Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cruz Birthers

Though JimRob's latest is that Cruz is cool again, he's stopped zotting Cruz birthers. And for good reason - they make up a pretty strong proportion of Freepers.

Like Obama birthers, they don't much care about anything but their own outcome-oriented reasoning, of greater or lesser pedantic meticulousness. So when a judge found Cruz eligible to appear on the NJ ballot, they remain largely unconcerned.

As when any case goes against him, DiogenesLamp is pretty sure all judges are bad anyhow:
And I'm sure the same judge thinks that two men can get married.

We are living in Idiocracy. This is just another manifestation of it.
But this time DiogenesLamp knows just who to blame!!
The entire legal community has become polluted with the ignorant sewage spilled into the system since William Rawle began his campaign of deliberate lying regarding the origin of US Citizenship.

Now it has just become an avalanche of sewage.

SMM48 lays out the horror: we can now elect people not born in America! He doesn't like that.
As with Obama, Cruz is not a NBC. Neither is Rubio.

What ever happened to two citizen parents?

So, any foreigner, with one US parent, can now be president.

Gloat all you want, but I don't like the sound of that.
Lurkinanloomin explains that being born in America with citizen parents is the only way you can for sure be loyal:
Natural born citizen is only a requirement for President.

The founders wanted to insure no divided loyalties.
NATURALLY a US citizen because being born of citizen parents in this country there is no alternative.
Anyone born with divided loyalties from foreign birth or parents may be a citizen, but are not a natural born citizen.
Lurkinanloomin puts forth further evidence: Obama bad!
Barry Soetoro/Barack Hussein Obama should be proof enough of the wisdom of the founders when they tried to prevent him from being President by requiring someone who could only be a US citizen and nothing else.
Usurpation Day, January 20, 2009, happened with the complete cooperation of both parties.
They want the Constitution changed without the hassle of amending the Constitution.
Confuse people about the clear meaning of a three word phrase and voila, every anchor baby and Winston Churchill is eligible.
In these days of Freeper against Freeper, I am often pleasantly surprised at how many Freepers are not blind to their act. okie01:
I guess that settles it. :-)

Fat chance. ,p> The judge was:
a. Ignorant of the law
b. A GOP-e activist
c. An agent of the NWO
d. Bought
e. Intimidated
f. Senile...or otherwise confused

jpsb knows what to call people that disagree with him.
Any American that thinks the son of a Cuban born in Canada is a natural born citizen of the USA is a traitor to our country and our Constitution.
First, that's a bunch of Freepers too. Second, is there anything more Freep than the phrase 'traitor to our Constitution?'

Finally, as with all birther threads, it gets deep. WhiskeyX can give you a sample of the deep cuts of authentic historical cherry picked gibberish you can get:
You keep making the assertions in defiance of the historical fact the U.S. Supreme Court decided such children acquired no U.S. citizenship after 1802 and until the naturalization acts once again gave them naturalized citizenship. You are also denying the fact many children born abroad with a U.S. citizen parent never become U.S. citizens.
WhiskeyX is kind of amazing:
You are wrong on all counts. Details will ave to wait until after the work is done.
He posts later, but somehow neglects to follow this up.


  1. If Donald Trump wasn't in the race, freepers would be bending over backwards to justify Ted Cruz's "natural born" status.

    This is why I love the Donald ... not only is he destroying the GOP from within, he is also ripping FR apart at the seams.

  2. We are living in Idiocracy.

    Actually, I've seen better logic in that movie than on FR

  3. Yea, so in Idiocracy, everyone realizes that the smart guy has solutions to the problems they face and enact those solutions. So right there the Idiocracy is way beyond us.