Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

Windflier can't trust Obama, even when he says Trump is legit.
Obama Crushes Conspiracy: No Evidence that Russia Tampered with Votes in Election

Don't trust the snake. If he's dropping the 'Russian hackers stole it for Trump' gambit, it only means the conspirators on the hard left are moving on to the next one.
There are no debunked conspiracies, only failed ones.

Mr. K doesn't like what they have to say, so he declares the CIA Muslim and moves on:
I think the CIA is infiltrated with MB
The Sons of Liberty's myth of Hillary is still growing, it seems:
Intelligence Officer Who Personally Met the Democratic Email Leaker Confirms Leaker is with American

A PATRIOT, one of the few left in the democratic party, who put the Country ahead of party by doing their part to ensure that a serial killer and career criminal, Madam Hillary Benghazi did not become President.
tcrlaf lays out the current Freeper doctrine:
Look for a case of Arkincide in the future.

Already happened, so that an “Example”, as discussed in the Podesta Emails, could be made.
His name was Seth Rich
mbarker12474 is quite a thinker!
Imagine what’s going to happen to America now that the government is one big lobby group for Exxon.

Good things.
MayflowerMadam spends all her time these days hate-watching MSNBC...
Hubby and I spend some time every day watching this “election porn” and laughing our heads off. The MSM clips are good, but the buttercups supporting Hillary are off-the-chart gut-busting funny.

I like the girl hysterically crying and screaming, “Somebody better fix this sh!t!”
Electric Graffiti prefers McCarthy's commies to pedophilic satanic Muslim blah blah blah.
I never thought I’d pine for the days when we only had commies in the federal gubbermint.

I learned to never underestimate the left’s desire to further debase themselves. It seems the real abbynormal people in D.C. are Christian heterosexuals.

All the trannies, ass-pirates and kid-rapers from around the country went to D.C. when their faggot hero, barry O’muslim, was ‘elected’.

Islam and demoncrats <—— 2 satanic death cults bent on the destruction of America. These lowlife anti-American perverts need to be eradicated with ritual public hangings after a quick pedo/treason trial
Ritual public hangings sounds pretty pagan to me, EG!

lee martell is writing Hillary fan-fiction wherein everyone sabotaged her because they hate her:
It’s going to be quite amusing if Valerie Garrett is revealed as the main Leaker.

That’s when it will be her turn to use the ‘I don’t recall’ line. If it ever gets that far. I suspect someone like Valerie has a score or more of Fall-Guys ready to take the punishment before the first accusing finger is pointed at her. I suspect both Obama &  Michelle know who did most the leaking.

Wonder who Bill Clinton quietly ‘high-fived’ when Hillary finally melted down, like the Wicked Witch she is? “Ahh knew she wouldn’t win! Didn’t Ahh tell you? Ahh jess don’t see her as President. Sorry!”
AppyPappy is still healthing it up!
One thing that hurt Hillary tremendously was her frail health. She couldn’t physically do the campaigning necessary. Not only that, it further reduced any trust people had in her, which was already small. The video of her being tossed into the van was very damning.
meadsjn is still yelling about voter fraud:
Trump drew a five-figure crowd everywhere he stopped, and apparently she couldn’t draw a four-figure one anywhere.

That is why I believe that more than half her 60 million votes were fabricated out of thin air, like the votes in Detroit being counted six times, and the machines in NC, TX, and elsewhere flipping votes from Trump to Clinton.

The witch didn't get more than 30 million votes nationwide.
vette6387 drives in certain places in his county and sees windmills, and it makes him rage, as do solar panels. Because Democrats like them, so they must be evil.
Whose landscape are wind turbines blighting?

Mine! We can’t drive to the eastern part of our county to look at a beautiful reservoir without “legions” of these pieces of crap marring the vistas. And most of them are broken so they don’t work. 
And don’t get me started about how our schools, our Police dept. etc have these “covered parking lots” with ugly-a$$ed solar panels protecting the paint on our teachers and our cops personal vehicles. It’s government run amuck!
Covenantor manages to eek out an extra bit of hate when Democratic leaders are women:
Democrat party continues the tradition of being hag-nag do nothing but evil feminist leaders.

Posturing for the press and the party's rabid cattle, who are to stupid to realize that the Dems no longer control the Senate.

Cheap empty “Fight for you” rhetoric.
klb99 wants Trump to live up the political standards of 1940, and no further!
I don’t want DJT to sell so much as a bedsheet (or show his taxes - that is personal information and none of anybody’s business) Did Washington sell off all his assets? NO. Did Jefferson sell off all his assets? NO. Did Madison sell off all his assets? NO. I don’t know what Teddy Roosevelt or FDR did but I’ll bet the farm they didn’t dispose of ANY of their many assets. I can’t overstate how much I despise these people.
headstamp 2 is sure liberals are worse now, somehow.
A new left is emerging. A more violent and shrill one.
hal ogen is talking about liberals. I pitty his family.
Mentally ill does not begin to describe the various serious problems of these cancers on society. There are some in my extended family. Serious loons.
TigerClaws continues to spin out conspiracy theories.
I thought [Julian Assange] may have been captured by the CIA.

The only reason he was allowed to speak publicly is because the deadman codes are for information that’d put several high-ranking people in jail. John Kerry is one name I’ve heard who’d be arrested shortly after the full release.

They had no choice but to let him speak today ahead of the deadline. (See other stories on the countdown.)
Remember, he said conspiracy theories don't need to be true, because anything that slows down liberals is good. So this looks crazy, but maybe it's propaganda. Which is worse. IMO.

LeoWindhorse discusses that racist kid who shot up the black church. He knows the real piece of cloth that was wronged when all those innocent blacks were killed!
Hang the little bastard . Publicly . By folks bearing Confederate Battle flags . How dare this evil , retarded cretin bring such dishonor to our noble banner ...
fieldmarshaldj is another Christain who would like to tell Jews how their faith should be.
am a Christian Zionist Conservative myself. However, I do stand on what I said.

You can identify yourself however you wish, but that does not make it so. Those “Jews” that are not observant and substitute the God of Marx to the God of Moses, are hostile to the state of Israel and sympathetic to their enemies that work for its destruction cannot be called true Jews, but false ones. 
I will apply the same definition to Christians who worship debauchery and Social(ist) Justice as equally fake.
Kellis91789 tells the legend of Barack Obama's Kenyan birth:
I thought there was an American missionary who remembers meeting his pregnant mother on the road in Kenya. She took her to the airport and the airline wouldn’t let her fly because she was too close to her due date, so the missionary took her back to the Obama house. She had to give birth in Kenya and then she would be allowed to fly home with the baby.

Am I not remembering this correctly ?
ari-freedom just loves Red Dawn so much he shoves into circumstances where it doesn't fit.
These electors want a civil war? They’d get Red Dawned so hard

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