Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Romney Landslide

Freepers, at least those who don't think Satan has fixed the election for Obama, are ridiculously optimistic about how the election will go:

103198 wishes he'd gotten into the chicken counting business way earlier than this:
A month and a half ago I told my wife and a small gathering of friends that my x+1 choice for Republican candidate will win in a blowout. I made the mistake of not posting it here. I stand by that prediction today.
I'd like to see radpolis's map.
I have my map say 336-202 in favor of Romney.

And I don’t consider myself a self-deluded wishful thinker.

I wish it could be an even bigger blow out if there was some way Chris Christie could get a win for Romney in New Jersey.

But that is where I cross the line from possible into the realm of the absurd.
nathanbedford is feeling Reaganish.
I think this latter scenario will be the one that actually plays out but is that belief more than just a hunch? I think this will be a wave election much like Ronald Reagan's victory in 1980 but I want to be wary of mere wishful thinking. I am not usually a Pollyanna in these matters, I believe that if the Republicans can win this one it will only be a one time aberration from the demographic norm caused by Obama's ham-fisted overreach.
SatinDoll knows they key to Romney's victory is Palin 2 - Electric Clusterfuck!
Do you honestly believe Romney can win in a blowout WITHOUT a Conservative of Tea Party VP sharing the ticket?
Rockingham thinks it's the economy stupid:
I think that Romney is poised to win by a surprisingly substantial margin. The economy is weak and tilting back into recession, with virtually all the economic indicators of political consequence now against Obama.
newnhdad predicts Obama loses everything:
I’ve written this before but it bears repeating. Obama will lose all the states he flipped in 2008. The states he wins, will be by a much smaller margin the states he loses will be a blow-out.

Obama will suffer the largest percentage popular vote loss since the Duke back in 1988 but maintain a higher percentage of the EC vote than the popular vote indicates.
Forward the Light Brigade hits on the appropriately crazy response.
My prediction: Obama will not run. Some reason will stop him and Hillary will take his place “reluctantly”.
Man, the trauma should Obama win will be EPIC.

and the smugness should he lose will be infuriating.

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  1. I'd like to see radpolis's map as well. If Romney wins all the Bush 2004 states, plus Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire (being generous) Obama is still only down to 206. I want to know which deep blue state(s) he thinks will turn red.