Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

hold_muh_bier knows how women are:
Put [Laura Ingraham] on the Supreme Court.

I could live with that and even like it!

Sotomayor and Kagan would be so busy getting makeovers and dieting that they'd have no time to argue their opinions!
Between white women going for Trump and what Freeper women put up with, I'm really realizing how complacent a lot of women are with sexism.

Like MeganC is prepared to speak for all women that they should stay home and make babies:
“She should start having babies. Seriously. Most women find great satisfaction and fulfillment as mothers.”

This is so true!!!!!!!

- Megan, mother of six with one more due in June! 
HypatiaTaught explains why the new Air Force One was secretly going to go to Hillary"
At the earliest, the first of 3 planes would be delivered in 2024 which would be in the last year of the next president’s second term assuming reelection.

Ah, but the word was that if the Witch somehow got in as President of the US, she would be the last US President...
knighthawk is also sent into flights of fancy by Trump's dislike of the Presidential plane:
This Boeing was planned to have a huge photo of Hillary on the side and would have to be adapted for less mobile people and contain a hospital for her, that was why it went over budget!
epluribus_2 also, with a Pizzagate twist:
Yeah the new one was going to have a Lolita room for guests with full Pizza menu.
Pizzagate may be dead on reddit, but Freepers have yet to get that signal. Kinda like a chicken with it's head cut off, be interesting to see where it ends up in a week or so.

Obama needs to pay back all the billions of dollars he gave away out of his own pocket.
Grampa Dave explains that constant Democrat attacker Jill Stein is secretly a Democrat. And she needs to be persecuted:
Stein is a terrorist paid by the Clintoons, the DNC and George $ore$$!

She needs a complete head to anal audit by the IRS next year.
Iron Munro just kinda skips over the wars in the Middle East in order to rant about how Obama barely failed to destroy America:
Obama notes that he is poised to become the first president to serve two full terms at war.

That was his choice.

He was determined to wage his war against American patriots until we were defeated or overwhelmed by his invading hordes of Hispanic illegals and muslim jihadis.

He failed but not without causing serious damage to America.
On Pearl Harbor day, PIF creates some fake news, building on an iffy book:
As recounted (and roughly remembered) in “The Rape of Nanjing” the Chinese wished to kill all male Japanese over the age of 10 use the kids as slave labor until they dies, sterilize all the women and use them as concubines. 
That was there plan after WWII ended and wanted the US to allow it, but first a Chinese General wanted to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After he saw, he said, “You Americans do good work.” The Chinese then dropped their demand.
Freepers are all too young to have fought in WW-2, but they take to bigotry well. oldvirginian wishes for Japanese genocide:
At least the Germans took some responsibility of their actions.
The Japs never have and never will.
Sometimes I wish we had possessed enough atomic bombs to turn their homeland into an island of glass.

Then my Christian upbringing kicks in and I relent.
Augie with the usual Freeper war on the poor (because they are all lazy):
You are being far too generous with my money.

Powdered milk, powdered eggs, bread, and spam.

Don’t like to eat that stuff? Get a friggin’ job!
BenLurkin is willing to believe anything:
Democrats urge Obama to pardon 750,000 young undocumented immigrants

Treason comes naturally to Barack Hussein.

This seems entirely plausible.
heights is gonna kill him a random Democrat if this thing that isn't gonna happen ends up happening:
The electoral college should be unfaithful

If they do, I will hunt down a Democrat and **** ****
Not understanding how colonialism works, Sam Gamgee hates on the British hard on for Arabs:
Yes and the Brits celebrate that effing asshole Lawrence of Arabia. 
They have always had a hard on where Arabs are concerned. They sided against Christendom when they sided with the Turks against Russia in the Crimean. They paid tribute to the damn Barbary Pirates (to Lord Nelson's credit he was absolutely against this) while Jefferson decided enough is enough. 
Oh, yes, and being effing assholes to the ANZAC forces in Gallipolli. They also left behind weapon caches for the Arabs after they exited Palestine, and their own officers killed Jews in fighting for the Jordanians.
TomasUSMC is really fantasizing hard:
I wouldn’t be surprised if all the recounts are halted ...the dems go to sleep and then once the Justice Department is purged of all its OdumbiAltLeftRegressives, Trump comes after the democrats involved in this multistate voter fraud, WITH A BLITZKRIEG OF ARRESTS.....and maybe with help from mo and mo emails from wikileaks....those arrest will include Hillary and Odumbi.
Sivad is getting his last licks on how ugly Michelle Obama is:
Mooch is looking like the blow-up doll stocked in the diversity aisle of the adult book store.
RayChuang88 has the latest Hillary fake news:
Despite what we think about Michelle Obama, at least she didn’t have a full-scale psychological meltdown that Hillary Clinton supposedly had....
righttackle44 speaks for all Americans that Obama is a national embarrassment. Wonder what he'll think for us about Trump:
Well, the Democrats picked a guy with no business or administrative or management, and look how poor and miserable he was: an embarrassment to the nation with a wife who owe the American taxpayers millions of dollars for transportation and probably merchandise.
Most Freepers were really gracious about John Glenn's death. But he was a Democrat, so there are always a few, like sailor76, who are eager to prove their purity by calling their fellow Freepers out for not being assholes for once:
Glenn turned into a POS in the Senate

Good riddance and may he burn in Hell.

BTW I'm amazed he is being lionized here, he was no friend of ours.
Tucker39 cannot be a real person. He sounds like the satire of a bigot:
Without us buying the weekly cargo liner loads of ching-chang stuff coming to our shores, their economy would be in deep doo-doo.
Via a little numerology, who knows what evil? makes the Hitler-pot connection.
When did Colorado get so effedup? April 20th.

Hitler’s birthday, as well. What a coinky-dink.


  1. Gotta get in those last after-the-whistle hits on Obama and the Clintons. In about six weeks, Paul Ryan becomes the new Freep Enemy #1. Couldn't happen to a nicer asshole.

    1. There's going to be a lot of new enemies ...
      every time Trump does something they don't like (or doesn't do some of the dictatorial things they've been demanding), it's not going to be Trump's fault, it will be some new "enemy".

  2. I agree that some of the comments on John Glenn were uncalled for. But that was not the majority of the comments.

    1. True, true. If there is one thing left and right agree on it's the Space Race being awesome.
      I tried to acknowledge as much in my text before the comment - that this was one asshole, and that his motives were largely self-righteousness.