Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday Pix

"Should I go petty or apocalyptic with my next meme...I know, lets jam them together!"
Fake News doesn't use the magic word.
Dante's inferno was a documentary!
Say Freepers who want to sue every liberal for everything.
When you watch too many lame sitcoms before starting your political propaganda.
Yes, everyone is the same except Trump.


  1. Even if Trump stays around for more than a year without quitting in a petulant huff, I predict that he will be such a disappointment that we will begin to see "A Day in the Life of Donald Trump" safe-space threads where the true worshippers will gather with no critical posts of Donald allowed.

  2. Oakland warehouse/"rave" fire (maybe 40+ dead)...
    Here's one example thread.

    Lots of typical freeper assholery, but, surprisingly, some good sincere sympathy too.

    There're a few other threads on the topic too, all about the same.

  3. Replies
    1. The whole anti-Palin thing is somewhat refreshing ... I hope to see a few battle-royales between the loyal Palin lovers and the Trump-lovers who are feeling ballsy enough to call her out these days.