Monday, July 9, 2012

Obama Isn't Black

Morgan Freeman notes that Obama is only half black, and that the racists are wrong about his blackness therefore. A rather fraught observation, considering Obama looks black, and so has been treated as black all his life

Freepers, well, they know if a black guy says Obama's not all black it means Morgan Freeman hates Obama:

Dapper 26 argues Obama's black because black people like him:
What’s the matter Freeman, the “man” has turned out to be an utter failure and NOW you say he’s not black enough? Sorry, blacks voted for the guy 99% and you own him, along with the other “guilty” whites who voted for Obama. Our first black president is an utter disaster!!
Windcatcher knows what black people want:
I guess Morgan was hoping for more reparations than just Obamacare by this point.
Eye of Unk tries for some racial satire.  It isn't very effective:
Is it racist to say he isn’t black enough?

Obama you need some more coal in you son, Obama you should bath less, Obama you need a darker tan, Obama you should consider a full face tattoo.

In another land he would or could be called a “creamy”.

But since he is from Arabian ancestry which is Caucasian he is more white than black in most regards.

Unless the Dunhams were nothing but a nest with a booby egg and Barry boy is just a protected and nurtured son of Malcom X through the Communist Party USA.
1010RD goes off on how racist he imagines Morgan Freeman is:
And this from noted racist Morgan Freeman. I cannot even watch him in movies. When I see Batman all I can think about is how it must burn him that a white guy is in that mask. All his comments prove is the double standard on race, etc. Blacks get a free pass forever from the MSM.
BigEdLB thinks we'll elect President Crazy-go-nuts soon:
Obama Isn't First Black President

No, that will probably be Col. Alan West, now Florida Congressman
UCANSEE2 has his own conspiracy theory about Obama - secret brain surgery!
Well... he is the first anti-American President, the first illegal President, the first Socialist President, and the first President to have his temporal lobes removed.
UCANSEE2 also loves the old birther conspiracies: obama is 50% WHITE...

Assuming Stanley Ann is actually his biological mother.


  1. So the troll has been outed as Morgan Freeman? :)

    inb4 weird uncles

  2. @ozymzndias: black man + white woman= mulatto, not black. You can piss and moan like your tampon is sideways all you want, but it's 2+2=4.

    Why are you so fucking stupid ? Does the odor from your mother's stank twat kill brain cells,or something ?

    ---The REAL Rorschach

    1. Blackness - is it in the genes, is it in the skin, or is it in getting pulled over randomly?

      Freepers think it's in who votes for you, I guess.
      Well, at least by that logic they accept that Clinton was the first black President!

  3. Why in the fuck are you asshole faggot liberals so obsessed with race ?

    ---The Real Rorschach

    1. We think about the race issue- it's like you being obsessed with assholes and faggots.

    2. The only race issue that exists are the ones created by pasty white commie faggot liberals like you who have never been within three feet of a black person while claiming to be "down with the struggle".

      Your mother called. She said she's been "naughty" and wants you to treat her like an "evil slut", so you better head on home.

      ---The Fake Rorschach

    3. Yes! I finally get to be the good slut!