Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Coasts versus Flyovers

I think it's fair to say that Trump's victory has managed to make Freepers more extreme in their paranoia and violent fantasies, but not actually make them happier. Freepers' self-image of noble dissidents does not allow for victory or happiness.

And so even in the hour of their man Trump's victory, they have become desperate to pick a fight with any liberal they can. Thus, when a liberal writes about how the electoral college takes influence away from the majority of people who live on the urban coasts, Freepers do their oxy-moronic common thing: say the thesis is ridiculous, and also actually applies to liberals. Also, they would like to define America without over half of it's population.

Case and point, laxcoach is amazed at how liberals are all so unreasonable. In other news, this unreasonable article becomes reasonable if you switch it's side:
One of the most amazing things about this cycle is how the left has become so inflexible and incapable of discussion.

They really believe that anyone who disagrees is stupid, uneducated, a rube, and a racist. Their message: you are with us or we will hate you.

Meanwhile, the irony in this article is thick. You could flip everything he says over and write the exact same article about the urban areas, liberals, and democrats.

But the writer is too self centered to see that.
Secret Agent Man - liberals are all just Freepers in the mirror!
this is why you destroy evil. otherwise it thinks its good, and good is evil.
CptnObvious takes exception to the term 'flyover states.' It's a liberal term that will make liberals hated:
Flyover is a derogatory term used to look down their noses on those 'hayseeds' in the midwest and southern states. The Democrats and the Mainstream media still use it even though they've been told (through this election) that we hate it!

Keep it up Democrats/Progressives/Liberals/Anti-Americans. The hole you are digging is YUGE!
SamAdams76 is totally down with the term 'flyover states.' Also the coasts are not Real America:
Jason Aldean had a number one hit called “Flyover States” a few years back. But I’ve heard the expression before. A good song by the way.

The real America lies between the coasts and I say that as one who lives on one of those coasts. For many years, those in flyover country felt held hostage by the coasts. I guess now that things have flipped for the time being, the urbanites are not liking the shoe on the other foot.

I live and work in NYC area and I’m drowning in liberal tears. They are such babies when they don’t get their way.
dp0622, as usual, finds himself careening from one passionately right-wing position to the opposite position, also super right-wing. And he wants us to know he's smart.
I said 10 minutes ago The Hill was a good site.

I take it back. In spades.

In fact, I’ll print this article a dozen times and leave in the bathroom.

Crybaby bitches. They have ALL of the msm and cry like faggots about AM radio and FOX.

I’ve not ONCE listened to a radio talk show and stopped watching FOX 18 months ago, and I STILL voted Trump.

AND I have a college degree.
ZULU more or less lays down the Freeper thesis:
Fly over country IS America. The Bi-coastal people are the problem.
nclaurel knows middle America has been held hostage by people a lot of them voted for over the years:
We have been hostage to the likes of Carter, Clinton, Obama for years. I have been hostage to supporting lazy, demanding nonworkers eating my taxes and destroying my country for years. This idiot needs to look around at his city Detroit and see what liberals have done.

I have been forced against my will to watch half naked gays march in the street. I have been forced to use their political correctness or be vilified. Give me hardworking Christians who love the Constitution and their country any day and let me be free.
FORCED to watch gays march!

Hardastarboard has decided the REAL voice of the people is Congress, which is GOP right now, thus making America GOP forever.
The popular vote total that liberals are so fond of quoting when it meets their needs, represents just under half of the voters in America, and a lot more of the overall territory. And our lives and values matter every bit as much as the snooty elites living in their cloistered little enclaves.

The other unmentioned elephant in the room is that the US Senate, the House of Representatives and most of the state governments are controlled by Republicans, which is more indicative of the true, overall will of the people.
a fool in paradise's pile-on for wrongthink is marred by lack of clairty on what majority means.

Zero tolerance for diversity of thought.

He has naked disdain for the MAJORITY of this nation.
Wilhelm Tell finds the thesis not inflammatory enough, and so strawmans himself being called a Nazi. On a thread where people are calling the author damn near a Nazi:
The author would have written more kindly about ISIS or the Nazis. We ARE the ultimate enemy. These Marxists are as blind and as hateful and as intolerant as the Nazis or the KKK.

I grew up reading Shakespeare and Aristotle and Sun Tzu and studying real history, math and science. Things that the average snowflake could not imagine. I can also sight in a rifle. I am ready for the day when they declare that I am subhuman and should be exterminated.
goldstategop is proud of being retrograde:
I’m a Trump voter living in rural Colorado. I fit the description and my values are circa 1870. I wear them with pride.
It being Freep, kearnyirish2 would like to play one-upmanship when it comes to retrograde morality:
You’re a spring chicken; my values are more 1780 (If you don’t pay taxes, you don’t vote; we’ll leave that to those invested in this young republic...)
SkyPilot has his own persecution complex he'd like to strawman into validation:
Ringing loud and clear through his diatribe is the fact that he hates (HATES) Christianity.

I went to his facebook page, and he has a rainbow colored cathedral looking photo there. I would not be surprised if he is a homosexual, and that is where some of his hatred and anger of God and Christians comes from.
exDemMom is totally persecuted in another hypothetical reality:
Thank God Trump won. Under Hillary, we would have been looking at complete destruction of Constitutional government. I saw some leftists commenting on forums that they were looking forward to when President Hillary would start marching Conservatives off to camps.

Leftists are dangerous.
MNJohnnie is pretty sure cities are unneeded in America:
The suburbs and rural parts of blue states are red, too.

How much would the tall blue towers be missed?

Considering the blue bastion tend to match large concentrations of Federal Government building, probably very little.
thoughtomator is still working hard to make that popular vote illegitimate. Small favors, but...heh.
I have to wonder if half the votes cast in urban areas are legitimate. There certainly seems to be no effort made whatsoever to verify or guarantee the integrity of elections in many urban areas; with the open encouragement of illegal voting, urban election results should probably not be treated as legitimate.
And Confederacy fan central_va looks at all the Freepers yelling at liberals, and doesn't get why we're not in Civil War.
A country so divided culturally and politically should be at war. What is holding this thing together? This is the miracle of our time.


  1. "Flyover states" was invented by Rush Limbaugh, for gawds sake. I've never, ever heard a coastal, liberal use it but every dipshit who thinks Rush is right thinks we do.

  2. Poor flyover snowflakes. Perhaps there's a less hurtful term that won't trigger them.

    1. But then they'll be even more sad. They like being victims.