Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

I want the USA back is stoked for the purge Muslims:
Cower in fear, subhumans. bammy is leaving, so there is no one in the White House to protect you.
Presbyterian Reporter amusingly thinks Broadway depends on Republicans buying tickets.
I do not care if the Hamilton cast apologizes or not.

What I do care about is having conservatives attend performances of Hamilton.

Let the liberals spend their money on liberal activities and causes.

When the liberal organizations financials go sour, the organization will cease to exist.
TWhiteBear sees the pedophile conspiracy growing.
Is the New York Times collaborating with the child pornography ring?

Coverup Check:New York Times->Fail
Have a great post written about it for tomorrow. Cannot wait - it's the best crazy we've had for a while, and it shows no signs of stopping.

Well, MuttTheHoople has me pegged!
Confederate veterans - the only white males voting Democratic.
Freepers voter fraud tin foil still works in North Carolina. Timpanagos1 doesn't understand split ticket voting:
Obviously there is something nefarious going on as Trump clearly won North Carolina and North Carolina is a Republican state. There is little chance that Cooper could have won the race.

McCrory should keep fighting and fight until the Trump DoJ can step in and count the ballots to show that McCrory won.
SoFloFreeper doesn't bother to rationalize his spite:
Drag it out, McRory. Make the Demon Rats pay.
blueunicorn6 identifies the politics of a book about justice in the fact of bigotry:
Even Atticus Finch, the great Liberal literary character, knew to put down the rabid dog.
Like the reverse of blaming Obama for every hangnail, deadrock is gonna be super dumb for the next four years:
Cuba's Fidel Castro dies aged 90

All this winning.
JLAGRAYFOX has some advice for how Democrats can become popular.
The Trump effect!!! Hate America Trio, Obama, Clinton and their low life Democrat Party are gone!!! 
Keep it up, Dems you will sink even faster, come, the mid-terms of 2018, if you do not get rid of your low life progessives, your hateful media lap dogs, the CBC, The NAACP, The teacher unions, Sanders, Warren, etc. Nothing is as, dead politically as an idea that has failed and passed by its time and place!!! Heed this..or, die as a major political party in the USA!!! End of story!!! Go Donald J. Trump!!!
ZULU on Jill Stein.
For a lady in her 60s, she is damn hot looking. Her husband looks like a fat putz. If she hgot the attention she deserved, she might not be wandering around trying to screw up the election. :)
How the hell to female Freepers keep on keeping on?

HiTech RedNeck is really holy rolling these days.
I think we just saw God’s army land a major beachhead here with Donald Trump. And God doesn’t do this kind of thing in vain. 
Hang on to your spiritual hats. You’re about to see what a salvation looks like... and it’s going to run over its opponents like a Sherman tank.
RoseofTexas joins the many Freepers who credit the supernatural with Trump.
Witch almost ruined thanksgiving but God reminded us that Trump was elected through much prayer, fasting and other words God chose him to lead this with that said..

No weapon formed against him shall prosper!

NO FEARS OR WORRIES MY FRIEND! Holy anger yes..fear not!
Holy anger Yes!

nclaurel is ready to allow Trump all his extravagance while still condemning Obama by the simple expedience of making unwarranted assumptions:
Imagine Trump spent his own money to decorate in the style he wants. So unlike the Obama’s who spend our tax dollars or the grifters who spend tax free foundation money on Chelsea’s wedding and her $10 million condo. How shocking a President who respects our money.
WMarshal has come around to sounding like to Communist weirdos I knew in college:
The ultra-rich don’t have a race, they are a people apart. In the modern world of instant communication and the ability to travel between continents in under a day, a American billionaire in North Dakota has more in common with a Chinese billionaire in Shanghai, China than he does with his neighbor’s down the road.

The culture of the West and northern Europe is individualistic, egalitarian, and much harder to control in comparison to tribal societies, Asian societies, or Latn societies. Let’s face it, most extremely wealthy people got wealthy because they’re narcissistic assholes and they would be quite happy to enact genocide on uppity Northern Europeans whether they were white themselves.
Extremely Extreme Extremist is still paranoid about Hillary:

Folks, get out there and double-up on emergency supplies, ammo, and survival kits. I wasn't complacent when Trump won, I knew deep down this s--t or something far worse to Trump could happen.
bkopto defines the Alt-Right. Yeah, 'Genetic Nation' is really super subtle, guys.
TL;DR: The Alt Right is a Western ideology that believes in science, history, reality, and the right of a genetic nation to exist and govern itself in its own interests.
Yaelle is also stuck on Hillary, and how she is 'asymptotically' evil. Or will be until the Dems run somone else in 2020.
I don’t know if you’ve conversed about Hillary with a liberal. Their response to your telling them about actual felonies she’s committed sometimes is “Oh, they ALL do it. She’s no worse than any other politician.”

They don’t realize that she really, asymptotically so, is GREATLY worse than many infamously crooked politicians. They do not get it and the media made sure of that.
publius911 is indignant that anyone claims California pays more in taxes than it gets (spoilers: it does.)
Looks like CA is a giver and not a getter.

Of course the elected California Criminals would make that claim. That should make them ecstatic to quit "giving" to the Feds, and no longer claiming Federal funding for anything!

Good luck with that.
There was a mass tabbing in Ohio by a Somali student. BuffaloJack is all about that group libel:
He’s a Somali. His father probably shot a rocket at the Black Hawk Down helicopters.
healy61 does the usual Freeper dance.
The elephant in the room is that Abdul is a ardent democrat.
montag813 is joining in the Trump blackmail group. It's only getting better.
WTF is going on? Is Trump being threatened by the Illuminati unless he installs the Mormon Mason Romney into power?


  1. Zulu knows the truth. All us wimmins wouldn't be getting into public life if we just got a good deep dicking.

    And let him tell you about the lesbians...