Thursday, December 15, 2016

James O'Keefe: The Mainstream Media Is Dead. We Won.

Freepers' reaction to Trump has been odd. Half of Freepers have declared victory and let their dreams of persecuting liberals run wild. The others cannot seem to realize they are not the persecuted rebels they thought they were, and remain convinced that all-powerful liberals are plotting to turn the tables. (The idea that Trump isn't the victory they hoped for is barely on their radar - more on that next week).

Thus Freepers are split between declaring their amorphous but hated for 'the media' dead, or just dead to them.

bioqubit uses a bunch of metaphors to extol Freepers' preferred media.
It was self-immolation, but the burn is incomplete. The stink of fried, necrotic, rotting journo-propagandist flesh may fill the room, but they are not dead yet. They can still have an epiphany.

Until then, the goal of the likes of Mr. O’Keefe, Mr. Bannon and others is to advance their projects, extend their reach, increase their influence, and gain ever larger audiences. They are the new shoots growing on the rotting log that is the mainstream media. I love mixing metaphors.
It requires believing an outlandish story, GOPJ works hard to lay Trump's victory at O'Keefe's feet alone:
We had to set up elaborate aliases. We created an offshore account and wire transferred $20,000.00 in real money to this guy. We had exotic sports cars. We had private planes that were lended to me so that I could convince these guys that we were big money people, and finally, we got them to confess that it was in fact Hillary Clinton's idea to dress people up in these ridiculous costumes to get punched in the face.

THIS is what pushed Hillary over the edge - James was under her skin and she went with the 'deplorable' thing... and the rest is history. Hats off to millions of us each doing our part... and a big special thanks to James O'Keefe.
gundog knows the media is still alive, citing a now perennial Freeper myth:
As of now, the MSM is just preaching to the choir. We were their targets FRiends, and they have lost.

Keep your powder dry. Plenty of folks believe...believe...that Trayvon Martin was a sweet little boy that was murdered for going out to buy some iced tea. And that’s just one thread in a magnificent tapestry of deceit spanning decades.
KittenClaws - If the media is telling the truth, then why do I lust for negro death?
Yes, the Idiocy of people astounds me at times. Trayvon was an obvious thug; those that support him are no better.

I often wonder what to do about this itchy finger of mine. My “open season” fantasies are tempered by my grasp of reality.

I sure wish the Trayvon types knew what they were messing with.
As is inevitable with such a poorly defined foe, firebrand has mixed up the Medium with the Media.
With Millenials and younger, it’s GONE. They don’t even own TV’s. It’s Netflix and whatever online streaming is next.

I’m hardly a Millennial but I haven’t had a TV ever. We had one at home when I was a kid. On visits to my parents’ house, I would find that the content had deteriorated visibly since my last visit. They couldn’t see it because it was gradual.

It is the older folks who are addicted, with their “favorite shows,” etc. And of course the news. They have the TV on constantly, even when no one is watching. Whoever called it the modern “hearth” was dead on. The place doesn’t seem alive unless the TV is on. How sick is that?
ConservativeMind keeps to his cocoon:
OANN and the Internet, and I’m happy.
Zenjitsuman wishes Trump would stick to tin foil:
Its not dead until Trump stops going on the MSM. This morning Trump is going to be on Today show with Matt lauer.


Should be on OAN, Alex Jones
Organic Panic has clearly never watched the news:
They still exist for themselves. “Reporters” from CNN interview reporters from MSNBC who interview reporters from CBS who interview reporters from NYT who interview reporters from NPR. And on and on. The MSN doesn’t report any news or perform journalism. They present the narrative and report “facts” that support the narrative.
Ironically, reprinting The Hill and Politico with crazier headlines is most of what the right wing blogosphere does.

nhwingut's life is hunting for Internet nutters and then nodding his head:
After years of watching FOX News and subscribing to NRO, Townhall etc, I now primarily watch and consume only new media.

Instead of FNC all night from 6-11, it’s jumping around to James O’Keefe clips, Dennis Micheal Lynch Facebook Live, Mike Cernovich Periscope, Infowars Clips, OAN, Trump on RightSide, Drudge, Free Republic, Politipage for headlines ... Tucker, Dobbs, Hannity on TV.

I’m nearing 50, imagine what the millenials will be doing. The MSM is not dead but on last leg.
Enchante knows the best thing about 'the media' is that it never dies so long as Freepers have enemies to hate:
Mediascum are zombies, the walking dead. The keep coming back.
Mashood is ready for the purge already!
All that needs to be said has been said. The talking is over. The people have spoken loud and clearly. Now comes the doing. Imposing your will upon the other.
redfreedom wants some laws to keep the media fair.
No the mainstream media is not dead, far from it. Losing power? Yes. Near death? Yes.

They may be soon irrelevant to mainstream America, but they will always have a grip on certain segments of the population.

They need to be legislated into telling the truth, into being unbiased, fair & balanced if you will. How this can be done while preserving the integrity of the 1st Amndmt is beyond me, but someone will figure it out.
bigtoona may not want what he thinks he wants...
Bring back the equal time regulation!
Peter ODonnell thinks the only solution is to not let toe majority of citizens who live in cities vote.
The larger cities are the problem, in all western countries really, it’s the same thing, the politics of the larger cities are entirely out of touch with both the nations and reality. And the media represent only large urban interests. They don’t care if people have jobs or if the economy is rational; they don’t care if security or immigration policies are sane, and they don’t care about energy policy. All they care about is creating the make believe safe world for snowflakes, and city governments double down on this by marketing equally absurd political programs that are nothing more than fiction designed to soothe anxious people whose anxiety has been aroused by false narratives in the media.

The only long-term solution would be to disenfranchise the cities. If larger cities were treated like D.C., had no senators, and if also they had almost no federal representation, just their own crazy local governments, then the rest of the country could carry on with little or no further thought about the fate of the lost and doomed city folk. And the little colonies and hives of liberals in smaller towns (mostly around university campuses) would lose their support as the national political dialogue returned to a semblance of normalcy.


  1. In the last 50 years, every Republican president has been either scandal-plagued or an incompetent boob, and sometimes both. What makes them think all of a sudden that this time will be different?

    1. Before January 2018, some freeper is going to be brave enough to call Trump a RINO, a member of the GOPe ... and is going to receive enough support to not get an immediate ZOT though the harpies will be wailing.

    2. I hope Jim lives long enough to see trump crash and burn.

  2. It's astonishing how easily they've redefined confirmation bias to mean truth and logic.

  3. This is quite freepy ...
    To: ColdOne

    Hang the little bastard . Publicly . By folks bearing Confederate Battle flags . How dare this evil , retarded cretin bring such dishonor to our noble banner ...

    9 posted on 12/15/2016, 1:57:52 PM by LeoWindhorse

    Nine people dead in racist hate-crime.
    Leo is concerned about the Confederate Flag being disparged.

    1. It's the same way they always worry if the guns will be all right after any mass shooting, and never an ounce of pity for the deceased.

    2. Well, prominent shootings *do* invigorate gun grabbers. There really should be room for both, though. When the Sandy Hook shooting happened, I was able to get some of the local shooting community to make donations to a local pro-gun group, and I made a matching donation to the Sandy Hook victims fund. It worked pretty well -- I think we got $180 to each group.

  4. I don't care what newe channel you're watching - if that's all you have on 24/7, like nhwingnut says he does - that will drive you crazy.

    Airports and car repair shops are the only places I've ever been subjected to news channels for hours. Even medical waiting room have had channels like HSN on. Y'know, something to calm you.

    Keeping a maddening, purposely anger inducing channel on in your house? No wonder you're a Freeper.