Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

Weekend content may be a bit spotty over the holidays, but I'll do what I can.

jsanders2001 is pretty sure Obama made an Evil Race...?
Trump Will Turn America Into ‘Racist Police State’

Trump is too late. Obama already did it the past 8 years. Actually he created the racial divide between good and evil people and he and his kind are definitely on the evil side .
jsanders2001 was on fire this week. Here's some paranoia about Nazi/Muslim Common Core wherein New Math is secretly brainwashing:
MuzzieCore. Ve vill indoctrinate your children to hate you and invite us into your homes to keel you. 
That about sums up what I think Common Core’s secondary goal is other than to follow orders without question (brainwashing children to follow the government’s orders; probably) using instructions that make absolutely no sense and take the long way on solving math problems. their primary goal seems to be to screw up children’s minds so they believe all this socialistic PC bull$hit...
jsanders2001 has had it with multimillionaires. Bring in the billionaires - they're the real producers!
The liberals/democrat are going cray because of all the "billionaires" and generals Trump is nominating !

Well all those loser multimillionaires before them weren't doing their job. 
Now that we have givers instead of takers with proven track records on how to run a business instead of stealing from it and bankrupting it we might get some traction and pull America out of the proverbial ditch.
Defiant wants Trump's cabinet to be built entirely on spite.
An Exxon guy would be great just to see liberals go bat quano crazy.
Democrat_media continues to only care that Trump makes liberals sad:
I love that President Trump picked an Exxon ceo, a global warming denier to head the EPA, and Betsy Devos a billionaire woman that wants to privatize the dreadful government schools! This will make democrats/liberals go bat guano crazy and they are on yahoo - and I'm giving it to the liberals there on yahoo message boards!

Best night of my life is when Trump won the election!

The liberals/democrat are going cray because of all the "billionaires" and generals Trump is nominating !
So it seems Democrat_media has been spending all his time not on Freep trolling Yahoo and then going back to Freep to gloat. Sad!
The liberals/democrat are going bat guano crazy on the Yahoo message boards because of all the “billionaires” and generals Trump is nominating ! I’m giving them hell!
billorites thinks our new Secretary of State is gonna be as tough as a Seinfeld character:
What's my problem, punks like you, that's my problem.
And you better not screw up again Putin, because if you do,
I'll be all over you like a Pit Bull on a Poodle.
No idea where Tucker39 gets this bit of worshipful insight:
As I watched and listened to Mr. Tillerson I thought, “LBJ, but born again and walking in the Holy Spirit.” What an excellent individual for POTUS Trump to work and rub shoulders with.
Awgie is just so proud of her cultish hosanna:
A Team of SUPERHUMANS! Americas real AVENGERS. Something to Marvel at.
VanDeKoik calls all Freepers not loving Trump's cabinet conspiracy theorists.
Pray she has nothing to do with curriculum
She is cluless.
The FR conspiracy loons are a bigger PITA than the left these days.

Frankly if Trump nominated this guy, he would swear he was part of the NWO. He is just that committed.
JennysCool lets her spite fuel her optimism:
I honestly cannot wait to hear the libs’ impotent, irrelevant whining when the American economy is going through the roof, jobs are plentiful, and people are happier than they have been since the late 80’s. And I think that’s coming sooner than most of us realize.
Protect the Bill of Rights can't stop thinking about how much he's not thinking about Obama.
I just know stompy foot thought he would be the center of attention as he prepared to leave office, perhaps even planning a goodbye version of his Greek (or Roman, I forget) appearance we barfed through 8 years ago.

Not “all about me” anymore.

Love it!!
NKP_Vet, on the other hand, does not like the paucity of Freeper-types in Trump's cabinet:
Trump’s nominee for Sec of Labor is a worthless globalist who has said time and again that illegals make better workers than Americans. His thinking is totally opposite of Trump’s.

Lou Dobbs, who is a huge fan of Trump, opened his show tonight raising hell about the obvious Paul Ryan pick for Sec of Labor. Ann Coulter and countless others have slammed the pick.

Trump has made some good picks and some God-awful ones. Nikki Haley is an open borders globalist and McMorris Rodgers despised from day one and still does, Shes the female version of Paul Ryan. Now she’ll be the new Sec of the Interior. Looks to me like Trump is adding to the swamp instead of draining it. Too many globalists surrounding him.
jetson doesn't quite understand the popular vote:
Just admit it Barry, The majority don’t like you or Hillary.
CGASMIA68 is pretty sure everyone wants to kill MSNBC hosts as much as he does:
Well, if Trump can get rid of ass wipes like [Chris] Hayes then I’m all for it.

Hayes and Madcow are dangerous people. I am sure neither one spends any time in public as that would be dangerous for them
Zakeet is kinda hoping Hillary stays around for Freepers to hate:
On one hand, given her state of health, I doubt if Granny Pickles will still be around in 2020 ... on the other hand, the Donks have a bad habit of voting for old zombies like her ... and she is one of Satan's own.
mazda77 is so committed to his anti-Soros propaganda, he's sure Israel wants to execute Soros, on account of him being a Nazi and all:
Don’t need to extradite Soros. Just offer him up as a swap for Snowden. Then figure out a way to drop him off at the security checkpoint at the Tel Aviv airport while in transit to Russia. Given Jorge Schwartz’s admitted crimes against the Jews in Hungary and collaborating with the Nazi’s, they too would have a peaked interest to have him join the likes of Himmler.
Diana in Wisconsin hates how everything is so political these days - probably a Communist plot!!
I’ve never LIVED through a time when anything and EVERYTHING was so politicized!

And THAT did NOT happen by ACCIDENT! Review, ‘The Communist Manifesto’ or any of their other playbooks...

All by design, Comrade. All. By. Design.

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  1. I do not want to trivialize in any way the suffering of Syrian civilians. That being said, have Freepers not yet figured out who the Empire is and who the rebellion is? Or do they just not care?
    Putin Goes to War… Tells Terrorists, You’re About “to Feel It”

    And do they really not know geographically that Benghazi is not in Syria?