Friday, April 15, 2016

Spotlight Friday: Hostage

Free Republic usually eschews Internet pedantry for the easier mass delusion (with the exception of their interminable religious arguments). But not Hostage! He's a big fan of 'technically correct is the best kind of correct,' and will use any annoying semantic game in service of causes even Freepers find a little iffy. And at the same time, he'll go on and on about how you don't understand True Honor and Honesty like some highschooler who just learned about Bushido.

More substantively, When he's not defending McCain's lack of heroism, warning about Godfather Romney's evil plans, or telling Cruz supporters they're not wanted here, he's posting speculations about some minor thing being a sign 'something big' about to happen.
It never does, of course. But he did manage to spawn an epic two-year and 5,000+ post long 'wacky' thread mocking him. So that's something, I guess.

White, gay, England:
Hey BBC, take your Brit white faggotry and kiss my American Ass!
Socialist FOX News:

The fascist homosexual battle plan to turn America from the theocracy it was created to be:
The homosexual battle plan is to first neutralize, marginalize and dissolve the Church because it stands in the way of their victory over traditional society.

America is still predominately a Christian civilization. The Muslim is not on their radar yet but will be handled as a consequence of the laws and policy that homosexuals are forcing through now, forcing through by fascist means.

It is important to review what fascism is because the means by which the homosexual forces traditional society to bend to its will are fascist in manner.

It is also important for Jews and Christians to review the history and lessons of Sodom and Gomorrah. Because these current battles of homosexual fascism are nothing new and have existed since the time of S&G.
The only way to take on Wall Street: The Double Cheney
We needed two Cheneys in the White House, the one we had for international security, and another for domestic security which we did not have.

A second Cheney would have mercilessly brought down the democrat slush fund known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, would have jailed the robber barons of Wall St., would have prosecuted under RICO and outlawed ACORN and its spinoffs, would have pushed hard for federal election voting integrity and security, would have elevated the Census Bureau to be its own independent body, would have chased millions of illegals back across the border as Eisenhower did and would have completed construction of the southern border fence in a few years, and on and on.

GW paid a lot of lip service but lost the will or ability to fight the Left. It is still a mystery to me what happened to him after his successful first term. Perhaps it was the incessant drumbeat of ‘the Iraq mistake’, the insurgents and their propaganda amplified by the treasonous American press. But when Petraeus turned everything around, GW should have come out swinging. Why didn’t he?
Back when he loved Ted Cruz:
If I was fat, dumb and happy with a mortgage and a job inside the Beltway. my house would now be up for sale and my CV would be updated. But then that would make me one of the smart ones so I contradict myself.

Thank you Senators Cruz and Lee!!!
Now, he expects Trump will sue Cruz for massive but unspecified dishonesty:
With Trump’s lawyers getting ready to file a decertification motion for Cruz’ stealth delegates via the RNC certification process, Cruz is going to start to regret his dishonesty. The news media will play up the decertifications and the dishonesty.

And then there is the preparation for filing FEC violations of illegally coordinating with his PACs. The news media will play up that one as well.

Cruz is going to be in a world of hurt. This former Cruz supporter will not shed even one tear for this creep.
In fact, Cruz is so dishonest that he now disbelieves any evidence he's not lying:
The evidence since Cruz was revealed to be an insider is overwhelming even by his own statements. He is not ethical and not honest. He may think he is and that would be further evidence of his megalomania.

The evidence is clear that he violates rules, laws and policies to suit his own ends. His statements to the media regarding events and tragedies reveal a fixation on Trump as the cause of all ills, and of his problems. It is now clear he has a screw loose.

If I heard your testimony against the backdrop of all the other incontrovertible evidence of his deceit, I would put it on the shelf to be later corroborated. In other words, your post has an uphill climb and is not to be believed on its face because of all the other evidence that characterizes Cruz.
If you support Cruz you're not welcome in the Party of Trump:
You both belong with the Clintonistas. Your kind are not wanted in the Party of Trump. Our group has a Code of Honor and you two are going to be blackballed from the group. You are not welcome.
See, Cruz is working for that mastermind Romney's coup:
Try to understand what a coup is, then accept that you are witnessing one right in front of you.

Other nations have witnessed them. They haven’t been familiar in the United States but they are as of now. You are seeing it now.

It’s not Cruz. He’s just a stooge for Romney. Romney was left as the head of the GOP after 2012. He has the command of his mafia (yes, a real mafia).

Importantly, Romney commands access to the GOP/RNC databases of district and precinct captains. The RNC and other organs of fundraising are alway sending out surveys to see who on the mailing list is pro-Trump, who is pro-Kasich, etc. The surveys reveal who is anti-Trump and they are then added to #NeverTrump.

As a result, Romney’s people ‘drill down’ meaning they come to know who they can dispatch as delegates, or who to hatch a fraud or delay, a bait and switch, a theft, etc. They send out these GOP operatives to steal from Trump, deny him influence.

Why is Romney the head of the GOP? Because he brings the money. He who has the gold, rules. This is known as the Golden Rule among thieves.

Romney is one of the most dishonest people alive today.

How does Romney bring the money? It is brought to him by outside interests, When say Mexico wants to donate to stop Trump, they will seek out Bush but may be directed to Romney because Romney was the last nominee and is the de facto head of the party.

So it’s not Cruz, it’s Romney. Cruz’ so-called ground game is not owned by Cruz, it is created and set into motion by Romney who has the survey research and the contact lists from the database.

Cruz never had a ground game until Romney stepped in.

Romney is committing a coup. That’s what you are seeing.
Reagan->Romney->Trump, and HONOR.
Right now it is the Party of Romney. It was once the Party of Reagan but the Party of Romney has laid that to rest. It is more aptly described now as the Party of Flies.

