Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Freepers versus the electric company

Anon found this one.  Nicely done!

Texas lady pulled a gun on a meter reader. In response, Freepers's dislike of government turns into a violent, conspiratorial hatred for meter readers that is as surprising as it is hilarious:

Rennes Templar knows this is why the Founders added the Second Amendment:
The Second Amendment in action.
precisionshootist cannot overstate how awesome threatening a utility guys is:
Good for her. Good for US. Good for America. This woman is a TRUE PATRIOT!
Aleya2Fairlie knows what's coming:
Good for her! These new meters are just the groundwork for the “smart grid” that will ration how much electricity you will be allowed to have.
BobL specifies that when it comes to smart meters, believe everything you read on the Internet, and everything you imagine too:
There are PLENTY of articles on [smart meters]. Some are very frightening...nearly all are true, and what these meters can do is even beyond what most people can imagine.
I wonder what cornelis thinks of Citizens United, given his hardline stance on personhood excludes even utility employees from status as persons:
Utilities and their emissaries have no respect for persons.
RobbyS thinks this was some kind of awesome duel:
Reminding us that when legal action is not practical, then there is another means. Until about 1820, a person was allowed by law to challenge another person to a duel in order to settle a dispute. A trial or other legal action is basically a duel with words.
CodeToad equates reading your meter with Nazi death camp guards:
I have a problem with a companies whose job it is to spy on and control someone’s electricity usage, just like I have the same level of hatred for Nazi death camp guards just doing their jobs. Same level of tyranny as they both lead to control and the ultimate death of those controlled.


  1. Good to see this one made it in. Technically someone in the cracked thread found this one, I merely forwarded it on

  2. What are the freepers suggesting instead of a metered system where each family gets billed for their specific electricity usage? Are they actually implying that they would be for the socialization of the electrical grid?

  3. Freepers just don't like the socialist commie utility companies. Why don't you pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and make your own electricity?

  4. "Our constitution allows us not to have that kind of intrusion on our personal privacy," she explains.

    And yet I'm betting you're an anti-choice, anti-gay marriage cunt. I hope someone shoots her.