legislature stripped the Governor of power to appoint and other things prior to the inauguration.
Impy knows true patriotism is all about trying to attain a one-party state. Historically, always the key to freedom!
Commies pledge to sue.

Sentient herpes blister and RINO/DEM operative John Weaver calls it “Banana Republic behavior”. I call it patriotism, and necessary.
GOPsterinMA revels in ignoring civilization and society:
This is how things get done in Trumpland: Even if you lose, you win.

And inflict the maximum amount of pain as possible on your enemies.

It’s called “winning”. Get used to it.



  1. North Carolina is one of the most gerrymandered states in the union.

    No surprise they'd engage in legislative baby-play like this.

  2. And their fake Triangle Park-Raleigh-Durham yuppity barely masks what a bunch of racist shitbirds the whole rest of the state is.

  3. I must have missed it - were Freepers this upset when one of their dingleberry Trumpers was ejected from a Delta flight for asking if there were any "Hillary bitches" on board? Oh, the fake outrage over this affront to Princess Ivanka. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Bannon staged the whole thing.

  4. Hey now, I want to keep the democrats on, in the role of the Washington Generals! Happy New Year.