The presidential nominee of the party takes over as head of the party. I call the forthcoming party the Party of Trump.

The Party of Trump will be all about honor and ethics, about putting Americans first and about being very tough with anyone or anything that does not put Americans first.
When the government shutdown ended in 2013, he could not let go, and was sure it was a media hoax:
I think this is disinformation. A lot of inaccurate reports (translation: lies) are coming out of the Beltway parasites and the NY liberal media.

Politico, The Hill and all the others are working overtime to ‘shape’ our views and opinions.
Birthright Citizenship is a fraud created by immigration attorneys:
The fact is that ‘birthright citizenship’ has been squashed from view by political leaders and because of this cover provided to this false notion, immigration attorneys have marked it as a LOOPHOLE and made it their cash cow business, promulgating it as a lie that it is completely legal and constitutional, and furthering their abuse of it by joining it with Ted Kennedy’s 1965 chain immigration reform so that an anchor baby becomes a beachhead for an invasion of illegals.
McCain choosing to stay as a POW in Vietnam wasn't heroic, because following orders is never heroic:
McCain did his duty under extremely brutal circumstances. That is commendable but it is not heroism as it was not premeditated.

If you want to know who a true hero is, look to his Commanding Officer James Stockdale.

To equate McCain’s acts with those of Stockdale’s is to render Stockdale’s Congressional Medal of Honor as a meaningless award.
Those Trump U lawsuits were all persecution by the Attorney General:
Well, I know the educational institution was told to remove the word university out of its name and the AG for New York believes a fraud was committed. It really doesn’t look as good for Trump as you let on.

Trump complied with the frivolous AG request and changed the name to Trump Entrepreneur Institute.

It is ‘evident’ that Trump has the upper hand because the case has dragged on for so long. If the plaintiff lawyers had a case, Trump would have long ago settled.
He knows Trump's honest because Hostage himself is SuperHonest(tm)
You don’t have the right stuff to understand that honor is not deceit in any shape of form, except in war, and this is not war. These are democratic and free elections that demand an honor code without exception.

We do not lie, we catch liars.

We do not steal, we catch thieves.

We do not commit fraud, we catch those who commit fraud.

We are the enforcers of the law, not the lawbreakers.
Though gaming the service dog system to keep his paranoid 9-year-old happy is fine:
I just got my only child 9-year old son his first puppy a few weeks back and he was worried someone might steal him, like if we leave it in the car for a few moments while we run in and out of a market. It would be so devastating like having a child kidnapped.

He was in nearly in tears just thinking about it but I told him state law does not allow for pets in food markets unless it’s a service dog. So now he wants to get his puppy trained to be a service dog but I had to tell him he has to wait until his doggie is a year old before training.
Alas, he only has a brother in Special Forces, so he cannot verify whether the government was nationalizing our oil in 2014:
I wish I had a friend or relative inside the federal government close to this activity but I don’t. I have a brother in Special Forces that is high up in DIA but he doesn’t know anything about this. The military and intelligence agencies operate on compartmentalization, so it’s always difficult to get any facts that can be verified.

So we can only throw it out there and wait to see what else unfolds.
What made him suspect the Feds were seizing all our oil? A convoy he saw after a friend told him he'd found a bunch of oil in North Dakota:
one thing is for sure, a large militarized federal convoy, not the US Army, was followed a day later on I-94 just outside the area of the reported [oil] strike.
The August 2013 prediction that started 5,058 posts of frivolity:


Flame away.
He's done extensive analysis. Trump is totally going to get a majority of the delegates, but needs to make a deal with Rubio, or else Cruz will steel it:
I’ve done some extensive analysis and agree he should handily exceed 1237. But part of his delegate mathematician’s (Barry Bennett, guy is smart as hell although not much to look at) roadmap is to capture at least 100 delegates of the 323 unbound of which Marco’s 172 are included in those unbound.

Because Cruz’ slimy minions are stacking the deck with unethical tricks (and possibly actionable) for the unbound delegates, it may be moving Trump to consider a deal with Little Marco who has no real prospects going forward.

I guess I can stomach it but would have liked to have seen someone else.
Most damming of all: agreeing with butterdezillion
The regime under this foreign enemy combatant in our White House has committed illegal acts of war against Mexico, Libya, Egypt, and now Syria. All targeting the innocent and paying/rewarding/arming terrorists.

Obama and his entire regime wear the jerseys of the terrorist team. The terrorists are on their payroll. The terrorist attacks come at the beck and call of Obama’s regime.

2008 was literally a coup.

Unfortunately, you are accurate.

But the idea is too awful for most casual consumers of political news to absorb and commit. For the nagging question is always what can be done? Who to turn to?

The fact is there are persons and groups that have expert knowledge of terrible weapons and who know they can make a lot of money using their knowledge and experience. They are mercenaries, guns for hire, military consultants and for a fee they will perform.
No word on whether he ever hired a mercenary team to do a reverse coup.


  1. It was once the Party of Reagan but the Party of Romney has laid that to rest. It is more aptly described now as the Party of Flies.

    So, Reagan->Romney->Trump->Flies. Sounds about right.

  2. I see Hostage as one of those neo-militia types who never served a day in the military but
    dresses up in camo gear every day,
    religiously disassembles and cleans his several guns every day,
    polishes his black jack boots every day,
    then spends the rest of the day ass-on-couch surfing porn and freerepublic.

    1. Ever patiently waiting for the second revolution or civil war to break out.

  3. I don't know how you keep track of all these nutjobs for your weekly spotlights, Ozy. :D