Friday, July 27, 2012

Am I the only one who feels utter and total contempt for the so called poor?

Freeper sagar posts this epicly Dickensian rant:
Am I the only one who feels utter and total contempt for the so called poor? This is the most free, by far, any country in the history of the world, and yet we have these scum-sucking parasites that have not taken advantage of it, instead they cannot take care of themselves, their children, nor their elderly. When I see a poor person, I am filled with disgust. How can this individual(or group of individuals) live like this and not feel that they have the opportunity just in front of them that the rest of the world would kill for? My contempt level is pretty high for the poor parasites, but it reaches epic proportions for those that are poor and obese! How can they even live like it? Do they have no dignity? No shame? America is wasted on them. In fact, America is now dying under their weight. Sorry for the rant.
His fellow Freepers, though, will not have it, as most of them are poor. But while they are not quite so cartoonishly callus, even in their defense of the poors, certain odd class ideas become evident.

TexasCajun, though, agrees with the main poster: had to be said.

The vast, vast majority are poor by choice.
Las Vegas Ron thinks Jesus would hate the poor these days:
the rich in the times of Christ were oppressive Governments and Rulers, the poor were poor because of them.

The US has no oppessers or rulers (ideally).

Your analogy is not valid.
I thought Democrats were the oppessers and rulers?

terycarl defends the poor - most of the poor are just stupid, and there is nothing to be done:
the more that you deal with them, the more that you realize that the vast majority of the truly poor are “not very smart”. I realize that many, if not most, are laggards...but there is a large percentage that just don’t have the ability to do much of anything.
Castlebar points out that the US is better than other countries, so we should really stop trying:
anyone who can look at the general conditions in even the proud rural poor of the Dominican Republic, and then look at the family of four in this country receiving food stamps and housing assistance, and can then tell me that we have poverty in this country - that person is a person with a serious personal integrity problem.
Cvengr knows the real poor are the middle class:
I see so very many poor, with new homes, new cars, part time jobs, and spare time, while I observe the middle class driving 20 year old economy cars/trucks, working overtime, paying for insurance and still in debt with medical and older homes not presently in compliance with modern codes.

I don’t see any middle class going to midnight movies, but I do see lots of ‘poor’ class partying from sundown to sunup, sleeping till noon, with middle class not partying, waking before dawn and turning in after they get home from work.
GunningForTheBuddha knows it isn't the poor, it's the 'hood' that you should hate:
I worked in “the hood” for a bit. At least in this neck of the woods the majority have mooching off of the system down to a science.
max americana is a bit more blatant in noting you should only hate poor black people:
I used to work for a non-profit before my current job and that non-profit is located right in the middle of Skid Row, L.A..

I agree 100%, once these parasites got a hold of a free program, they will stay on that dole until the day they die. And yes, I have to say it...THEY’RE 95% BLACK.
nascarnation heralds the return of the dogwhistle politics of welfare queens, minus the Cadillac:
On Sunday the local tv news had a feature about distribution of free backpacks filled with school supplies to the local poor.

It was interesting to see how nicely turned out the mothers were, professional hairdos, $300 glasses, $200 shoes, iPhones, etc. Would liked to have seen what the parking lot looked like....was it Buick, Lexus, Escalades?
Las Vegas Ron also with the black welfare queens:
I stood behind a very well dressed black lady in a check out line who purchased a basket full of groceries that would feed a king. She exceeded the limit on her EBT card and used an AMEX gold card to pay the balance.
So there you have it, don't hate the poor, though those ungrateful lucky duckies have it much better than the middle class.


  1. That's an ugly thread.

    More light hearted is to look at freepers taking on the trainwreck diplomacy of Romney in England and the British reaction to it.

    When I go browsing the freepers, I have to alternate between the seriously ugly threads, like ones where they hate on the poor, and then find a thread where they are just crazy without it seeming quite so menacing.

  2. This whole Olympics thing is pretty funny. All Mitt had to do was attend a few events, say some nice things, shake a few hands and he would have come out smelling like roses. Instead he shits in his hand, whips it on his face and does a blackface routine.

    Here are some other threads on the same topic:

    This one becomes: Mitt is stupid but ABO

    This one becomes: We saved the Brits in WWII so they have to bow down to us 4-eh-VAR!!

  3. "I stood behind a very well dressed black lady in a check out line who purchased a basket full of groceries that would feed a king. She exceeded the limit on her EBT card and used an AMEX gold card to pay the balance."

    I don't think I have ever looked over to see how someone else was paying at the grocery store. It's none of my business. In the old days, food stamps were some sort of paper voucher, I think, but nowadays it's a card just like your debit or credit card. This guy seriously made a point to look over and check out what kind of freaking card the "black lady" was using? Seriously?

    1. And really, that "gold" am ex card could have been a prepaid card for all that person knows.

  4. Freepers have given up all pretense of being Christian, haven't they? Other than using the label.