Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bisexual sex maniacs

Anonymous loves this thread. I cannot blame him - it is extraordinary, even for Freep!

Freepers discuss bisexuals in marriage, and some weird conceptions about bisexuality come out:

Winstons Julia did a survey and found no one likes bisexuals:
Every time I’ve asked another female if she’d marry a guy who openly said, “I’m bi-sexual,” that female has said no.
Will88 thinks bisexuals will need to marry both a male AND a female
I guess under Obama the Bis will be able to marry both a male and female, three or more in each marriage ceremony
DrDavid also thinks bisexuals need multiple spouses somehow:
This does present an interesting inconsistency. One man with 2 heterosexual women, is illegal polygamy. One man with 2 bisexual women, is acceptable!? Or does the guy have to be bi too?
scottjewell sets forth the nightmare scenario of bisexual adultery!!
and it could also be one bisexual man, married to a heterosexual wife, seeing a gay man on the side, who is married to another gay man. The waters become muddied, and yet the gay movement goes under the “LGBTQ” umbrella hence the door is opened for a myriad of possible equal rights lawsuits and amendments.
scottjewell also knows bisexuals cannot be monogomous:
those of us who have known bisexual people know that they like to, and need to, sleep with both men and women. Many psychological profiles have been written about the man who loves his wife but likes to indulge in occasional sex with men, etc. I am not buying into “we pick the person, not the gender.” mantra of the bisexual movement. This, from experience.
Defiant realizes that if bisexuals need to sex both genders, you get some kind of infinite marriage loop!
OK, this could get real weird. A bisexual should only get to marry other bisexuals. If he marries a homosexual, it should be monogamous. But if he marries a bisexual man, that man needs a bisexual wife. And if he marries a bisexual woman, she needs a bisexual woman to complete her triangle. Now, we are up to 5 people. But what about the woman and man that the 1st husband and wife have? Don't they need bisexuals of the other sex, too. And it just grows and grows and grows.

Liberalism/social marxism is just another word for insanity. It's just a method to destroy society, and after the collapse, when people are living hand to mouth and they need to worry about things like how to survive, a natural order is eventually restored.
babyfreep knows what bisexual really means:
“Bisexual” - there’s really no such thing. It’s the politically correct word for being a slut.


  1. Why are Freepers so fascinated?

    Thread after thread, year after year, Freepers spend their time either calling everyone else a fag or talking about gay sex. Day after day, year after year. Day after day, year after year. Gay, gay, gay, gay gay. Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay.

    Note (for example) our Freeper friend, the Comedian. He's written here time after time after time. Look it up.

    Gay sex is like the Holy Grail to Freepers. Gay gay gay gay gay.


    1. Fine. Let's talk about your mother's stank twat. Or better yet, we can talk about your pedophile father. Oh, I know, let's talk about why you fuck animals.

      Whaddaya say, asshole ? Fart for us!

      ---Johann Schmidtt

    2. They're obsessed with the physical act of gay male sex, and can't get over it. Note how many of their objections take the form "B-but... that's not where penis goes! It's DIRTY!" They can't imagine a happy gay couple without imagining them fucking, like they're 8 years old and just discovered sex. Also note that they never mention lesbian sex, only the morally abhorrent (yet strangely, perhaps, seductive) physical act of sweaty male sex.

      The frequent allusions to shoving things up people's asses, cramming things down their throats, and "bending over" for governments or political parties pretty much make it clear.

  2. Replies
    1. I've heard some gay men say that there's nobody as hot in bed as a repressed conservative.

    2. Do they say that before or after they fuck you up the ass ?

      ---Frank Rock

    3. I think a lot of them believe being gay is a choice because so many of them have to consciously choose to be straight.

    4. "I think a lot of them believe being gay is a choice because so many of them have to consciously choose to be straight."

      That makes a lot of sense.

      "Also note that they never mention lesbian sex, only the morally abhorrent (yet strangely, perhaps, seductive) physical act of sweaty male sex."

      Good point too.

    5. @Comedian,
      Usually the repressed conservatives who are so hot in bed are the ones who tend to be the loudest at calling other people faggots and obsessing over their sex acts, imagined or real. And they usually love to be bottoms. Anything you'd care to share with us?

    6. @euphgeek : Is there something I'd like to share ? Abso-fucking-lutely! I hate you you commie faggot liberals. In fact, I have a funny joke for you:

      What do you call a thousand dead liberals ? A good start. What do you call a million dead liberals ? Progress.

      Now, do us all a favor and gargle with razor blades.


    7. Thanks for proving my point, sweetie. *Smooch*

  3. Yeah, they always go on and on about teh butt sex as though it disqualifies people from getting married. Of course, lots of married hetro couples have anal sex, and lots of gay couples don't. But if you point that out to freepers, they can't really process it.

    I think you can usually tell spot the closet cases -- like, probably, Comedian here -- because they're really angry and obsessive. The rest of the freepers, I think, just lead sheltered lives and are just titillated by other people's sex lives. And like busybodies throughout history, their "disapproval" gives 'em license to talk about sex nonstop without being "perverts."

    All I know is, no normal, happy, sexually secure adult gets angry about consensual sex between other adults. It's always either self-hatred turned outward or just personal boredom / sexual dissatisfaction. The more violent/scatological types always strike me as the's like they're giving themselves an anti-pep talk.

    1. Wow, that was very, very sensitive and deep. I think I shed a tear because it was soooo beautiful.....Did you grow an ovary while typing it, you pussy ass bitchy faggot ?

      Fuck you and fuck your "I'm special, you're special, we're all a bunch of special fuckers" mantra.

      ---Dr. Manhattan

    2. Speaking of sensitive and deep, I just love reading your posts.

  4. Oh yeah, Comedian's gay and scared shitless about it. Bet the farm on it. I'm guessing he can still taste the sperm from his last shameful glory hole visit even as he types his tough-guy rants here.

    "Special"? No one said anything about anyone being special. Besides, I thought commie factors like me were supposed to be anti-individualistic, unlike conservative patriots. Why can't any of you dumbshits keep your stories straight?

    1. I am soooo totally WINNING!

      Go fuck your mother, you little commie fag!

      ---Deport Alan Moore

  5. Faggots, not factors. Fucking autocorrect!

  6. If "winning" were as simple as calling people tags, anyone could do it. You need to set higher personal standards.

  7. Do you libs realize your homophobic hypocrisy in "accusing" others of being gay?

    1. It's not homophobic to notice that someone who spends an inordinate amount of time and energy obsessing over, condemning and trying to control what gay people do in bed might have unresolved issues of their own.

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