Friday, July 20, 2012

1st Photo of Shooter James Holmes

Just when I thought I could move on, an Anonymous commenter uncovered this damn near perfect thread.

Freepers freaking love pictures. They draw whatever conclusion they like from them, especially eyes. It's kinda childlike, only without anything adorable about it.

Someone found a picture of the Colorado Theater shooter:

Also, of course, Freepers get pretty excited about politicizing crazy people.

So yeah, this is pretty hardcore crazy we got going on here.

GeorgeWashingtonsGhost thinks this guy was a government plant:
Right before 0bama is to sign the U.N. gun treaty.. How convenient. I wonder WHO supplied this freak with the weapons, gas mask, tear gas, mask, vest, booby-trapped home, etc.. Maybe some agency with three initials in it? Loughner #2? I am hesitant to say ‘false flag’, but..
GeorgeWashingtonsGhost also speculates maybe this guy has been deranged by comics:
Sounds like a Comic-Con FREAK. Those people are a bit tooooo into it.
atc23 thinks it was a comics fan pissed that the new Batman movie is totally conservative!
Looks like a comic book fanboy here.

I've seen an advance screening of the movie last week and it does portray OWS types as the ones lined up behind Bane to bring down civilized society "by any means necessary" with the aging Bruce Wayne/Batman character seems to represent the grim "silent majority"
PUGACHEV goes a bit wild with the pop-psychology:
in his HS photo, I see an intense anxiety, a desire to fit in, but a severe lack of confidence holding him back. He's reasonably handsome, he should be popular, but the tension is his smile and the uncertainty in his eyes, bespeaks a real crisis in self image and lack of self assurance. In his later photograph, I see a grown man who still has not come to grips with his failure to fit in, only now his anxiety is turning outward and he's going to take it out on others, not himself. If he were gay, at least he'd fit in somewhere. That's my take on it anyway.
POWERSBOOTHEFAN knows the eyes have it:
His eyes are very creepy.
DCBryan1 gets even more from the eyes.
Eyes too far apart...brown, souless eyes...definately a OWS retard whom’s only regret is not being able to pull the ballot handle for Communism in Nov by voting for Obama/Biden.
TheThirdRuffian draws a different conclusion:
My gaydar just went off. Queer!
nhwingut also has liberaldar:
Looks like Plouffe. Definitely a gay OWS type.
nhwingut gleefully follows up after it was erroneously reported that the shooter was a registered democrat:
so now that he's a leftist, I will not allow them to excuse it as "mental illness." He is a lefty, registered Democrat, and OWS type. And yes. Mentally ill. But, liberalism is a mental disorder. So he fits right in.
Yeah, this guy was a crazy, so all liberals are crazy! SCIENCE!

Anima Mundi expounds on the idea that all liberals are deranged shooters:
The liberalism mental disorder has a path to violence and mayhem because if you are neither to blame for your failures, nor to take credit for your accomplishments, it leaves you ineffectual. This erasure of one’s influence in one’s OWN life can lead a person to do something, anything to show that they are a “cause” of something. Taking responsibility for what we do in a good or a bad way is really one of the few ways we can connect what is inside us to the outside world. You are right.

There would be no pass if he were connected with the right, so no pass here. The philosophy of the left is fatally flawed and dangerous.


  1. If you go through Freeper threads long enough, after a while it just bleeds all together and by the end, you've learned that James Holmes is a gay hispanic white Muslim democrat member of Occupy Wall Street Black Bloc division who has been financed by George Soros to give President Barry Hussein NoBama a chance to seize guns from Americans.

    That's why it's important to take some breaks with a nice fresh dose of reality from time to time.

  2. God, this is hilarious. Especially PUGACHEV's comment. Went wild with the pop-psychology, indeed.

  3. Gotta put this doozy here. The Batman massacre was planned by Obama as a diversionary tactic:

    "This is NOT a level of organization someone suffering from schizophrenia is even remotely capable of carrying out. In addition, it strongly suggests both training and supply help.

    Oh, and the fact that Obama intends to sign a treaty that attempts to erase ALL private gun ownership in the country next week, AND that this wipes the Huma Abedin/Hillary Clinton investigation AND the Roberts Obamacare decision off the front page, AND directly mimics the basic Fast and Furious Democrat plan to unleash small arms mass murder and then call for gun control, is ENTIRELY coincidental."

  4. You gotta wonder why the freepers have such well tuned 'gaydar '. Lots of practice using it I guess.

  5. "This is NOT a level of organization someone suffering from schizophrenia is even remotely capable of carrying out."

    1. Buy lots of guns, ammo and a couple of tear gas canisters.

    2. Go to a movie theater and shoot a bunch of people.

    Yeah, the FReeper's right. No crazy person could've pulled off a complicated operation like that. This obviously came straight from the Oval Office. I mean, the guy even had a bulletproof vest. How would a schizophrenic even know such a thing existed, let alone use one during a murder spree? It doesn't add up. Which just goes to show that even the greatest criminal masterminds - like Obama - always make that One Fatal Mistake.

    1. Seriously, how crazy are Freepers? My Uncle Larry was nuts and was sure that Bill Clinton murdered folks at the Mena airport.

      It was all part of the plan. How simple. Why didn't I see it before? The President had the North Koreans use their magic brainwashing powers on some kid. Vince Foster's ghost came to haunt the kid until he decided to kill a bunch of folks at a freaking Batman movie because... socialism!

      If my zombie Uncle Larry is ever up and around again, the first thing he will do is sign up at Free Republic. I hear they eat brains and if there is one thing Freepers need, it's brains.