Friday, July 13, 2012

Romney and the NAACP

Romney, in what was likly an attempt to signal to independents that he's a reasonable guy who respects his opposition, spoke before the NAACP. The NAACP booed Romney when he said he was going to replace Obamacare. This breifly makes him a Freeper hero, as they really, really they hate the NAACP:

SaraJohnson has decided the NAACP hates Romney because he's white:
Brown said... Romney was invited to “show respect to the organization,” she said.

That’s real black of her to invite the cracker into this racially segregated organization so he could kiss racist butt. No matter what he says or does, he will still be hated. That is the way racism works.
BreezyDog knows how Romney could have captured the independents:
Romney should have called them all racists to their faces. Then walked off the stage giving them the finger...It's not like he is going to get the racist vote...
AdaGray thinks that this booing totally helps Romney with...Freepers, I guess?
I really hope they keep it up. They have been played for total fools. Don’t they realize that Romney is gaining more support from this than losing any?
IslamE does not seem to be an English as a first language guy. I had to edit in these line breaks, as this was one long sentence/paragraph.
It’s a shame they are blinded by the color of their own skin and are unable to judge one by their character,

those whose skin color takes precedent are not only wrong but lost, they see the world though the eyes of hatred, a hatred befitting of satan himself,

what is up is down and what is down is up, what is right is wrong, what is wrong is right,

they have chosen their path, it’s the wrong one, but, i’m afraid they have chosen, shame, truly a shame!

Their hatred is no different than the Palestinians!

Such a waste of human life for a people whose ancestors once contributed and defined America in a positive light, but until they renounce heir own racism, they will forever choose to shed a negative light upon this nation!
tanknetter assumes all NAACP members are on welfare, since all black people are:
Of course they found it insensitive, demeaning and insulting. He told a bunch of people who want to survive on handouts that he'd do things that would help them get to work for a living.
freeangel loves him some slave metaphors re: blacks.
Are the naacp “leaders” really astounded to find out that obama is their black plantation master or do they just not like having it pointed out?
tickedoffnow is leaving America, it seems:
Frankly, I didn’t see much point in living in the same country as these tools anymore.
Mike Darancette tries to gin up some "Obama is racist" action:
So Obama will go see La Raza but not the NAACP? Telling.


  1. Islame's post is sort of like racist haiku the way you inserted the blank lines.

    1. Wacist, wacsist, WACIST!!!!

      Pinko fuck-wad.


  2. Yup, blacks who don't vote Republican are totally racist. Good luck with that, Freepers.

    1. If you can stomach it, here's a video of Ann Coulter explaining "our black are better."

    2. I remember that one. Ann is pretty special, but now even she's been labeled a RINO.

    3. I have a better idea--- Let's talk about racist progs. So many to choose from....

      Let's see there's Woodrow Wilson who segregated the military, Margaret Sanger who wanted to use family planning to exterminate blacks, Oliver Wendell Holmes who believed in sterilizing the handicapped, Franklin Dictator Roosevelt rounded up Americans of Japanese descent and threw them in concentration camps during WWII, then there was the Grand Kleagle himself, Robert Byrd, who served decades in the US Senate......

      Stupid motherfucker. You don't know shit.


    4. My sincere congratulations, Comedian. You are having to reach back a hundred years but at least you are making an effort to discuss the topic at hand.

      Do more of that, please.

      And please try to keep a civil tongue in your head. We are guests here. This is Ozy's house.

    5. World War II was a hundred years ago ? It's my recollection that World War II ended in 1945. Robert Byrd died in 2010, still in the Senate. Oh, silly me, I forgot to mention Orval Faubus, Bull Connor, Al Snore Sr, William Fullbright....Are they from a hunderd years ago, too ?

      "This is Ozy's house."

      Stupid, stupid motherfucker. Actually, this is Google's house.

      Go sit on your cucumber, you dumb shit.


    6. I just love those RWNJ talking points. They're full of distortions at best and blatant lies at worst, but at least they help you sleep at night, eh?

    7. What blatant lies, asshole ? Are you claiming Franklin Dictator Roosevelt didn't round up Americans of Japanese descent ? Are you claiming that Robert Byrd wasn't the Grand Kleagle of the KKK ?

      Prove me wrong, you bitchy little faggot.


    8. Sure, you can point to individual democrats being racist (most of them from 50+ years ago, of course), but the vast majority of racists find a welcoming home in the Republican party because Republican policies speak to racists.

    9. What about Jesse "Hymie Town" Jackson or Al "Crown Heights" Not-So-Sharpton (who also just happens to be a PMSNBC commentator)? Are they current enough for your pasty white race baiting ass ?

      You want to play the tattered old race card ? Fine. I don't give a fuck. It's not going to save Obama the Kenyan's commie ass.

      Fuck Obama. Fuck his wookie wife, but most of all, fuck you.


    10. Well, you're right, they are current. But are they racists? Let's apply the RWNJ qualifications for racism: Are they black? Yes. Do they vote Republican? No. Well, that settles it. They must be racists!

      And it's not "playing the race card" to point out that a racist (for example, someone who calls Michelle Obama a "wookie") is a racist. It's simply stating facts.

  3. Disingenuous. You picked the only example that wasn't old news.

    Comedian, you disgrace yourself.

    Man up.

    Troll harder.

    1. You have got to be the stupidest motherfuker on this cooling planet.

      Fuck you. Fuck Kenyan Obama.