Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Potpouri

I've got no power at home, and no internet at work so updating will be spotty.  But I've got a computer for the moment, so here comes the crazy!

null and void think some will find his 'rationality test' may be racist. I think it's merely fascist.
Unfortunately for every Sarah Palin, there are a dozen Maxine Waters, and for every Reagan a dozen Kennedys. What we really need is a way to detect sociopaths and remove them from the levers of power, and a test for rationality for voters. Of course, somebody somewhere would claim that’s racist.
MasterGunner01 has some advice for Governor Brewer:
Governor Brewer should order ALL federal non-DoD employees to leave the state within 72 hours. If the feds aren't out by then, AZ law enforcement arrests them, turns them over to the AZ State Troopers who escort them to the CA, NM, or NV border and maroon them there. Let them hitch hike to civilization or walk there. Brewer then calls up the AZNG and AZ militia to guard the border and fix the Tucson water supply problem.
DoughtyOne also counsels passive-aggressive secession:
If the federal government won’t honor federal laws to quell illegal immigration, and refuses to allow that state’s law enforcement to take over, why should a state allow the federal government to do any business on it’s soil? Why shouldn’t such a state cut the power to the offices of the federal courts, FBI, IRS, and other federal programs? When the federal government resumes responsibility for it’s constitutional mandate to end illegal immigration, the power could be turned back on.
EQAndyBuzz has studied liberals calling into right-wing radio and found them wanting:
Michael Savage is right. Liberalism is a mental disorder. I was talking with a useful idiot this weekend. She has no clue that she is being used for the greater good of the party. I heard Levin Friday night. Every lib caller was an idiot with no idea what they were saying. Simple question, “why should we re-elect Obama?” Not one person had a coherent thought.
ZULU is deep into the Alex Jones stuff:
Hillary Clinton is a body servant to the Third World Dominated UN. In their drive to implement the UN and Bilderberger effort to disarm the American public and turn America into a clone of the degenerate western “democracies”, the lives of American citizens - and Mexicans - mean NOTHING to Obama, Hillery and Soros.
"Body Servant?" Is that like some zombie thing?

Starboard has clearly never heard an Obama speech in his life:
Note that Obama rarely if ever praises America for its greatness, accomplishments, cultural contributions, individual freedoms and the vast economic opportunities it affords everyone. He only speaks to it negatively in terms of perceived shortcomings. You’re right, there’s no great mystery here — nothing he says or does indicates any deep respect or honor for this country.
Ohioan on Obama's Blame & Envy Cocktail:
Obama epitomizes the Blame & Envy Cocktail, the demagogues path to power & terror, from Robespierre, through Lenin, Hitler, Castro, et al.. It is no accident that he was tutored by avowed Marxist revolutionaries; no accident that he has deliberately aped Hitler's crowd in-citation techniques. Nor should anyone overlook the purport of the rash of radical Executive Orders, that the demagogue has recently issued, just because they have not yet been employed. The situation grows increasingly grave.
FreeAtlanta tries to explain why Soros is giving money to Romney:
Maybe Soros decided that Obama is too big a commie for even him? Or, Soros just saw the handwriting on the wall and is trying to buy some influence. Romney would be a fool to ever have dealings with the Austrian Troll. Take his money through 3rd party, then ignore him.
But take the money still. It seems Freeper idealism has it's limits.

My father’s generation would’ve already removed this regime. I can’t even imagine what my grandfather’s generation would’ve done. We are pusses.
ExTexasRedhead has an opinion fit only for Free Republic:
In my opinion, ObamaCare/DeathCare/AuschwitzCare was designed to be the next Holocaust via Death Panels with Big Bro and Big Sis deciding who lives and who dies based on their criteria.
mountainlion hopes for a Cold-Warrior/Birther alliance:
I heard that the Russians have Obama’s DNA and know who his father really is. Could be interesting.
Maceman is pretty proud of how he can manipulate the judicial system:
Ask me about the time that I was a defendant in a $45 million lawsuit, and acted to defend myself pro se. I put the plaintiffs through so much Hell that they finally agreed to settle with me for $1,200. And they soon after dropped the suit against the other defendants. It took two years, but I finally got to them. I had a great time writing pleadings just to run up expenses on the other side.
treetopsandroofs is worried about Obama's Secret Service Trojan horses!
What about Hussein’s weasels — will Mitt fire the newly hired Secret Service agents?
Doc Savage on the currently trending explanation for Roberts' apostasy.
Roberts is mentally impaired on anti-seizure medications (Tobramax?) which causes suicidal ideation. It's also rumored he is merely a plagiarist for his liberal law clerks who actually write the opinions.
momincombatboots uses Obamacare but makes sure they know it sucks:
I do keep my oldest son on my policy but I had prepared him for the healthcare to be struck down. Now we must prepare our children and ourselves for full- fledged communism.


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