Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10 Ways Women Can Wreck Their Marriage.

FreeperFan found this telling thread.

It's full of complaints about ex-wives and neglectful husbands, but that's hardly a partisan phenomenon.
And then there are all the Freepers who acquit themselves well, pointing out that the list is basically gender-neutral, and applies to husbands just as well.

But luckily, this is Free Republic, and there is no shortage of crazy to pick out!

wastedyears knows to compromise any part of his life is to forfeit his testicles!
I have a couple of absolutes in my life that I’d know a woman is trying to put my twins in a jar and take control of my life.

My guitars, my CDs, my video games (what’s better than killing people dead in the face digitally?), my books (I like military and sci-fi), any of the cartoons or movies I like, or my band T-shirts.

If she starts asking “Do you really need 16 Iron Maiden shirts,” I know the end is quite near for the relationship.
papertyger thinks men are just dumb:
Men, in general, are simply not as verbally adroit as women, by nature. A man arguing with a woman is at the same disadvantage as a woman arm-wrestling a man.
scram2 sees every relationship as a war that women don't want to win and men must!
In a relationship there has to be a dominant partner and it will either be you or her and from my experience women who feel they can dominate their husbands quickly lose respect for him. Most women do not know how to exercise authority and tend to over do in an effort to “prove’ they are in charge and make sure everyone knows it. This is especially true in the work place where women can very often be petty and over bearing.
Bulwyf agrees - women hate being in control:
Marriage is 49/51, but can only be one boss, and biblically speaking, it’s the man. Women who are in control tend to resent their men ( according to research I’ve read).
Mr. K 's love seems a bit skin deep:
10) Cut your long hair (that he adores) into a short little bob that all your girlfriends will tell you is “So Cute”. Then gain 50 pounds and learn to bitch and swear.

The trick is so make your husband wonder when he married a short, fat guy- and what happened to the sweet, petite, long-haired, beauty he once knew
A weirdly large number of Freepers hit the hair-length complaint a lot.

SueRae's daughter is seeming troublesome and entitled, and she thinks this list well help her:
I WILL be forwarding this list to my daughter, though. Only in her teens, I see very disturbing signs. I don’t know where she got it from but she has issues like these that will not serve her well...and she didn’t get it from either parent. I can only conclude that its her own insecurity and immaturity but she needs to resolve it bigtime.
chris37 knows all women are bad:
5 and 6 [hating your friends, and hating your hobbies] are the two reasons I’ll never marry.

They all do that and it ain’t even near worth it.
Chickensoup gets his knowledge about women through the lens of his newly pubescent son:
When men want women who act like women, the men also need to act like men. Dress like men, instead of overgrown Peanuts characters. Have masculine intersts. Stop using porn as a sexual release, protect their wives,

Recently my son has gotten to the age where I am looking at and discussing with him the female pool his age. Boy there isnt much there. Fat loud obnoxious controlling women who pack togetehr in what the boys call THE HERD. Or thin skimpily dressed women who think Victoria’s Secret shouldn’t be. They are also whiny, expect expensive gifts and behave like call girls.
masculine interests?


  1. "A weirdly large number of Freepers hit the hair-length complaint a lot."

    Freepers are generally older. At a certain age many American ladies tire of fooling around with their hair and cut it short.

    Take it from an old hippie, getting all that hair cut off makes life a lot easier.

    And as long as we are at it, a word to papertyger. No, you are just stupid.

  2. It amazes and astounds me the ship of fools known as Free Republic can't discuss anything meaningful at any level, without sounding like delusional wackos.

  3. At FR, anything and everything can and will be politicized. Take the death of Andy Griffith, for example.

    1. Fuck Andy Griffith. I hope that commie faggot piece of shit is burning in Hell.


    2. See what ? Your little Barbie doll sock dick ? Naaaah. Save that for Ozy, he loves dick up his ass.