Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don’t let your kids grow up to be college student............

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A Zogby poll finds that Obama leads by 8 points with college educated people.

Freepers dive into anti-intellectualism in a particularly typo and misspelling-ridden thread:

depressed in 06 knows politics are the true test of intellect:
Survey sez: dumbest people going to college,
basil provides us with the title of this piece:
Don’t let your kids grow up to be college student............
ellipsis abuse plus pluralism fail plus hating college plus country song all in 10 words!

Wuli noticed that most pollsters are also college students...
Lucky9teen agrees - his own surveys find differently:
Last time I checked, quite the opposite was true. Most “middle income” voters I know, DESPISE Obama, with every fiber of their being.

Stupid polls....they are either TOTALLY biased or.....totally biased.....but I digress
E. Pluribus Unum knows why college educated really support Obama:
That's because they think they won't be among the 6.5 billion peasants UN Agenda 21 wants to "disappear."

Have they got a surprise coming.
You know it's deep in the tin foil when the guy thinks that everyone knows of the conspiracy, but still keep it quiet.

Carry_Okie uses big words to show she's super smart. Her clarity may be a giveaway, though:
They believe their education constitutes entitlement to rule, and in ruling, a way to power and safety. They identify with expressions of autocracy, As middle class, they will be taxed into oblivion, to exist without work in a state of feeling wronged. They root, "gimme pigs for Zero," not realizing that they are destined to despair, in death "below the line." Thus, the are the ultimately useful idiots, cheering for the cause of their own demise.
Conservative Vermont Vet went to grad school, but don't worry he totally hated it:
That's because they have spent more time in the hallowed halls of academia and thus have been more brainwashed/indoctrinated by mostly, far left, Moonbat, Profs...many of which are products of the 60's/70's and in turn, taught today's liberal educators.

As someone who has an MBA, I speak from experience, though I got my undergrad degree in 1980 and it was a tough slog even then, trying to balance my speaking out and even arguing with so many of those glittering jewels of ignorance and educated idiots who knew 0 about the real world and getting decent grades.
FlingWingFlyer tries to make this a class thing:
It sounds like "the rich" are breaking for Barry. Whodda thunk he'd ever get the 1% voting block.
College education equals 1%? illinifan explains why super rich college boys love Obama:
Perhaps they think The One will save them from the violence from the 99% - additional taxes would be a small price to pay.
Ann Archy also turns on the 1%:
Does “harder for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven than a camel thru the eye of a needle” RING A BELL???? geesh....just becuse you are rich doesn;t mean you ahve MORALS......maybe just the OPPOSITE!!
But...wealth creators?!

dsrtsage knows it's only stupid liberal arts degrees, really:
They say college educated, but not in what. I would guess that college educated in engineering and hard sciences is highly against Emperor Nero Narcissus, but those are the minority of college graduates. I would guess that anybody who got a degree in something that either has the word “Studies”, or “Science” in the title is 100%, which is a much larger number, and skews the statistics.
He'll be surprised to hear about the politics of scientists. OldMissileer also thinks liberal art is useless:
I watch liberals run around yelling to people how smart they, the liberals, are yet when you ask them what degrees they hold it is almost exclusively some garbage arts degree. They also get quite upset when you point this out to them.
ballplayer knows a real education requires getting shot at:
Tens of thousands of dollars to produce Morons,what a Waste of time and Money,they should all be drafted on graduation day to serve in Afghanistan,let them get a taste of real service to their country,bunch of stupid idiots .

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  1. Wow, Very entertaining in a sick and demented way.
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