Tuesday, July 17, 2012

George Zimmerman molests children

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Like someone bending into the wind suddenly falls forward when the wind ceases, oftentime the best crazy can be found in those few times Freepers are not struggling against the current of reality.

There is a crapload of doubt about what happened between George Zimmerman and Trayvonn Martin that fateful day, and Florida self defense law is ridiculously broad. I would not be at all surprised if he gets acquitted. (Though he seems to be doing his best to make sure that doesn't happen.)

Freepers girded themselves for battle, only to find people acknowledging that things were not as they at first seemed, and then moving away. The lack of attention maddened them, and the agreement only made them build crazy straw-liberals to rail against.

Right, the facts behind the crazy. Here we have the Special Prosecutor releasing jailhouse phone records and a pretty BS witness statement accusing him of molestation when he was 8-years-old. Release could very well be normal procedure with statements that are not protected. Freepers, though, will have none of it:

Why not start strong? butterdezillion, come on down!
the doo-doo needs to hit the fan really, really fast - because [Prosecutor] Angela Corey is introducing the standard that anybody who votes against Obama has just produced evidence of racism, which can be used in a court of law against them (or actually even their FAMILY MEMBERS) if they are ever accused of anything else.

This is big-time crap, and both Angela Corey and Judge Lester need to be SLAMMED for it, big-time. This is a person’s vote in the ballot booth being used against them by a government prosecutor. This rivals the garbage done by the Teamsters, and is precisely why we have private ballots.
butterdezillion always rings at least twice.
it is about to be documented with hard, cold evidence that George Zimmerman’s cousin, Witness #9, is a lying, non-credible, vindictive whore.

She’s the one who chose this path.

Somebody needs to remind her of what Eric Holder has enforced in the voting rights division: it is impossible for a black to be racist. Zimmerman is part-black so this case should be over; Eric Holder should at least be consistent in his policies and refuse to investigate or prosecute this charge.

Or does that only apply for Black Muslims? Like the ones who put up a bounty for George Zimmerman, dead or alive - without consequences from anybody.
If death threats without result made by idiots were prosecuted, Freepers may not like the results...

chessplayer totally knows what the lefties are screaming:
the lefties are now shreiking that he be charged with rape along with murder. According to them she said it, therefore it’s true. Zimmerman doesn’t have a prayer of a fair trial ANYWHERE in the U.S.
Funny, I only heard of this story on Free Republic...

ZX12R posits that the prosecutor's real motives are sinister "hidden reasons:"
She can't possibly be smart enough to become a special prosecutor, and not see that she has no case for anything, let alone second degree murder. Therefore, it means she is pandering to the racism hocus pocus for some seemingly hidden reason. It's despicable, unethical, and she should be punished for it. And that damn judge refusing to block the release of this kind of unrelated slander and rumor, makes him complicit in some sort of modern day lynching.
Uncle Chip predicts the hell the witness is going to go through:
She is going to have to hire a lawyer and face a grueling deposition where she will be choking on her words. Instead of making money selling her story to People Magazine, this will start costing her money. Her life will come under a microscope.

This is going to turn one side of the family against the other, which is just what the prosecution and Crump Team have wanted all along -- divide and conquer. And they will blame her for it and they will be right for doing so.

By the time this is over for Christina, it will be a long time and she will rue the day she ever acted on her vindictive thought against her cousin. The media will have a field day with her and they will toss her away like yesterday's newspaper when they are finished with her. She's not going to like the bed she made for herself.
MaxMax explains that prosecutors universally indulge in flagrantly unethical and illegal behavior:
Prosecutors also love it when you also talk to your lawyer from behind the window. They get their strategy that way. No Prosecutor can talk about it after they leave the public sector because they would end up in jail also. Illegal, yes. Does it happen anyway, Heck yes.
Monorprise makes this somehow about democracy versus the republic.
Poor George, hes now got the leftist in a frenzy trying to impeach his character. You see this is why democracy is the tyranny of man.

We can only pray for George’s sake that the Florida justice system has a hent of republican virtue left in it to find poor George innocent. From then on I highly recommend George gets his ass out of that state. The left will never stop hunting their political witch.
arderkrag knows only liberals get due process in rape cases:
Even if the story is a vapor trail, when the accusation is rape, conservative men are pronounced guilty without trial. This is the modern dcay version of lynching.
Tunehead54 also thinks the law is partisan:
GZ’s status as a democrat is currently his only defense.

He’d be stupid to go pubbie until his ordeal is over. ;-)
Old Sarge is pretty sure the prosecutors internal polling(?) musta been bad.
Who gave her the green light to dump this? This is jury tampering.

Wasn’t stirring black hate enough, or did the internals show things cooling off too fast? Now they get the Feminazis mobilized to keep the flames fanned.
a fool in paradise dredges up the Clinton wars of the 90s:
NOT GUILTY per the line of reasoning used by NOW, the National Organization of Witches, when Bill Clinton was President and repeatedly accused of sexual harassment and groping and raping. They said "the first grope is free". If she THEN says no, and you continue, it can be actionable.
ClearCase_guy goes even farther back:
Does “witness 9” look like Anita Hill, by any chance?
tanknetter has yet a third NEVER FORGET-ism:
Witness 9 does look a heck of a lot like Tawana Brawley tho. (/sarc)
A'elian' nation is the forth to make with the historical parallels:
No she looks like Crystal Mangum, the Duke lacrosse accuser.
And thus Zimmerman is no longer Zimmerman; his case has been reduced to it's essence of victim and evil liberal conspiracy, allowing Freepers to relive whatever triumph they remember.


  1. It's interesting to see how this case played out on FR. When the story of Martin's death first broke, there were several FR posters who expressed a dissenting opinion. Over time, they were shouted down and now a groupthink has emerged. The echo chamber at work....

  2. Yeah, this story didn't take long to morph into white-hats versus black-hats.

    I think it helps that people who dissented were probably more normal, and aren't bothering with the story - many of the posters on the thread were well-known Freepers with an interest in race.

  3. I read somewhere, maybe Popehat, that the Florida law is so broad that had Martin killed Zimmerman he could have invoked the law too (I can hear the freepers screaming for justice now). Anyway, it's a bad law that allows two people in the same situation to kill each other and then sets the survivor free.

    "If death threats without result made by idiots were prosecuted, Freepers may not like the results... " that's really really funny.

    1. Freepers whine about the decline of American morals, but love laws that allow people to take a fistfight to loser dies bloodbath

  4. The same freepers didn't have a problem when the prosecution released phone audio and video of Casey Anthony while she was locked up. It's standard procedure in Florida.

  5. Freepers are retarded it's called The Sunshine Law