Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If BHO is reelected, Time for Texas to Secede

Freepers seem to be transferring their apocalyptic partisan from the ACA to Obama's reelection. This backs them into a corner though, as if Obama's reelected they have nowhere left to hide from their fear.
Nowhere, that is...except madness.

The only real question is how did this thread take a full two weeks to happen?

no dems is not joking:
I am not joking. Somebody help me out. How would we start a Secession Movement if this crazy nation reelects the Kenyan Marxist we have in the White House?
greene66 knows the bumper sticker survey says secede:
In the past six months, I’ve seen more “Secede” bumper stickers here in Texas than Obama or Romney stickers.

It’s always been a somewhat tongue-in-cheek proposition, but after the past few months of Obama’s lawlessness on illegal aliens, the faggotization of the military, and the recent Obamacare ruling turning citizens into serfs of the government... in which America is obviously in total and accelerating decay, well, I’m starting to look at secession as a very, very valid option.
catfish1957 hates taxes, and knows if you're against  secession, you're pro-Obama.:
That’s a clown suggestion, bro.

You're the clown "bro". There are a great many of us who are tired subsidizing this federal socialist state. I pay this freakin government $60K a year in federal income taxes, and the bastards still get $3T more in debt.

Keep up the go government mantra "bro". The punk POTUS and his entitlement minions in this country appreciate it. I for one wholeheartedly support secession.
wastedyears predicts a Republic of Texas would be awesome:
Tens of millions of people would flock to Texas in just a few weeks. The number would probably be around 100 mil US citizens in short order. With that many people seeking liberty, there would be no shortage of homes because a lot of homes could be built that many people very quickly, even if they have no previous experience.

I also don't think the petroleum companies would be lacking for physical security, because the people there would protect them as if those companies are their own family. It would also add more strain on the FEDgov once shipments of oil from those companies stop going around the country, because every other state would be pressuring the government to stop going after TX, if they go after them in any way. The one could easily lead the other 49, albeit in a crude (no pun intended) manner.

I'm all for it.
wastedyears further explains how World War 2 technology would win the Texas-America war:
If you bring every single industry in the country to Texas, her ability to stand strong will be greatly magnified. I was thinking about it before. If you bring in the ability to manufacture new WWII-era aircraft, using modern materials and techniques, and really build a lot of them, you could achieve some superiority, as well as recon the TX-Mexico border and respond to threats from there.

Bring arms manufacturing to TX, and I’m talking about heavy duty stuff. If you can get some robust aircraft built, and build a ton of Browning M2s, you could even arm craft like Cessna Skyhawks and television-news style Bell helicopters.

I have more ideas, I just need to be presented with a problem seeking a solution. But be warned, I didn’t go to college, and we all know how much those are worth (not the parchment they’re printed on).
mnehring warns there are some secessionist scammers:
Just be careful of many secession movements out there like the Republic of Texas movement. Most are scams to sell fake land grants or bogus currency. Any real movement would need to be sure to disassociate with these type of groups.
cripplecreek, though thinks secession may be just what Soros wants!!!
secession is what globalists like Soros and the UN want. Its why they always side with breakaways and break ups of nations.
Don Corleone knows his heroes:
Arizona is on the cutting edge of potential Civil Disobedience and Sheriff Arpaio should be considered the George Washington or the Samuel Adams of the peaceful revolution.

BuckeyeTexan discusses Texas purity:
You own a home here, but are you a Texan? Two different things, bub.
BuckeyeTexan also doesn't believe in cities:
Draw circles around Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Austin, as the capital, gets to be the “State of Texas.” Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are their own new states and can petition the Union for entry.

Everything outside of those four circles is a new state, which refuses to petition the Union for entry. Republic of Texas ... or whatever.
calex59 explains Abe Lincoln was evil:
Actually, all states can legally secede, regardless of what some say. If you join an organization, in this case a Union, you can un join it. The war between the states should never have happened and wouldn't have if "Honest Abe" had lived up to the letter of the law and left the south alone. He pushed until the South fired on a Fort that was in Southern territory, the troops were left there in order for that to happen. Abe wanted the war so he could force the south back into the Union.

We would all be better off if the South had won or if the war had never occurred at all, especially if the war hadn't happened at all, we would still have states rights and slavery would still have gone away except it wouldn't have cost 500 million lives, mostly white lives by the way, in order to happen.

I hope Texas secedes and any other state that feels the same way goes with them.
...500 million lives lost in the Civil War! I guess Sherman used nuclear weapons?

Free_in_Alabama thinks it's inevitable:
If 130-150 million people in conservative leaning States left the union, the liberals would be thrilled. The idea of no one holding them back from implementing their liberal utopia would be too great. They could live like feudal kings in the fortress cities over the remaining rural population. Nothing to hold them back from the remainder of the socialist agenda. It would be a peaceful separation for 10 years until the fiscal/business climate rose in one area and cratered in the other. That's when the fighting would start. Jmho. Also IMHO its inevitable. I will not live as a slave to bankster and political class!


  1. Freepers have lost issue after issue after issue. In response, the losers have turned to fantasy. It's a circle jerk.

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  2. $60k in fed taxes? I sure would love to make over $200k a year, after deductions, like that guy does. If he wants to pay less, tel him I'll swap salaries.

    1. "$60k in fed taxes? I sure would love to make over $200k a year, after deductions, like that guy does."

      Jealous, commie liberal faggot ?

      ---Major Bludd

  3. Free_in_Alabama is actually right, but where the fiscal/business climate craters might surprise him. Without the blue states to subsidize them, the red states would crater pretty hard.

    1. What fucking fantasy world do you live in ? "Blue states" are depopulating themselves because no one wants to pay 50-60% of their income in taxes when you combine state, local, and federal taxes.

      Stick to molesting children because facts are not your thing.

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    2. Actually, after doing some research and introspection I realized I was wrong. I found this graph on a Harvard School of Government blog that shows federal funds going to red states:


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    3. Glad you were willing to do the research even though you found out you were wrong.

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    5. Nah, it seems legit to me. It was even signed the same way. How could it be anyone else?

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