Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

dragnet2 may want to check Trump's history:
I cannot stand people who attempt to sue others for frivolous reasons. They’re rotten people. I’ve unfortunately had some experience with these types too many times to ever think otherwise.

Rotten nasty character to the core.
Yashcheritsiy is preepmtively bitter about Wisconsin:
So Wisconsans like their adulterers to lie about it instead of admitting it openly, it seems.
JLAGRAYFOX is drawing some deep conclusion about the Cruz marriage:
If the poor, abused woman is in depression again...she only has her “gutter” husband to blame for her condition. That S.O.B. Ted Cruz, cares only about himself, not his wife or their children. How any decent human being can vote for this sleaze of a human being, Ted Cruz is beyond objective analysis.
central_va doesn't really bother to justify his flip on Cruz:
You know what is Ironic, a while ago I remember folks on the right defending corporations, now they are seeing them as elites who are corrupting our government.

Trump ripped the veil off to reveal an really ugly pig inside.
Trump supporter Pinkbell doesn't want to be just against something. Might want to check why Free Republic was formed:
Cruz disgusts me because all he does is counter everything Trump says and appears quite delighted with the establishment endorsements he’s accumulating. The real cult is the anti-Trump people who are obsessed with destroying this man. He gets attacked from all sides from the media to the liberals to his own party. It takes a strong person to stand through that storm.
dfwgator gives a deniable endorsement of a Holocaust against gypsies:
I’m sure many a decent person has thought to themselves at one point, “Too bad Hitler didn’t finish them off.”
gaijin on Donald Trump = anti-Bully:
Just like when Trump stood up for his fellow cadet and friend who was getting physically BULLIEd by the senior STAFF:

Trump used his influence to STOP the bullying.

He STICKS UP for people.

Would HE abandon our staff and SEALs at Benghazi?


As we can SEE.
bog trotter is going full truther on the Michelle Fields story:
As was pointed out on another venue..
The bruises are BROWN!
Not recent.
First bruising is red, then turns purplish, then say greenish yellow and finally brown over several days.
She didn’t get that bruise at that time.
It was a set-up and anything she gets because of her attempt to whatever is valid.
eyeamok also has his own special interpretation of the tape:
If you watch the “Latest” video released, it looks to me like the 2 Secret Service agents are about ready to POUNCE on the reporter attempting to ASSAULT a Presidential Candidate, LOOK AT THEIR ARMS. The Snowflake Reporter should be THANKING Corey for SAVING HER LIKE from a BEATDOWN by the Secret Service.

He Pulled her away just in the nick of time!
Cruz jokes about wishing to run Trump over with his car. patlin decides no Christian ever jokes about killing other Christians (and that Trump's a Christian, I guess):
This not only speaks to Cruz's immaturity, it speaks to his lack of decency, common sense & morality. No Christian in their right mind would ever joke about killing another Christian, period!!! Just the thought that he could not decide whether to run Trump over or not speaks volumes!!! Especially since this is the guy lying about Trump creating an environment of violence, when in fact, Cruz is obviously the one with violent tendencies flowing through his lying brain.
DesertRhino doesn't believe Autism exists:
Women love drama and love to be victims. Autism lets them say their kid is so smart they need special care.

Its just chick drama. 99% is fake and they only need a crack on the ass to make them act right.
Never one to leave things unfinished, DesertRhino follows up on those 1% true cases:
True autism is correctable. I can teach an earthworm that one direction is an electric shock, the other is sugar.
A crack on the ass can indeed correct them when they throw tantrums.

I notice how they don’t pull that crap with people they are scared of. Ive seen far too many tantrums and the parents just let it go or try some California technique.
When I was young, you never saw those wild out of control events. It was because of the impending crack on the ass.
HiTech RedNeck self-diagnoses as autistic, and of course forgoes any introspection for self-congratulations.
I think it’s possible that I and my brother are “mild autism” situations. But it’s an ill wind that blows no good. Relating less to people can be the indirect cause of a soul to learn to relate more to God, and then to come roaring back, so to speak. Even though I am not all that empathetic, God is, and I gain a second spiritual and emotional wind which is better than the natural one I never had.

I have, and I’m attempting to coax my brother in that direction.
SamAdams76 boats how he's super-duper healthy and confounds medical science:
I recently went to have my annual physical. More like my once a decade physical. But my employer forced my hand as they were going to raise my health insurance deduction otherwise.

So doctor asks me about what medicines I've taken and what allergies I have and whatnot. I say none whatsoever. I'm in my 50s and have never had a prescription ever. I'm allergic to nothing. I never get sick, not even a cold. The doctor could not believe it. I think I might have been the first patient he ever saw that wasn't trying to get on some kind of prescription drug. He just shook his head, told me to lose a few pounds and see you next year. Well, maybe he'll see me next year. But I am taking the pounds off because I no longer eat bread, rice or pasta.
austinaero is pretty excited about a new meme:
That's IT ! !

