Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday potpouri

Man, what a weekend of campaign hilarity! Between Romney's taxes, Bain, and Palin I expect a pretty hot week.

RummyChick thinks the CIA is creating zombies:
It is a sad state of affairs when one can look at the current Zombie attacks and realize that it is quite possible (although, maybe not probable) that the CIA could be behind it.

Why??? Because they experimented on an unsuspecting public with LSD - even to the point of following victims to see the results after slipping them LSD in public.

All for the greater good.

Fighting Russia.

And then as one pointed out..who REALLY won the Cold War since a Commie is the President.
ReformationFan knows how Hollywood works these days:
I figure that’s now a requirement for any actor in Hollywood to prostitute himself in order to get a role.
RoosterRedux may be projecting just a tad:
Obama is so full of hate, it is amazing that he has been able to hide it so well.

But considering that he is a liar extraordinaire...look at his actions and ignore his words!

He hates Whitey, he hates America, he hates democracy (yes I's a republic) and freedom, he hates meritocracy and free markets, and he hates Christians and Jews...

Bottom line!

He is filled to the brim with hate. That is his natural,if beardly, connection with Moochelle...
Travis McGee enjoys confusing liberals with his lunacy:
The last bunch of National Socialists with a mandatory mandatory health plan started with the eldery and other “useless feeders.” When they were not stopped, they moved on to the retarded, the handicapped, and the rest is history.

(I love calling the ‘rats National Socialists. When they are taken aback, I just ask, which part do you disagree with? The National, or the Socialists?)
Reeses spotlights Conservative Engineers - the second front in fighting socialism!
Machines already do most of the work. By 2050 robots are going to be everywhere. By 2080 most human labor will not be worth the ever rising minimum wage.

Our main job as conservatives is keep socialism from getting ahead of the technology to fund it, like what happened to the socialist PIIGS: Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain.

The second front in fighting socialism is advancing technology, mostly fought by conservative male engineers. Most technology is driven by the military’s need for better ways to kill really annoying people, then commercializing it so they don’t have to.
amishman thinks liberals are going to kill off football:
As Rush says, the libs have football in their cross hairs and the sport as we know it will soon be dead. Just seeing some of the rule changes announced by the B1G Conference today makes one think it will soon (as in this coming year or in the very foreseeable future) be little more than a glorified scrimmage.
Hotlanta Mike lays out the maths:
Democrat voter registration is down, especially for blacks. Independents are on the rise. There’s approx. 10% that are undecided. Undecideds historically vote against incumbents which portends a landslide for Romney.

Things will get worse for Obama because he has chosen to get nasty so his personal image will be degraded.
RFEngineer declares unions unconstitutional:
Unions are nearly universally an assault on freedom and the constitution - and will be destroyed through the bankruptcy process - one city at a time.
StAnDeliver has a universal rule:
You don’t raise taxes in the middle of a generational Depression. Period.
generational depression?

Revolting cat! laments how he can only make fun of the gays these days:
Can’t say “mulatto”, can’t say “Osambo”, can’t say that Jews want to “repair the world”, but can say that Apple computer users are “gay”. Hurray!
The "repair the world" thing is news to me. Is that offensive somehow?

hosepipe is not a fan of blacks, and what they've done to white women:
The American Black Culture is toxic and Poisonous.. in every way.. Most/many blacks are seditious and many are traitorous.. not speak of larcenous and drug users..

And many whites have been poisoned by “them”.. and are just as bad or worse.. especially white women...
UncleSam speculates on a secret Obama dog pre-Bo.
It has always seemed odd to me that the first family didn’t bring one of their family pets from the Chicago mansion with them when they all moved to the White House.

With that big yard and all, even with the garden that Michell must have had there would be room for a dog like BO; I just know little Sasha would have had a cuddly puppy cause her daddy loves her so.

I just will not believe that Obama was so cruel and heartless to have also kicked the little puppy under the bus on Barry’s moving up to the the white house.

randita thinks the Bain thing is helping Romney.
I hope Team Obama beats the Bain Capital horse all the way to the election. After four months of this nonsense, the voters are going to be screaming, “Mommy, make it stop.”

If Obama was comfortable with the position he is in, he would wait until people are paying attention to bash Romney about this. Nobody’s paying attention now.

Even Freepers are tuning out. Look at how few posts and replies there have been this weekend. Miniscule compared to a typical weekend.

Romney knows the scoop and he knows Obama’s in big trouble in the swing states. So why should he take the bait and get into a peeing contest? Let the Obama hacks foam at the mouth until the spittle runs down their chins. Romney should keep cool, keep focused on jobs and look Presidential.

For those who advocate he release all his tax records, that’s silly. Whatever he releases, it will never be enough. They’ll just scream for more. They don’t want answers, they want to keep innuendo alive.
So Romney shouldn't release his records because those calling for them are linatics and will never be satisfied? That sounds familiar....

Miss Marple doesn't think Romney is getting enough media coverage:
The media has nothing to hit Romney with, except old stuff like the recycled Bain. He’s good-looking and a much better speaker than Obama. He’s resenting ideas which resonate with a lot of the voters.

So, the logical step by the media is to simply refuse to air his appearances.

Did you know he and Ann did a sit-down interview with Oprah this week? I assume it is for her magazine.


  1. Although hosepipe's comments are funny (Where the white women at!)I have to give best of show to Uncle Sam. That fantasy about the non-existent dog was just hilarious. What in the world is wrong with these people?

  2. Revolting Cat! is probably referring to this:

  3. Hey Ozy...Another thread, expose FR for the racist POS site that it truly is.;page=51

  4. Hey you faggot commies, I bet you jack off to pictures of Obama and fantasize about big muscular man fucking you in the ass and hold you up with their big strong arms and letting you touch their sculptured six pack and gaze at you with their big blue eyes while they thrust you back and forward.... excuse me, I need to go fap !


    1. Well, it looks like I'm in your head.



    2. Great job, R, you just blown your cover. Everyone knows you're actually Charlie sheen


    Several of these dingbats are calling for a military coup.

    Besides the fact that this is just more fantasy on their part, it's just unpatriotic, damn it.

  6. The GOP-E are purposefully snubbing freepers by not inviting Sarah Palin to the RNC. Freepers react by being affronted, scared, angry, pouty, gassy, and paranoid. This generated serveral threads but here is the longest one:;page=1

    I can't imagine Palin not getting an invite, but if she doesn't get one the freeper reaction would be amazing!

    1. Gosh, the Freepers really are on a losing streak.

      Maybe Ms. Palin isn't particularly relevant anymore. Are they inviting Herb Cain?

  7. A woman has accused George Zimmerman of molester her over several years. The article didn't mention any evidence of molestation, so I'm hesitant to believe the woman. But this is FR and as Rorschach will tell you, if it's related to George Zimmerman it's time to turn the crazy to 11!


    A veritable golden shower of Freeper brilliance.

    1. It's like the freepers have never seen Starship Troopers!? The shower scene alone was worth the price of admission. "Mr. President tear down sex separated bathing facilities!"

  9. Well, it looks like I'm in your head.



    If that's the standard for "winning," this blog kicked your ass through the top of your skull the very first time it compelled you to post your obsessive horseshit here.

    Fact is, we're in your head, and will be right up until you're on your deathbed, according to your very own words. That sure doesn't sound like "winning" to me.