Thursday, December 1, 2016

Flag burning

I would not expect Freepers to be split on flag burning. They love symbols, especially our flag, and they love to disapprove of anything a protester does (now that they are no longer the protesters).

But they don't seem quite as universally gung-ho about Trump's 'strip the citizenship of flag burners' plan as I would have thought. You still have a good amount of idiots, but a bunch more seem down with the free speech thing. Times change, I guess. Now it's race and gender and cults of personality.

(Though I will note that when given a concrete liberal flag-burning villain to hate, they are much less forgiving)

Will88 demands an official message for each flag burning incident!
I’ve always opposed flag burning and denying a ‘right’ to burn the flag does not deny free speech. Require them to be more specific, specifically what are they protesting. Burning the flag could mean anything. Spell it out.
Will88 soon comes clean - he doesn't believe flag burning can ever have meaning.
Lol, what nonsense. Flag burning is not speech, but a childish and emotional hissy fit engaged in by people who express themselves through emotional outbursts and attention whore stunts.

Real free speech involves some thought and expression that can at least be heard and interpreted by whomever the protest is supposedly directed toward.

But at least you got in your silly Nazi reference in an impressive imitation of the American left.
ari-freedom has an odd definition of property that could get real Communist real fast:
The American flag belongs to America, not you. Therefore you should not be allowed to burn it just because it is not yours to burn
Wissa lays out a slippery slope for why this is dumb:
I find flag burning a deliberate attempt to incite the public.

Colin Kaepernick is inciting the public by refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Maybe we should make it illegal to sit or kneel while the national anthem is being played. While we're at it, we might as well make it law that you must put your hand over your heart during the playing of the anthem, or any time a government vehicle passes by displaying the flag. And absolutely no crossing your fingers while you do it.
castlegreyskull is feeling microagressed upon and needs a safe space:
Kneeling during an anthem is not violent or destructive. Burning a flag contains a veiled threat.
I guess not reading this thread, allendale explains that Trump's tweet was actually a plan, because America cares deeply about the flag:
Now that Trump has said this, flag burning will become the preferred ritual of the demented anti Trump Left. It will of course disgust most Americans and will be associated in their minds with the Democratic Party. The Democrats will lose even more of their traditional base. 
Trump may in fact be some sort of devious political genius.
TheConservativeBanker solves matters the Freeper way - fantasizing violence!
How about a federal statute defining beating the snot out of a flag burner as “performance art” and protected as free speech under the First Amendment?
ConservaTexan too, because Freepers think along similar lame lines:
Flag burning should be legal. Beating the crap out of a person burning the American flag should be punishable by a fine not to exceed $25.


  1. I agree that flag burning is boobish nincompoopery, as is hanging it upside down like all the alt-righters did for the last eight years.

    However, I also am surprised that quite a few trumpies came out against Donald's tweet.

  2. how did "Wissa" last so long on FR while posting somewhat reasonable comments? The sane ones usually get zotted pretty quickly..

  3. "Flag burning is not speech, but a childish and emotional hissy fit engaged in by people who express themselves through emotional outbursts and attention whore stunts."

    I'll have to remember that the next time one of these con-artists makes a video of themselves torching a UN flag and puts in on YouTube. ;)



  5. Now ya'll have gotten me EJECTED from your
    COMMUNIST BLOG with a pack of lies, I

    ANYONE who ventures over her to FM from
    FREE REPUBLIC is a glutton for punishment.

    I didn't DEMAND that ya'll donate to DOLLY;
    but ya'll SHOULD! You would feel better if
    you did.


  6. Palin slams Trump Carrier deal as 'crony capitalism'

    With this departure from the Freeper catechism create a paradox that tears at its very fabric? Or will it simply get ignored?

  7. I remember when the flag burning amendment was voted down during the Bush administration, most freeper comments were along the lines of "Good!". I was shocked! I was a young man knee-jerk in favor of it at the time, influenced in part by that delightful Simpson's parody of the 70's after school specials. ;)

    Since then, though I'm not keen on public burning of *anything* being legal, I've come to oppose such an amendment. Oddly enough the best argument I've heard on the subject came from the mouth of Martin Sheen's President Fartlett on "The Left Wing", to quote: "Is there an epidemic of flag burning going on that I'm not aware of?"

    Yeah, it's not a problem, trying to ban it is a waste of time. And likely counterproductive too, I bet loads of people, even some on the right, would burn it merely in protest of a ban being passed.

    1. Flag burners out themselves as overdramatic idiots. Letting them do so is a public service.