That's the meme ...


They look the same and their politics are identical ... their love of muzzies is mutual and as go Germany, so goes America ... with the cankled one

You’re brilliant!

So astute. They dress alike as well!

OMG, Trump has to run with this! Clinton wants to do to the USA what Merkel did to Germany!
Gator113 really, really hates Cruz:
There is only one thing that could keep me from voting for Trump..... and that is if he were to pick Cruz as a VP.
21twelve is buying deep into the Cruz affair:
I guess you didn’t read that article by Roger Stone, where he finally got some brave soul in the Cruz camp to actually come out and state everyone knew about the affairs, and that Heidi had sent everyone an email that it was okay.

John Doe is his name - and I salute him for his bravery and courage for standing up for all that is right in America!

Last I heard was that Stone was going to put out a copy of the email as soon as he got back from the store with a new toner cartridge for his fax machine.
In order to better hate Ted Cruz, NKP_Vet has decided only jailing women who get abortions is an acceptable position:
Ted Screws is a fake and phony on abortion. After Trump was attacked by the Fox and the liberal media for saying the truth about abortion, Ted Screws weighed in and said a woman is NEVER AT FAULT in an abortion and should never be punished. Makes no difference if abortion is outlawed or not.

Screws, in his dimwitted haste to belittle Trump stepped in it when he sided with pro-abortion advocates by saying women who murder their unborn deserve a hug and not any type of punishment. Ted Screws says exactly what he thinks an audience at that particular minute wants to hear.
With so many Freepers now taking this super extreme position, I wonder if Trump did some serious damage to the pro-life position with his one bit of babble.

Clearly not a bio major Lisbon1940 has decided tubal pregnancies must be brought to term:
If you are speaking of life of the mother, it’s almost never necessary to have an abortion to save the mother’s life.

If the mother has a tubular pregnancy, for instance, then she must have a surgery to remove the tube in question so it doesn’t burst, which when that happens, unfortunately, the baby dies, but that is not referred to as abortion. The baby’s death is an unfortunate end due to the surgery [to save the mother’s life].

So you would save the mom and kill the baby? Just like Trump.
GOPe Means Bend Over Spell Run doesn't care what Trump says, his inner core is conservative, not like Cruz!
Before the 2 flip flops (in a 2 hour period) on the issue this week, how many were there between 1999 and 2016. Inquiring minds want to know. Truth is ,that when you change you mind that mean times, it is pure hypocrisy to allude this as "INNER CORE", under any circumstance.

Trump's inner core reaction was if abortion is murder then all involved need punished, which is 100% correct. Cruz's first reaction was to say what he thinks gets him more votes, money and to attack Trump, which show his inner core is not conservative, but an opportunistic politician that's created a fake image of himself.
Many commenters think TheTimeOfMan may be a retread of noted suspiciously well informed and zealous anti-pervert GeronL:
Well you love the sinner. That’s true. But you confront and punish the sin. Because if you do not then there is no salt and the churches empty and the culture rots.

It’s not going to happen, because we are in the end game, but I’m all for corporal or even capital punishment for deviant sex. That means all sex outside of marriage.
pburgh01 is prepping for the long-awaited purge:
They are really coming unhinged these days. Getting angrier, more smug, more insufferable. If Cruz eeks out a win in Wisconsin, look out, Jim R may have to go a banning. Maybe I will dangle $1000 donation out there to handpick the dozen or so of the most insufferable tools to be Zotted.


  1. Ah, double fudge chocolate cake, or the borderline psychotic anti-Cruz hatred on FR ... what is more delicious ?

    I love that oh-so-holy Ted Cruz is being denigrated worse than Obama in the last few months ... after being hailed for so long as the second-coming by freepers.

  2. I don't think that's a GeronL retread. GeronL was dumb even by Freep standards.;brevity=full;options=no-change;brevity=full;options=no-change

  3. Quick check ... seems FR is down just now (for me at least). Down for anyone else?

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    2. Jim probably rolled over the power cord and was too busy counting the monthly take to notice

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    4. If I was the IT guy at freeper land I would need to drink heavily too.

  4. The Snowflake Reporter should be THANKING Corey for SAVING HER LIKE from a BEATDOWN by the Secret Service.

    I'd like to officially nominate "snowflake" for one of the more annoying words we should ban from the vocabulary. It's really overused.

    Frankly, I think Freepers act like "snowflakes" most of the time; they think they're the world's most put-upon victims of all time.